Genesis 7

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1 At sinabi ng Panginoon kay Noe, Lumulan ka at ang iyong buong sangbahayan sa sasakyan; sapagka't ikaw ay aking nakitang matuwid sa harap ko sa panahong ito.

2 Sa bawa't malinis na hayop ay kukuha ka ng tigpipito, ng lalake at ng kaniyang babae; at sa mga hayop na hindi malinis ay dalawa, ng lalake at ng kaniyang babae;

3 Gayon din naman sa mga ibon sa himpapawid tigpipito, ng lalake at ng babae; upang ingatang binhing buhay sa ibabaw ng buong lupa.

4 Sapagka't pitong araw pa, at pauulanan ko na ang ibabaw ng lupa ng apat na pung araw at apat na pung gabi, at aking lilipulin ang lahat ng may buhay na aking nilikha sa balat ng lupa.

5 At ginawa ni Noe ayon sa lahat na iniutos sa kaniya ng Panginoon.

6 At may anim na raang taon si Noe nang ang baha ng tubig ay dumagsa sa ibabaw ng lupa.

7 At lumulan sa sasakyan si Noe at ang kaniyang mga anak, at ang kaniyang asawa, at ang mga asawa ng kaniyang mga anak, dahil sa tubig ng baha.

8 Sa mga hayop na malinis, at sa mga hayop na hindi malinis, at sa mga ibon at sa bawa't umuusad sa ibabaw ng lupa,

9 Ay dalawa't dalawang dumating kay Noe sa sasakyan, na lalake at babae ayon sa iniutos ng Dios kay Noe.

10 At nangyari na pagkaraan ng pitong araw, na ang tubig ng baha ay umapaw sa ibabaw ng lupa.

11 Sa ikaanim na raang taon ng buhay ni Noe, nang ikalawang buwan, sa ikalabing pitong araw ng buwan, nang araw ding yaon, ay nangasira ang lahat ng bukal ng lubhang kalaliman, at ang mga durungawan ng langit ay nabuksan.

12 At umulan sa ibabaw ng lupa ng apat na pung araw at apat na pung gabi.

13 Nang araw ding yaon, ay lumulan sa sasakyan si Noe, at si Sem, at si Cham, at si Japhet, na mga anak ni Noe, at ang asawa ni Noe, at ang tatlong asawa ng kaniyang mga anak na kasama nila;

14 Sila, at ang bawa't hayop gubat ayon sa kanikanilang uri, at lahat ng hayop na maamo ayon sa kanikanilang uri, at bawa't umuusad sa ibabaw ng lupa ayon sa kanikanilang uri, at bawa't ibon ayon sa kanikanilang uri, lahat ng sarisaring ibon.

15 At nagsidating kay Noe sa sasakyan na dalawa't dalawa, ang lahat ng hayop na may hinga ng buhay.

16 At ang mga nagsilulan, ay lumulang lalake at babae, ng lahat na laman, gaya ng iniutos sa kaniya ng Dios: at kinulong siya ng Panginoon.

17 At tumagal ang baha ng apat na pung araw sa ibabaw ng lupa; at lumaki ang tubig at lumutang ang sasakyan, at nataas sa ibabaw ng lupa.

18 At dumagsa ang tubig at lumaking mainam sa ibabaw ng lupa; at lumutang ang sasakyan sa ibabaw ng tubig.

19 At dumagsang lubha ang tubig sa ibabaw ng lupa: at inapawan ang lahat na mataas na bundok na nasa silong ng buong langit.

20 Labing limang siko ang lalim na idinagsa ng tubig; at inapawan ang mga bundok.

21 At namatay ang lahat ng lamang gumagalaw sa ibabaw ng lupa, ang mga ibon at gayon din ang hayop, at ang hayop gubat, at ang bawa't nagsisiusad na umuusad sa ibabaw ng lupa, at ang bawa't tao.

22 Ang bawa't may hinga ng diwa ng buhay sa kanilang ilong, lahat na nasa lupang tuyo ay namatay.

23 At nilipol ang bawa't may buhay na nasa ibabaw ng lupa, ang tao at gayon din ang hayop, at ang mga umuusad at ang mga ibon sa himpapawid; at sila'y nalipol sa lupa: at ang natira lamang, ay si Noe at ang mga kasama niya sa sasakyan.

