Leviticus 2

Studovat vnitřní smysl

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1 εαν-C δε-X ψυχη-N1--NSF προςφερω-V1--PAS3S δωρον-N2N-ASN θυσια-N1A-ASF ο- A--DSM κυριος-N2--DSM σεμιδαλις-N3I-NSF ειμι-VF--FMI3S ο- A--NSN δωρον-N2N-NSN αυτος- D--GSM και-C επιχεω-VF2-FAI3S επι-P αυτος- D--ASN ελαιον-N2N-ASN και-C επιτιθημι-VF--FAI3S επι-P αυτος- D--ASN λιβανος-N2--ASM θυσια-N1A-NSF ειμι-V9--PAI3S

2 και-C φερω-VF--FAI3S προς-P ο- A--APM υιος-N2--APM *ααρων-N---GSM ο- A--APM ιερευς-N3V-APM και-C δρασσομαι-VA--AMPNSM απο-P αυτος- D--GSF πληρης-A3H-ASF ο- A--ASF δραξ-N3K-ASF απο-P ο- A--GSF σεμιδαλις-N3I-GSF συν-P ο- A--DSN ελαιον-N2N-DSN και-C πας-A3--ASM ο- A--ASM λιβανος-N2--ASM αυτος- D--GSF και-C επιτιθημι-VF--FAI3S ο- A--NSM ιερευς-N3V-NSM ο- A--ASN μνημοσυνον-N2N-ASN αυτος- D--GSF επι-P ο- A--ASN θυσιαστηριον-N2N-ASN θυσια-N1A-NSF οσμη-N1--NSF ευωδια-N1A-GSF ο- A--DSM κυριος-N2--DSM

3 και-C ο- A--NSN λοιπος-A1--NSN απο-P ο- A--GSF θυσια-N1A-GSF *ααρων-N---DSM και-C ο- A--DPM υιος-N2--DPM αυτος- D--GSM αγιος-A1A-NSN ο- A--GPN αγιος-A1A-GPN απο-P ο- A--GPF θυσια-N1A-GPF κυριος-N2--GSM

4 εαν-C δε-X προςφερω-V1--PAS3S δωρον-N2N-ASN θυσια-N1A-ASF πεσσω-VP--XPPASF εν-P κλιβανος-N2--DSM δωρον-N2N-ASN κυριος-N2--DSM εκ-P σεμιδαλις-N3I-GSF αρτος-N2--APM αζυμος-A1B-APM φυραω-VM--XPPAPM εν-P ελαιον-N2N-DSN και-C λαγανον-N2N-APN αζυμος-A1B-APN διαχριω-VM--XPPAPN εν-P ελαιον-N2N-DSN

5 εαν-C δε-X θυσια-N1A-NSF απο-P τηγανον-N2N-GSN ο- A--NSN δωρον-N2N-NSN συ- P--GS σεμιδαλις-N3I-NSF φυραω-VM--XPPNSF εν-P ελαιον-N2N-DSN αζυμος-A1B-NPN ειμι-VF--FMI3S

6 και-C διαθρυπτω-VF--FAI2S αυτος- D--APN κλασμα-N3M-APN και-C επιχεω-VF2-FAI2S επι-P αυτος- D--APN ελαιον-N2N-ASN θυσια-N1A-NSF ειμι-V9--PAI3S κυριος-N2--DSM

7 εαν-C δε-X θυσια-N1A-NSF απο-P εσχαρα-N1A-GSF ο- A--NSN δωρον-N2N-NSN συ- P--GS σεμιδαλις-N3I-NSF εν-P ελαιον-N2N-DSN ποιεω-VC--FPI3S

8 και-C προςφερω-VF--FAI3S ο- A--ASF θυσια-N1A-ASF ος- --ASF αν-X ποιεω-V2--PAS3S εκ-P ουτος- D--GPN ο- A--DSM κυριος-N2--DSM και-C προςφερω-VF--FAI3S προς-P ο- A--ASM ιερευς-N3V-ASM και-C προςεγγιζω-VA--AAPNSM προς-P ο- A--ASN θυσιαστηριον-N2N-ASN

9 αποαιρεω-VF2-FAI3S ο- A--NSM ιερευς-N3V-NSM απο-P ο- A--GSF θυσια-N1A-GSF ο- A--ASN μνημοσυνον-N2N-ASN αυτος- D--GSF και-C επιτιθημι-VF--FAI3S ο- A--NSM ιερευς-N3V-NSM επι-P ο- A--ASN θυσιαστηριον-N2N-ASN καρπωμα-N3M-NSN οσμη-N1--NSF ευωδια-N1A-GSF κυριος-N2--DSM

