Leviticus 6:3



3 και-C ενδυω-VF--FMI3S ο- A--NSM ιερευς-N3V-NSM χιτων-N3W-ASM λινους-A1C-ASM και-C περισκελης-A3H-ASN λινους-A1C-ASN ενδυω-VF--FMI3S περι-P ο- A--ASN σωμα-N3M-ASN αυτος- D--GSM και-C αποαιρεω-VF2-FAI3S ο- A--ASF κατακαρπωσις-N3I-ASF ος- --ASF αν-X κατα ανααλισκω-VA--AAS3S ο- A--NSN πυρ-N3--NSN ο- A--ASF ολοκαυτωσις-N3I-ASF απο-P ο- A--GSN θυσιαστηριον-N2N-GSN και-C παρατιθημι-VF--FAI3S αυτος- D--ASN εχω-V1--PMPASN ο- A--GSN θυσιαστηριον-N2N-GSN

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Napsal(a) Henry MacLagan

Verse 10. And celestial good shall be manifested in the truths of faith; also the conjunction of truth with good shall be maintained externally as well as internally; and whatever in previous states of worship, has served its use, shall be thereby elevated, but yet is respectively subordinate.