Exodus 37

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1 And Bezaleel maketh the ark of shittim wood, two cubits and a half its length, and a cubit and a half its breadth, and a cubit and a half its height;

2 and he overlayeth it with pure gold within and without, and maketh for it a wreath of gold round about;

3 and he casteth for it four rings of gold, on its four feet, even two rings on its one side, and two rings on its second side;

4 and he maketh staves of shittim wood, and overlayeth them with gold,

5 and he bringeth in the staves into the rings, by the sides of the ark, to bear the ark.

6 And he maketh a mercy-seat of pure gold, two cubits and a half its length, and a cubit and a half its breadth;

7 and he maketh two cherubs of gold, of beaten work he hath made them, at the two ends of the mercy-seat;

8 one cherub at the end on this [side], and one cherub at the end on that, out of the mercy-seat he hath made the cherubs, at its two ends;

9 and the cherubs are spreading out wings on high, covering over the mercy-seat with their wings, and their faces [are] one towards another; towards the mercy-seat have the faces of the cherubs been.

10 And he maketh the table of shittim wood; two cubits its length, and a cubit its breadth, and a cubit and a half its height,

11 and overlayeth it with pure gold, and maketh for it a wreath of gold round about.

12 And he maketh for it a border of a handbreadth round about, and maketh a wreath of gold for its border round about;

13 and he casteth for it four rings of gold, and putteth the rings on the four corners which [are] to its four feet;

14 over-against the border have the rings been, places for staves to bear the table.

15 And he maketh the staves of shittim wood, and overlayeth them with gold, to bear the table;

16 and he maketh the vessels which [are] upon the table, its dishes, and its bowls, and its cups, and the cups by which they pour out, of pure gold.

17 And he maketh the candlestick of pure gold; of beaten work he hath made the candlestick, its base, and its branch, its calyxes, its knops, and its flowers, have been of the same;

18 and six branches are coming out of its sides, three branches of the candlestick out of its one side, and three branches of the candlestick out of its second side;

19 three calyxes, made like almonds, in the one branch, a knop and a flower; and three calyxes, made like almonds, in another branch, a knop and a flower; so to the six branches which are coming out of the candlestick.

20 And in the candlestick [are] four calyxes, made like almonds, its knops, and its flowers,

21 and a knop under the two branches of the same, and a knop under the two branches of the same, and a knop under the two branches of the same, [are] to the six branches which are coming out of it;

22 their knops and their branches have been of the same; all of it one beaten work of pure gold.

23 And he maketh its seven lamps, and its snuffers, and its snuff-dishes, of pure gold;

24 of a talent of pure gold he hath made it, and all its vessels.

25 And he maketh the perfume-altar of shittim wood; a cubit its length, and a cubit its breadth (square), and two cubits its height; its horns have been of the same;

26 and he overlayeth it with pure gold, its top and its sides round about, and its horns; and he maketh for it a wreath of gold round about;

27 and two rings of gold he hath made for it under its wreath, at its two corners, at its two sides, for places for staves to bear it with them.

28 And he maketh the staves of shittim wood, and overlayeth them with gold;

29 and he maketh the holy anointing oil, and the pure spice-perfume -- work of a compounder.

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Word/Phrase Explanations

A coffin (Gen. 1:26) signifies that wherein something is shut up or concealed.

Shittim wood
'Shittim wood' signifies the good of merit, and in the highest sense, the mercy of the Lord.

In general, plants in the Bible represent facts, thoughts and ideas – intellectual things. This makes sense: Plants are rooted in place, but can grow...

Half and double in reference to numbers in the world have a similar signification as the numbers themselves.

'Length' symbolizes goodness, here, the goodness of the church, for the same reason that 'breadth' symbolizes truth. This is because 'length means the sweep of...

'Height' signifies the good and truth of the church in every degree.

