1 Samuel 3

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Greek OT: LXX [A] Unaccented         

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1 και το παιδαριον σαμουηλ ην λειτουργων τω κυριω ενωπιον ηλι του ιερεως και ρημα κυριου ην τιμιον εν ταις ημεραις εκειναις ουκ ην ορασις διαστελλουσα

2 και εγενετο εν τη ημερα εκεινη και ηλι εκαθευδεν εν τω τοπω αυτου και οι οφθαλμοι αυτου ηρξαντο βαρυνεσθαι και ουκ ηδυνατο βλεπειν

3 και ο λυχνος του θεου πριν επισκευασθηναι και σαμουηλ εκαθευδεν εν τω ναω ου η κιβωτος του θεου

4 και εκαλεσεν κυριος σαμουηλ σαμουηλ και ειπεν ιδου εγω

5 και εδραμεν προς ηλι και ειπεν ιδου εγω οτι κεκληκας με και ειπεν ου κεκληκα σε αναστρεφε καθευδε και ανεστρεψεν και εκαθευδεν

6 και προσεθετο κυριος και εκαλεσεν σαμουηλ σαμουηλ και επορευθη προς ηλι το δευτερον και ειπεν ιδου εγω οτι κεκληκας με και ειπεν ου κεκληκα σε αναστρεφε καθευδε

7 και σαμουηλ πριν η γνωναι θεον και αποκαλυφθηναι αυτω ρημα κυριου

8 και προσεθετο κυριος καλεσαι σαμουηλ εν τριτω και ανεστη και επορευθη προς ηλι και ειπεν ιδου εγω οτι κεκληκας με και εσοφισατο ηλι οτι κυριος κεκληκεν το παιδαριον

9 και ειπεν αναστρεφε καθευδε τεκνον και εσται εαν καλεση σε και ερεις λαλει κυριε οτι ακουει ο δουλος σου και επορευθη σαμουηλ και εκοιμηθη εν τω τοπω αυτου

10 και ηλθεν κυριος και κατεστη και εκαλεσεν αυτον ως απαξ και απαξ και ειπεν σαμουηλ λαλει οτι ακουει ο δουλος σου

11 και ειπεν κυριος προς σαμουηλ ιδου εγω ποιω τα ρηματα μου εν ισραηλ ωστε παντος ακουοντος αυτα ηχησει αμφοτερα τα ωτα αυτου

12 εν τη ημερα εκεινη επεγερω επι ηλι παντα οσα ελαλησα εις τον οικον αυτου αρξομαι και επιτελεσω

13 και ανηγγελκα αυτω οτι εκδικω εγω τον οικον αυτου εως αιωνος εν αδικιαις υιων αυτου οτι κακολογουντες θεον υιοι αυτου και ουκ ενουθετει αυτους και ουδ' ουτως

14 ωμοσα τω οικω ηλι ει εξιλασθησεται αδικια οικου ηλι εν θυμιαματι και εν θυσιαις εως αιωνος

15 και κοιμαται σαμουηλ εως πρωι και ωρθρισεν το πρωι και ηνοιξεν τας θυρας οικου κυριου και σαμουηλ εφοβηθη απαγγειλαι την ορασιν τω ηλι

16 και ειπεν ηλι προς σαμουηλ σαμουηλ τεκνον και ειπεν ιδου εγω

17 και ειπεν τι το ρημα το λαληθεν προς σε μη δη κρυψης απ' εμου ταδε ποιησαι σοι ο θεος και ταδε προσθειη εαν κρυψης απ' εμου ρημα εκ παντων των λογων των λαληθεντων σοι εν τοις ωσιν σου

18 και απηγγειλεν σαμουηλ παντας τους λογους και ουκ εκρυψεν απ' αυτου και ειπεν ηλι κυριος αυτος το αγαθον ενωπιον αυτου ποιησει

19 και εμεγαλυνθη σαμουηλ και ην κυριος μετ' αυτου και ουκ επεσεν απο παντων των λογων αυτου επι την γην

20 και εγνωσαν πας ισραηλ απο δαν και εως βηρσαβεε οτι πιστος σαμουηλ εις προφητην τω κυριω

21 και προσεθετο κυριος δηλωθηναι εν σηλωμ οτι απεκαλυφθη κυριος προς σαμουηλ και επιστευθη σαμουηλ προφητης γενεσθαι τω κυριω εις παντα ισραηλ απ' ακρων της γης και εως ακρων και ηλι πρεσβυτης σφοδρα και οι υιοι αυτου πορευομενοι επορευοντο και πονηρα η οδος αυτων ενωπιον κυριου

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Exploring the Meaning of 1_Samuel 3      

Chapter 3 features the beautiful story of the “Call of Samuel”. The story begins when young Samuel hears a voice calling to him in the night, as he lies down to sleep. Thinking that it must be Eli calling, Samuel runs to Eli, who is now old and blind, to ask what he wants. Eli says that he didn't call, and tells Samuel to return to bed. This happens two more times, and each time Samuel hears the voice calling, he goes to Eli. On the third occasion, Eli realizes that it must be the Lord's voice that Samuel is hearing. Eli then instructs him to respond to the voice with the words, “Speak, Lord, for your servant hears.” When the Lord calls him again, this is how Samuel responds.

God’s words to Samuel are clear. Because Eli’s sons had done things that were vile, and Eli had not restrained them, no amount of sacrifice could spare them from the consequences. In the morning, Eli begs Samuel to share what the Lord said to him. After Samuel shares God’s message, Eli accepts that the Lord would do to him and his family as He saw fit.

Samuel is called by the Lord three times before he realizes the nature of the voice, and answers. This is an example of the numeric symbolism found throughout Scripture. In this story, the number three represents a form of Divine completeness. Therefore when Samuel is called three times, it represents the completion of a personal process, resulting in a new ability to receive God’s message (see Apocalypse Revealed 505).

Swedenborg’s writings explain that to “hear” represents to perceive, to learn and come to understand. When Samuel hears and replies to the Lord, he is demonstrating that he is willing to listen to and understand God. For us, it's a similar thing. We may not hear the voice of God calling in the night, but we can make space in our lives to try to tune in to his message, in the Word, and in good, wise people who we can learn from.

The expression “to hear” can also signify to obey, and in this story we can see Samuel accepting his role as prophet, i.e. to understand and obey God. So, too, we can recognize His message and begin to live a life of faithful obedience (see Apocalypse Explained 14).

The literal story seems to suggest that the Lord would punish Eli and his sons for the wrongs they had done. However, the truth as shared in Swedenborgian teachings is that the Lord never destroys, or is even angry. Instead, evil distances a person from His protection and therefore leaves them vulnerable to the destruction that comes from the evil itself (see Arcana Coelestia 588).


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