5 Mosebok 18:19



19 Og enhver som ikke hører på mine ord, som han skal tale i mitt navn, ham vil jeg kreve til regnskap for det.

Komentář k tomuto verši  

Napsal(a) Alexander Payne

Verse 19. And it shall come to pass that whoever will not obey the perception of the Lord's will revealed through these doctrines for his guidance, will sin against knowledge, and thereby damage his soul. [Note (verses 15-19).—These verses seem to teach that the Lord ever reveals Himself to the human race in a character accommodated to their state, hence the number of religions which have existed in the world, and hence the attributes of Deity as conceived of by the Jews, by the first Christian Church, and again by the New Church, are quite different; and hence indeed the necessity, when the time was fully come, for the appearance of the Lord on earth in human form, that there might be no misconception as to His character; which advent is evidently foretold in the literal sense in these verses. In the spiritual sense, the acceptance of the doctrine of the absolute Divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ as the only God, with the truths that flow therefrom, is described, which is also meant by the Second Coming of the Lord (Apocalypse Explained 870). It must be evident to the candid mind that the Lord Jesus Christ has not been accepted by the first Christian Church, at all events in the popular idea, as the one only God (the Alpha and Omega), but as a secondary Deity, distinct from and in some way inferior to another Deity who is called the Father, and whose character is represented as being quite different; so that the latter is said to require intercession, and even to be appeased by the sufferings of the former; so that, whatever may be said in creeds, two gods are thought of in the mind, as separate and distinct as those of the religions which are called polytheisms.]