IGenesis 7

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1 Wathi uYehova kuNowa, Ngena, wena nendlu yakho yonke, emkhombeni, ngokuba ndibona wena ilungisa phambi kwam kwesi sizukulwana.

2 Kwizinto zonke ezizitho zine ezihlambulukileyo, thabathela kuwe ngasixhenxe, ngasixhenxe, inkunzi nemazi yayo; kwizinto ezizitho zine eziziinqambi thabatha ngambini, inkunzi nemazi yayo;

3 nakwiintaka zezulu ngasixhenxe, ngasixhenxe, inkunzi nemazi, ukuze imbewu igcinakale ehlabathini lonke.

4 Kuba zisesixhenxe iintsuku, ndize ndinise imvula ehlabathini iimini zibe mashumi mane nobusuku obumashumi mane, ndiyicime into yonke emiyo endayenzayo, ingabikho phezu kwehlabathi.

5 Wenza uNowa konke uYehova awamwisela umthetho ngako.

6 UNowa waye eminyaka imakhulu mathandathu ezelwe, wabakho unogumbe wamanzi ehlabathini.

7 Wangena uNowa emkhombeni, enoonyana bakhe, nomkakhe, nabafazi boonyana bakhe, ndawonye naye, ngenxa yamanzi onogumbe.

8 Kuzo izinto ezizitho zine ezihlambulukileyo, nakuzo izinto ezizitho zine eziziinqambi, nakuzo iintaka, nakuzo zonke izinto ezinambuzelayo emhlabeni,

9 kwangena ngambini, ngambini, kuNowa emkhombeni, inkunzi nemazi, njengoko uThixo abemwisele umthetho uNowa.

10 Kwathi emva kweentsuku ezisixhenxe, amanzi onogumbe abakho ehlabathini.

11 Ngomnyaka wamakhulu omathandathu wokudla ubomi kukaNowa, ngenyanga yesibini, ngosuku lweshumi elinesixhenxe enyangeni leyo, kanye ngayo loo mini, yagqabhuka yonke imithombo yamanzi enzonzobila enkulu, iingcango zezulu zavuleka.

12 Wabakho umvumbi wemvula ehlabathini iimini ezimashumi mane nobusuku obumashumi mani.

13 Wangena emkhombeni kwangaloo mini uNowa, noShem noHam noYafete, oonyana bakaNowa, nomkaNowa, nabafazi bobathathu boonyana bakhe, ndawonye naye.

14 Bona, neento zonke eziphilileyo ngohlobo lwazo, nezinto zonke ezizitho zine ngohlobo lwazo, nezinambuzane zonke ezinambuzelayo emhlabeni ngohlobo lwazo, neentaka zonke ngohlobo lwazo, iinto zonke eziphaphazelayo, ezinamaphiko,

15 zangena kuNowa emkhombeni, ngambini, ngambini, kwinyama yonke enomoya wokuphila kuyo.

16 Zangena iinkunzi neemazi kwinyama yonke; zangena njengoko uThixo abemwisele umthetho. UYehova wamvalela ngaphakathi.

17 Yaba ngunogumbe imihla emashumi mane ehlabathini, enyuka amanzi, awufukula umkhombe, wafunquleka emhlabeni.

18 Aba namandla amanzi, enyuka kunene ehlabathini, wahamba umkhombe phezu kwamanzi.

19 Aba namandla amanzi kunene kakhulu ehlabathini, zagutyungelwa zonke iintaba eziphakamileyo kakhulu, eziphantsi kwamazulu onke.

20 Aba namandla amanzi, ada aba ziikubhite ezilishumi elinantlanu, ethabathela phezulu; zagutyungelwa ke iintaba.

21 Yaphuma umphefumlo yonke inyama enambuzelayo emhlabeni, kwiintaka, nakwizinto ezizitho zine, nakwizinto eziphilileyo, nakwinyakanyaka yonke enyakazelayo emhlabeni, nabantu bonke.

22 Iinto zonke ezikuphefumla komoya wokuphila kusemathatheni azo, kwiinto zonke ezisemhlabeni owomileyo, zafa.

23 Zabhujiswa ke izinto zonke ezimiyo, eziphezu komhlaba, kwathabathela emntwini kwesa ezintweni ezizitho zine, nasezinambuzaneni, nasezintakeni zezulu; zabhujiswa azabakho ehlabathini; kwasala uNowa yedwa, nababenaye emkhombeni.

24 Aba namandla amanzi ehlabathini imihla elikhulu elinamanci mahlanu.

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Exploring the Meaning of Genesis 7      

Napsal(a) Joe David

In Genesis 7:1-24, the literal text is the heart of the "Noah and the Ark" story. Noah and his family go into the ark, and bring animals with them, two by two. A great flood comes, and the world is drowned, but the ark is safe, floating on the flood.

In the internal sense, the flood signifies the destruction of the "Most Ancient Church" - a stage in human development that was - at first - characterized by a simple monotheism, and an innocence, and a high degree of spiritual awareness.

Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden, symbolize that initial human spiritual state, before "the fall", when they eat the forbidden fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Then, the story of Cain and Abel, and listing the descendants of these people, trace - in the inner meaning - the gradual but pervasive corruption of the spirituality of that church.

In Genesis 7, a flood of water - representing a tide of evil and falsity - destroys that corrupted church. The people of that church effectively destroy their own spiritual lives.

In the Noah story, the Lord preserves the remnants of good and truth that still exist (represented by Noah, his family, and the selected animals), to provide for the beginning of a new church. That's what is meant by the ark and its preservation.


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A child is a young boy or girl in the care of parents, older than a suckling or an infant, but not yet an adolescent....

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'Height' signifies what is inward, and also heaven.

Flesh has several meanings just in its most obvious form. It can mean all living creatures as when the Lord talks about the flood "destroying...

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