24 At tumagal ang tubig sa ibabaw ng lupa, ng isang daan at limang pung araw.

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Exploring the Meaning of Genesis 7      

Napsal(a) Joe David

In Genesis 7:1-24, the literal text is the heart of the "Noah and the Ark" story. Noah and his family go into the ark, and bring animals with them, two by two. A great flood comes, and the world is drowned, but the ark is safe, floating on the flood.

In the internal sense, the flood signifies the destruction of the "Most Ancient Church" - a stage in human development that was - at first - characterized by a simple monotheism, and an innocence, and a high degree of spiritual awareness.

Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden, symbolize that initial human spiritual state, before "the fall", when they eat the forbidden fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Then, the story of Cain and Abel, and listing the descendants of these people, trace - in the inner meaning - the gradual but pervasive corruption of the spirituality of that church.

In Genesis 7, a flood of water - representing a tide of evil and falsity - destroys that corrupted church. The people of that church effectively destroy their own spiritual lives.

In the Noah story, the Lord preserves the remnants of good and truth that still exist (represented by Noah, his family, and the selected animals), to provide for the beginning of a new church. That's what is meant by the ark and its preservation.


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The Lord, in the simplest terms, is love itself expressed as wisdom itself. In philosophic terms, love is the Lord's substance and wisdom is His...

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The number "two" has two different meanings in the Bible. In most cases "two" indicates a joining together or unification. This is easy to see...

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Fowl signify spiritual truth; a bird, natural truth; and a winged thing, sensual truth. Fowl signify intellectual things. Fowl signify thoughts, and all that creeps...

Fowl signify spiritual truth; a bird, natural truth; and a winged thing, sensual truth. Fowl signify intellectual things. Fowl signify thoughts, and all that creeps...

Is there any difference in meaning between “earth” and “ground”? At first it doesn’t seem so; both refer to the soil making up the land...

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Like most numbers in the Bible, "six" can have various meanings depending on context, but has a couple that are primary. When used in relation...

A flood signifies truths in abundance. The flood, as in Genesis 7, not only signifies the temptations which the man of the church called Noah...

Water was obviously of tremendous importance in Biblical times (and every other time). It is the basis of life, the essential ingredient in all drinks,...

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A child is a young boy or girl in the care of parents, older than a suckling or an infant, but not yet an adolescent....

'A son,' as in Genesis 5:28, signifies the rise of a new church. 'Son,' as in Genesis 24:3, signifies the Lord’s rationality regarding good. 'A...

The Hebrew of the Old Testament has six different common words which are generally translated as "wife," which largely overlap but have different nuances. Swedenborg...

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The Hebrew of the Old Testament has six different common words which are generally translated as "wife," which largely overlap but have different nuances. Swedenborg...

As with common verbs in general, the meaning of “come” in the Bible is highly dependent on context – its meaning is determined largely by...

'Lives' is used in the plural, because of the will and understanding, and because these two lives make one.

'A month' has respect to the state of truth in a person. 'A month' signifies a full state. Month,' as in Genesis 29, signifies the...

A fountain signifies the Lord and the Word. A fountain signifies superior truth, and well, inferior truth. A fountain, as in Psalm 104:10, denotes knowledges....

"Air" in the Bible represents thought, but in a very general way – more like our capacity to perceive ideas and the way we tend...

'Shem,' as in Genesis 10:21, signifies the ancient church in general.

Japhet' signifies the people who constitute the external church and correspond to the internal.

asawa ni
The Hebrew of the Old Testament has six different common words which are generally translated as "wife," which largely overlap but have different nuances. Swedenborg...

Flesh has several meanings just in its most obvious form. It can mean all living creatures as when the Lord talks about the flood "destroying...

'Height' signifies what is inward, and also heaven.

'Hills' signify the good of charity.

Five also signifies all things of one part.

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The Writings tell us that the Lord's love is the sun of heaven, and it is natural for us to look above ourselves to the...

'A blast of the breath of the nostrils' signify the same thing as 'his anger and wrath.'

Dead (Gen. 23:8) signifies night, in respect to the goodnesses and truths of faith.

It's a landmark for a young child to count to 100; it sort of covers all the "ordinary" numbers. One hundred is obviously significant for...

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