IEksodus 37

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1 UBhetsaleli wayenza ityeya ngomngampunzi. Ubude bayo baba ziikubhite zombini ezinesiqingatha, ububanzi bayo baba yikubhite enesiqingatha, ukuphakama kwayo kwayikubhite enesiqingatha.

2 Wayaleka ngegolide ecocekileyo ngaphakathi nangaphandle, wayithi jize ngesithsaba segolide.

3 Wayityhidela amakhonkco egolide amane, emilenzeni yayo yomine: amakhonkco amabini ngeli icala, amakhonco amabini ngeliya icala.

4 Wenza izibonda ngomngampunzi, wazaleka ngegolide;

5 wazifaka izibonda ezo emakhonkcweni asemacaleni etyeya, ukuba ithwalwe ngazo.

6 Wenza isihlalo sokucamagusha ngegolide ecocekileyo. Ubude baso baba ziikubhite ezimbini ezinesiqingatha, ububanzi baso baba yikubhite enesiqingatha.

7 Wenza iikerubhi zambini ngegolide, ukuzenza wazikhanda; zavela eziphelweni zozibini zesihlalo sokucamagusha:

8 enye ikerubhi ivele esiphelweni esi, enye ikerubhi ivele esiphelweni esiya. Wazenza iikerubhi esihlalweni sokucamagusha, zavela eziphelweni zaso zozibini.

9 Iikerubhi zolula amaphiko phezulu, zasisithelisa ngamaphiko azo isihlalo sokucamagusha; ubuso bazo bakhangelana, babheka esihlalweni sokucamagusha ubuso beekerubhi.

10 Wenza netafile ngomngampunzi; ubude bayo baba ziikubhite ezimbini, ububanzi bayo baba yikubhite, ukuphakama kwayo kwaba yikubhite enesiqingatha.

11 Wayaleka ngegolide ecocekileyo, wayithi jize ngesithsaba segolide.

12 Wayenzela ngeenxa zonke udini olungangobubanzi besandla, udini lwayo waluthi jize ngesithsaba segolide.

13 Wayityhidela amakhonkco egolide amane, wawafaka amakhonkco ezimbombeni zone ezisemilenzeni yayo yomine.

14 Aba kufuphi nokuhlangana kodini amakhonkco lawo, aba ziindawo zokufaka izibonda zokuyithwala itafile.

15 Wenza izibonda ezo ngomngampunzi, wazaleka ngegolide, ukuba ithwalwe ngazo itafile.

16 Wenza impahla ephezu kwetafile, izikotile zayo, nemicephe yayo, neenkamba zayo, neendebe zayo ekwakuthululwa ngazo, wazenza ngegolide ecocekileyo.

17 Wenza nesiphatho sezibane ngegolide ecocekileyo. Ukusenza wasikhanda isiphatho eso, nesikhondo saso, nesibili saso, neendebe zaso, namaqhina aso, neentyantyambo zaso, zivele kwakuso.

18 Amasebe amathandathu avela emacaleni aso: amasebe amathathu esiphatho avela kweli icala laso, amasebe amathathu esiphatho avela kweliya icala laso.

19 Zaba ntathu iindebe ezifana neentyantyambo zeamangile kweli isebe, zineqhina nentyantyambo; neendebe ezintathu ezifana neentyantyambo zeamangile zaba kweliya isebe, zineqhina nentyantyambo. Kwaba njalo kumasebe omathandathu avela esiphathweni eso.

20 Zaba ne iindebe esiphathweni ezifana neentyantyambo zeamangile, zinamaqhina aso neentyantyambo zaso.

21 Yaba liqhina phantsi kwamasebe amabini livela kuso, yaliqhina phantsi kwamasebe amabini livela kuso, yaliqhina phantsi kwamasebe amabini livela kuso, angawamasebe amathandathu avela kuso.

22 Amaqhina awo namalungu awo avela kuso sonke, saba ngumkhando wamnye wegolide ecocekileyo.

23 Wenza izibane zaso zasixhenxe, nezifinyiso zaso, neengcedevu zaso, ngegolide ecocekileyo.

24 Wasenza ngetalente yegolide ecocekileyo, neempahla zaso zonke.

25 Wenza nesibingelelo sokuqhumisela ngomngampunzi. Ubude baso baba yikubhite, ububanzi baso baba yikubhite, saba mbombo-ne; ukuphakama kwaso kwaziikubhite ezimbini; zaphuma kuso iimpondo zaso.

26 Wasaleka ngegolide ecocekileyo umphezulu waso, namacala aso ngeenxa zonke, neempondo zaso, wasithi jize ngesithsaba segolide.

27 Wasenzela amakhonkco amabini ngegolide, phantsi kwesithsaba saso ezimbombeni zaso ezimbini, emacaleni aso omabini, aziindawo zezibonda ukuba sithwalwe ngazo.

28 Wazenza izibonda ngomngampunzi, wazaleka ngegolide.

29 Wenza neoli engcwele yokuthambisa, nesiqhumiso esimnandi esingangxengelelweyo, umsebenzi womqholi ke lowo.

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'Height' signifies the good and truth of the church in every degree.

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A Cherub has as its first definition in the dictionary, “A winged heavenly creature.” Cherubim is the plural of cherub. In the Word, the words...

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