Faith (Dole translation)

Toto je překlad: Doctrina Nova Hierosolyma de Fide od Emanuel Swedenborg in 1763

Přeloženo do English od Emanuel Swedenborg a George F. Dole


Is faith alone really workable? In this work Swedenborg argues carefully and convincingly that it isn't. He describes what faith, is how we work to develop it, and how it has to be conjoined with charity, i.e. love to the neighbor, to be real faith.

Vytvořeno nebo přeloženo: Emanuel Swedenborg a George F. Dole

Datum vytvoření: 2017

Kredit: Thanks to the Swedenborg Foundation for the permission to use this translation.

Autorská práva: 2017 Swedenborg Foundation

All rights reserved.

Licence: Used with permission - viz podmínky

O: FAITH (The Portable New Century Edition), by EMANUEL SWEDENBORG. Translated from the Latin by George F. Dole. Published by the SWEDENBORG FOUNDATION, West Chester, Pennsylvania.

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Swedenborg, Emanuel. Faith. [Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1763] Translated by Emanuel Swedenborg a George F. Dole. Retrieved from:

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