10 ο- A--NSN δε-X καταλειπω-VV--APPNSN απο-P ο- A--GSF θυσια-N1A-GSF *ααρων-N---DSM και-C ο- A--DPM υιος-N2--DPM αυτος- D--GSM αγιος-A1A-NPN ο- A--GPN αγιος-A1A-GPN απο-P ο- A--GPN καρπωμα-N3M-GPN κυριος-N2--GSM

11 πας-A1S-ASF θυσια-N1A-ASF ος- --ASF αν-X προςφερω-V1--PAS2P κυριος-N2--DSM ου-D ποιεω-VF--FAI2P ζυμωτος-A1--ASN πας-A1S-ASF γαρ-X ζυμη-N1--ASF και-C πας-A3--ASN μελι-N3--ASN ου-D προςφερω-VF--FAI2P απο-P αυτος- D--GSM καρποω-VA--AAN κυριος-N2--DSM

12 δωρον-N2N-ASN απαρχη-N1--GSF προςφερω-VF--FAI2P αυτος- D--APN κυριος-N2--DSM επι-P δε-X ο- A--ASN θυσιαστηριον-N2N-ASN ου-D αναβιβαζω-VC--FPI3S εις-P οσμη-N1--ASF ευωδια-N1A-GSF κυριος-N2--DSM

13 και-C πας-A3--NSN δωρον-N2N-NSN θυσια-N1A-GSF συ- P--GP αλς-N3--DSM αλιζω-VC--FPI3S ου-D διαπαυω-VF--FAI2P αλς-N3--ASM διαθηκη-N1--GSF κυριος-N2--GSM απο-P θυσιασμα-N3M-GPN συ- P--GP επι-P πας-A3--GSN δωρον-N2N-GSN συ- P--GP προςφερω-VF--FAI2P κυριος-N2--DSM ο- A--DSM θεος-N2--DSM συ- P--GP αλς-N3--APM

14 εαν-C δε-X προςφερω-V1--PAS2S θυσια-N1A-ASF πρωτογενημα-N3M-GPN ο- A--DSM κυριος-N2--DSM νεος-A1A-APN φρυγω-VM--XPPAPN χιδρον-N2N-APN ερεικτος-A1--APN ο- A--DSM κυριος-N2--DSM και-C προςφερω-VF--FAI2S ο- A--ASF θυσια-N1A-ASF ο- A--GPN πρωτογενημα-N3M-GPN

15 και-C επιχεω-VF2-FAI2S επι-P αυτος- D--ASF ελαιον-N2N-ASN και-C επιτιθημι-VF--FAI2S επι-P αυτος- D--ASF λιβανος-N2--ASM θυσια-N1A-NSF ειμι-V9--PAI3S

16 και-C αναφερω-VF--FAI3S ο- A--NSM ιερευς-N3V-NSM ο- A--ASN μνημοσυνον-N2N-ASN αυτος- D--GSF απο-P ο- A--GPN χιδρον-N2N-GPN συν-P ο- A--DSN ελαιον-N2N-DSN και-C πας-A3--ASM ο- A--ASM λιβανος-N2--ASM αυτος- D--GSF καρπωμα-N3M-NSN ειμι-V9--PAI3S κυριος-N2--DSM

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Explanation of Leviticus 2      

Napsal(a) Henry MacLagan

Verses 1-3. The worship of the Lord from the highest degree of celestial love is described.

Verse 4. Then follows a description of worship from interior celestial love, or charity to the neighbour, showing how it is connected with that from the highest celestial good, which is pure love to the Lord, and the lowest

Verses 5-6. A similar description of worship from celestial good in the Internal of the Natural succeeds, accompanied by an account of the arrangement of truths there, and of the influx of inmost celestial good.

Verse 7. And lastly, worship from the External of the Natural is described, showing that it is similar to worship from higher loves, but is in a lower degree

Verses 8-10. It is then shown that celestial worship in all these degrees and ways involves certain particulars, namely: the power to worship must be ascribed to the Lord; it must be acknowledged to be from celestial good inmostly derived from Him; and it must be exercised from Him. Also the worshiper will realize the conjunction of truth with good as from himself; he will be able to devote his life to the service of the Lord; he will experience a state of heavenly joy and peace; he will be able to appropriate good and truth; and he will worship the Lord from pure love

Verses 11-13. Again this worship of the Lord must be free from falsity; it must not be vitiated by merely natural delight; such imperfect worship only appertains to preparatory states; and in all worship there must be the mutual desire of truth for good and of good for truth, or in other words, every one who really loves the truth will desire also to be good, and all who sincerely desire to be good will also long for the truth

Verses 14-16. And also, during such worship, in preparatory states, it will be from natural good, and truth influenced by celestial good, and involving the sincere acknowledgement of the Lord.


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