Amanani 2

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1 Wathetha uYehova kuMoses nakuAron, esithi,

2 Elowo koonyana bakaSirayeli woyimisa intente yakhe ngakwibhanile yakowabo, eziqondisweni zezindlu zooyise, bamise malunga nentente yokuhlangana ngeenxa zonke.

3 Abomisa phambili ngasempumalanga boba ngabebhanile yakwaYuda ngokwemikhosi yabo; inkulu yoonyana bakaYuda nguNashon, unyana ka-Aminadabhi;

4 umkhosi wakhe, abo babalwayo kubo, ngamashumi osixhenxe anesine amawaka, anamakhulu mathandathu.

5 Abomisa ngakuye yoba sisizwe sakwaIsakare; inkulu yoonyana bakaIsakare nguNathaniyeli, unyana kaTsuhare;

6 umkhosi wakhe, abo babalwayo kubo, ngamashumi omahlanu anamane amawaka, anamakhulu mane.

7 Ize kulandele isizwe sakwaZebhulon; inkulu yoonyana bakaZebhulon nguEliyabhi, unyana kaHelon;

8 umkhosi wakhe, abo babalwayo kubo, ngamashumi omahlanu anesixhenxe amawaka, anamakhulumane.

9 Bonke ke ababalelwa eminqubeni yakwaYuda likhulu lamawaka, anamanci osibhozo amawaka, anesithandathu samawaka, anamakhulu mane, ngokwemikhosi yabo. Bonduluka kuqala bona.

10 Ibhanile yeminquba yakwaRubhen yoba ngasezantsi ngokwemikhosi yabo; inkulu yoonyana bakaRubhen nguElitsure, unyana kaShedeyure;

11 umkhosi wakhe, abo babalwayo kuye, ngamashumi omane anesithandathu samawaka, anamakhulu mahlanu.

12 Abomisa ngakuye yoba sisizwe sakwaSimon; inkulu yoonyana bakaSimon nguShelumiyeli, unyana kaTsurishadayi;

13 umkhosi wakhe, abo babalwayo kubo, ngamashumi omahlanu anesithoba amawaka, anamakhulu mathathu.

14 Ize kulandele isizwe sakwaGadi; inkulu yoonyana bakaGadi nguEliyasafu, unyana kaRehuweli;

15 umkhosi wakhe, abo babalwayo kubo, ngamashumi omane anesihlanu amawaka, anamakhulu mathandathu, anamanci mahlanu.

16 Bonke ke ababalelwa eminqubeni yakwaRubhen likhulu lamawaka, elinamanci mahlanu amawaka, anawakanye, linamakhulu mane, anamanci mahlanu, ngokwemikhosi yabo. Bonduluka beyeyesibini.

17 Yoncothulwa intente yokuhlangana, ineminquba yabaLevi phakathi kweminye iminquba; njengoko bamisa ngako, bonduluka ngako, elowo endaweni yakhe ngokwebhanile yakowabo.

18 Ibhanile yeminquba yakwaEfrayim yoba ngasentshonalanga, ngokwemikhosi yabo; inkulu yoonyana bakaEfrayim nguElishama, unyana ka-Amihude;

19 umkhosi wakhe, abo babalwayo kubo, ngamashumi omane amawaka, anamakhulu mahlanu.

20 Ngakuye ibe sisizwe sakwaManase; inkulu yoonyana bakaManase nguGamaliyeli, unyana kaPedatsure;

21 umkhosi wakhe, abo babalwayo kubo, ngamashumi omathathu anesibini amawaka, anamakhulu mabini.

22 Kuze kulandele isizwe sakwaBhenjamin; inkulu yoonyana bakaBhenjamin nguAbhidan, unyana kaGidiyoni;

23 umkhosi wakhe, abo babalwayo kubo, ngamashumi omathathu anesihlanu amawaka, anamakhulu mane.

24 Bonke ke ababalelwa eminqubeni yakwaEfrayim likhulu lamawaka, anesibhozo samawaka anakhulu-nye, ngokwemikhosi yabo. Bonduluka beyeyesithathu.

25 Ibhanile yeminquba yakwaDan yoba ngasentla, ngokwemikhosi yabo; inkulu yoonyana bakaDan nguAhiyezere, unyana ka-Amishadayi;

26 umkhosi wakhe, abo babalwayo kubo, ngamashumi omathandathu anesibini amawaka, anamakhulu asixhenxe.

27 Abomisa ngakuye yoba sisizwe sakwa-Ashere, inkulu yoonyana baka-Ashere nguPagiyeli, unyana kaOkran;

28 umkhosi wakhe, abo babalwayo kubo, ngamashumi omane amawaka, anawaka-nye, linamakhulu mahlanu.

29 Ize kulandele isizwe sakwaNafetali; inkulu yoonyana bakaNafetali nguAhira, unyana kaEnan;

30 umkhosi wakhe, abo babalwayo kubo, ngamashumi omahlanu anesithathu samawaka, anamakhulu mane.

31 Bonke ke ababalelwa eminqubeni yakwaDan likhulu lamawaka, anamanci omahlanu anesixhenxe samawaka, anamakhulu mathandathu. Bonduluka bengabokugqibela, ngokweebhanile zabo.

32 Ngabo ke abo babalwayo koonyana bakaSirayeli, ngokwezindlu zooyise; bonke ababalelwa eminqubeni ngokwemikhosi yabo ngamakhulu omathandathu amawaka, anesithathu samawaka, anamakhulu mahlanu, anamanci mahlanu.

33 Ke abaLevi ababalelwanga phakathi koonyana bakaSirayeli, njengoko uYehova wamwiselayo umthetho uMoses.

34 Benza ke oonyana bakaSirayeli; njengako konke uYehova abemwisele umthetho uMoses, benjenjalo ukumisa iintente ngokweebhanile zakowabo; benjenjalo ukunduluka, elowo ngokomzalwane wakhe, ngokwezindlu zooyise.

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Explanation of Numbers 2      

Napsal(a) Henry MacLagan

Verses 1-2. Revelation is made that each individual of the Spiritual Church has his specific position in his own heaven according to the general principles thereof.

Verse 3. There are four general principles, namely, celestial love, in Verse 3; faith from charity, Verse 10; the same in the natural degree, Verse 18; and the affirmation of truth in the natural degree, Verse 25.

Verses 3, 10, 18, 25. Their principles of action are as follows: Truth immediately proceeding from good; faith from charity which is the foundation of the church; obedience to truth from the love of good; and truth which aids, derived from Divine Truth which protects man in temptations.

Verse 17. All changes of state with the angels and with the man of the church are effected from the central principle of love.

Verses 4-32. The general quality, according to ordination and arrangement by the Lord, of those in the four leading divisions is described, as well as the quality of each division subordinate to these, and the quality of the whole heaven or of the whole church taken together.

Verse 33. But good itself, apart from truth, cannot be known as to its quality.

Verse 34. And thus the angels are always obedient to Divine Truth, or to the laws of Divine Order; and they become more and more perfected according to the ordination and arrangement of truths as depending on the state of good.


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