To be "pure" in the Bible means - unsurprisingly - to be devoid of evil. Thus all the washing for purification prescribed in the Laws...

Gold means good, and just as gold was the most precious metal known to ancient mankind so it represents the good of the highest and...

Round about
'Round about' denotes the things most distant from the middle, or from good and truth.

The number "four" in the Bible represents things being linked together or joined. This is partly because four is two times two, and two represents...

rings of gold
Rings of gold signify the ability to use good loves to join things together. The gold stands for inner, pure loves for good. Some English...

'Rings' signify the conjunction of good and truth. In Exodus 25:12, 'rings' particularly signify divine truth with divine good.

A company might have executives setting policy and strategy, engineers designing products, line workers building them, managers handling personnel and others handling various functions. They...

one side
Generally when things in the Bible are described as having two sides – especially when the two sides are equal – it has to do...

The number "two" has two different meanings in the Bible. In most cases "two" indicates a joining together or unification. This is easy to see...

As with common verbs in general, the meaning of “bring” is highly dependent on context, but in general it represents an introduction to a new...

'Side' signifies good or spiritual love.

Like many verbs, the spiritual meaning of "bearing" something depends greatly on context – what it is that's being borne, and why. It is further...

'The mercy seat' denotes cleansing from evils or remission of sins.

If you think about sitting, it seems fair to say that where you're sitting is more important than that you're sitting. Sitting in a movie...

A Cherub has as its first definition in the dictionary, “A winged heavenly creature.” Cherubim is the plural of cherub. In the Word, the words...

'Wings' signify spiritual truths. 'Wings,' when related to the Lord, signify the divine spiritual. In the opposite sense, 'wings' relate to falsities and rationalizations from...

'Height' signifies what is inward, and also heaven.

“The eyes are the windows of the soul.” That’s a sentiment with roots somewhere in murky antiquity, but one that has become hopelessly cliché because...

Food and drink in the Bible represent the desire to be loving and the understanding of how to be loving, gifts that flow from the...

The foot, as in Deuteronomy 33:3, signifies an inferior principle. To set the right foot on the sea and the left on the earth, as...

'Vessels,' in the internal sense, signify things serving as a receptacle, as scientific ideas and knowledges are to truths, and as truths themselves are to...

(Luke 15:8.) By the woman lighting a candle to find the piece of silver she had lost, is signified inquisition in herself from affection.

Like most numbers in the Bible, "six" can have various meanings depending on context, but has a couple that are primary. When used in relation...

The Writings talk about many aspects of life using the philosophical terms "end," "cause" and "effect." The "end" is someone’s goal or purpose, the ultimate...

Almonds ('Numbers 17:8') signify the good of charity.

The budding and fructification of a tree represent the rebirth of man. The growing green from the leaves represents the first state, the blossoming the...

Generally speaking things that are seen as lower physically in the Bible represent things that are lower or more external spiritually. In some cases this...

The number 'seven' was considered holy, as is well known, because of the six days of creation, and the seventh, which is the celestial self,...

The light of a lamp' signifies illumination from the Lord. A lamp,' as in Revelation 22, signifies natural light from self-derived intelligence. 'A lamp' signifies...

'Tongs and snuff-dishes,' as in Exodus 25:38, signify things in the natural degree that serve to purify and clean.

The first altar mentioned in the Word was built by Noah after he came out of the ark. On that altar, he sacrificed clean animals...

'Square' signifies righteousness.

'A horn,' when spoken of the Lord, signifies omnipotence. 'The little horn that rose up,' as mentioned in Daniel 7:3-8, signifies the full perversion of...

'Sanctuary' signifies the truth of heaven and the church. 'Sanctuary,' as in Ezekiel 24:21, signifies the Word.

In Revelation 18:13, 'wine, oil, flour, and wheat' signify celestial principles of worship.

'Works,' as in Genesis 46:33, denote goods, because they are from the will, and anything from the will is either good or evil, but anything...

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