Joshua 5

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1 At nangyari, nang mabalitaan ng lahat ng mga hari ng mga Amorrheo na nasa dako roon ng Jordan sa dakong kalunuran, at ng lahat ng mga hari ng mga Cananeo, na nangasa tabi ng dagat, kung paanong tinuyo ng Panginoon ang tubig ng Jordan sa harap ng mga anak ni Israel, hanggang sa kami ay nangakatawid, na nanglumo ang kanilang puso, at sila'y nawalan ng loob dahil sa mga anak ni Israel.

2 Nang panahong yaon ay sinabi ng Panginoon kay Josue, Gumawa ka ng mga sundang na pinkiang bato at tuliin mo uli na ikalawa ang mga anak ni Israel.

3 At gumawa si Josue ng mga sundang na pinkiang bato, at tinuli ang mga anak ni Israel sa burol ng mga balat ng masama.

4 At ito ang dahil na itinuli ni Josue: ang buong bayan na lumabas mula sa Egipto, na mga lalake, lahat na lalaking pangdigma, ay namatay sa ilang sa daan, pagkatapos na sila'y makalabas na mula sa Egipto.

5 Sapagka't ang buong bayan na lumabas ay mga tuli; nguni't ang buong bayan na ipinanganak sa ilang sa daan pagkalabas sa Egipto, ay hindi tuli.

6 Sapagka't ang mga anak ni Israel ay lumakad na apat na pung taon sa ilang, hanggang sa ang buong bansa, sa makatuwid baga'y ang mga lalaking pangdigma na lumabas mula sa Egipto, ay nalipol, sapagka't hindi nila dininig ang tinig ng Panginoon: na siyang sinumpaan ng Panginoon na hindi niya ipakikita sa kanila ang lupain na isinumpa ng Panginoon sa kanilang mga magulang na ibibigay sa atin, na lupaing binubukalan ng gatas at pulot.

7 At ang kanilang mga anak na kaniyang ibinangong kahalili nila, ay pinagtuli ni Josue, sapagka't mga hindi tuli, sapagka't hindi nila tinuli sila sa daan.

8 At nangyari nang kanilang matuli ang buong bansa, na tumahan sila sa kanilang mga dako sa kampamento hanggang sa sila'y magsigaling.

9 At sinabi ng Panginoon kay Josue, Sa araw na ito ay inalis ko sa inyo ang pagdusta ng Egipto. Kaya't ang pangalan ng dakong yaon ay tinawag na Gilgal hanggang sa araw na ito.

10 At ang mga anak ni Israel ay humantong sa Gilgal; at kanilang ipinagdiwang ang paskua nang ikalabing apat na araw ng buwan sa kinahapunan sa mga kapatagan ng Jerico.

11 At sila'y kumain ng imbak na trigo ng lupain sa kinabukasan pagkatapos ng paskua, ng mga tinapay na walang lebadura, at ng sinangag na trigo, sa araw ding yaon.

12 At ang mana ay naglikat nang kinabukasan, pagkatapos na sila'y makakain ng imbak na trigo ng lupain; at hindi naman nagkaroon pa ng mana ang mga anak ni Israel; kundi sila'y kumain ng bunga ng lupain ng Canaan ng taong yaon.

13 At nangyari, nang si Josue ay malapit sa Jerico, na kaniyang itiningin ang kaniyang mga mata at tumingin, at, narito, nakatayo ang isang lalake sa tapat niya na may kaniyang tabak sa kaniyang kamay na bunot: at si Josue ay naparoon sa kaniya, at sinabi sa kaniya, Ikaw ba'y sa amin, o sa aming mga kaaway?

14 At kaniyang sinabi, Hindi; kundi ako'y naparito ng parang prinsipe ng hukbo ng Panginoon. At si Josue ay nagpatirapa sa lupa at sumamba, at nagsabi sa kaniya, Anong sabi ng aking Panginoon sa kaniyang lingkod?

15 At sinabi ng prinsipe ng hukbo ng Panginoon kay Josue, Hubarin mo ang iyong panyapak sa iyong paa; sapagka't ang dakong iyong kinatatayuan ay banal. At ginawang gayon ni Josue.

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Exploring the Meaning of Joshua 5      

Napsal(a) Rev. Julian Duckworth and New Christian Bible Study Staff

Joshua 5: The Circumcision and the Passover

In this chapter, the Israelites are now in the land of Canaan, and local Amorite and Canaanite kings lose heart to oppose them because of God’s miracle at the river Jordan.

God tells Joshua to circumcise all the men who were born since they left Egypt, because none were circumcised in the wilderness, and their fathers who were have now all died. So Joshua obeys, requiring circumcision of all the men of Israel.

As a result, God says to Joshua : “I have this day rolled away the stain of Egypt from you.” The place was therefore called Gilgal, which means “rolling”. The Children of Israel camped there till they were healed. They then ate the Passover using the food of the land for the very first time, and the daily manna, which had been provided by God every day in the wilderness, stopped.

Then, Joshua has an encounter with an angel:

When Joshua lifted his eyes he saw a man opposite him with a drawn sword in his hand. Joshua asked him, “Are you for us or for our adversaries?” The man answered, “No, but as Commander of the army of the Lord I have now come.” Joshua fell and worshipped and asked what he should do? The man said, “Take your sandal off your foot, for the place where you stand is holy”. And Joshua did so.

Note that this chapter is the very first one when the Israelites are in Canaan, and straightaway two important Jewish rituals are carried out – circumcision and the Passover. Circumcision is the cutting off of the foreskin. It means to become purified from loving oneself and the world, and the outer things of life, and to be righteous before God inwardly. (See Arcana Caelestia 2102.)

This meaning helps us see why elsewhere in the Bible it often talks about “circumcising your heart”. The circumcision in Canaan was to mark the new generation, which spiritually for us means that our regeneration always involves new states. (True Christian Religion 601)

The Passover was originally a meal to mark leaving slavery in Egypt, so it is very appropriate for celebrating entering the promised land. The spiritual meaning of the Passover is rich and complex, but, put simply, it is about the presence of the Lord with us, especially when we attribute life’s good events and blessings to the presence of God. “The Lord has done this for me… The Lord has done that for us.” (Arcana Caelestia 7902) The reason that it is a meal is that we share meals together, often in families, and spiritually everything in us comes together to be joyful and thankful.

The first camp of the Israelites in Canaan was at Gilgal, a place close to Jericho, the name of which means “rolling”. We’ve looked at its connection with circumcision but more generally, to ‘roll’ is to move forward, move on, keep going. This is a powerful early-in-the-story description of our regeneration, with its trials and blessings, both of which aim to keep us moving forward to be evermore in the life the Lord wants us to have. (Arcana Caelestia 8911)

With all this early first feeling of having finally got to Canaan, the land which God had always promised to give them, it is so very appropriate that Joshua is met by a militant angel of the Lord, the Commander of the army of the Lord. (Arcana Caelestia 7277). Note carefully that when Joshua asks if he is for us or for our enemies, the Commander says “No.” Spiritually this is very significant because the Lord uses everything – good and evil – peace and temptation – to lead us towards heaven.

The Commander declares that Joshua is to remove his sandal from off his foot because where he stands, this is holy ground. Spiritually, “holy ground” is the whole sweep of life, and our sense that all of it is the Lord’s gift to us. (See Arcana Caelestia 566, 1585)


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It’s common to say “I see” when we understand something. And indeed, “seeing” in the Bible represents grasping and understanding spiritual things. So it makes...

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