Joshua 23



1 και-C γιγνομαι-VBI-AMI3S μετα-P ημερα-N1A-APF πολυς-A3C-APF μετα-P ο- A--ASN καταπαυω-VA--AAN κυριος-N2--ASM ο- A--ASM *ισραηλ-N---ASM απο-P πας-A3--GPM ο- A--GPM εχθρος-N2--GPM αυτος- D--GPM κυκλοθεν-D και-C *ιησους-N---NSM πρεσβυτερος-A1A-NSMC προβαινω-VX--XAPNSM ο- A--DPF ημερα-N1A-DPF

2 και-C συνκαλεω-VAI-AAI3S *ιησους-N---NSM πας-A3--APM ο- A--APM υιος-N2--APM *ισραηλ-N---GSM και-C ο- A--ASF γερουσια-N1A-ASF αυτος- D--GPM και-C ο- A--APM αρχων-N3--APM αυτος- D--GPM και-C ο- A--APM γραμματευς-N3V-APM αυτος- D--GPM και-C ο- A--APM δικαστης-N1M-APM αυτος- D--GPM και-C ειπον-VBI-AAI3S προς-P αυτος- D--APM εγω- P--NS γηρασκω-VX--XAI1S και-C προβαινω-VX--XAI1S ο- A--DPF ημερα-N1A-DPF

3 συ- P--NP δε-X οραω-VX--XAI2P οσος-A1--APN ποιεω-VAI-AAI3S κυριος-N2--NSM ο- A--NSM θεος-N2--NSM συ- P--GP πας-A3--DPN ο- A--DPN εθνος-N3E-DPN ουτος- D--DPN απο-P προσωπον-N2N-GSN συ- P--GP οτι-C κυριος-N2--NSM ο- A--NSM θεος-N2--NSM συ- P--GP ο- A--NSM εκπολεμεω-VA--AAPNSM συ- P--DP

4 οραω-VB--AAD2P οτι-C επιριπτω-VAI-AAI1S συ- P--DP ο- A--APN εθνος-N3E-APN ο- A--APN καταλειπω-VP--XMPAPN συ- P--DP ουτος- D--APN εν-P ο- A--DPM κληρος-N2--DPM εις-P ο- A--APF φυλη-N1--APF συ- P--GP απο-P ο- A--GSM *ιορδανης-N1M-GSM πας-A3--APN ο- A--APN εθνος-N3E-APN ος- --APN εκολεθρευω-VAI-AAI1S και-C απο-P ο- A--GSF θαλασσα-N1S-GSF ο- A--GSF μεγας-A1--GSF οριζω-VF2-FAI3S επι-P δυσμη-N1--APF ηλιος-N2--GSM

5 κυριος-N2--NSM δε-X ο- A--NSM θεος-N2--NSM συ- P--GP ουτος- D--NSM εκολεθρευω-VF--FAI3S αυτος- D--APM απο-P προσωπον-N2N-GSN συ- P--GP εως-C αν-X αποολλυω-VB--AMS3P και-C αποστελλω-VF2-FAI3S αυτος- D--DPM ο- A--APN θηριον-N2N-APN ο- A--APN αγριος-A1A-APN εως-C αν-X εκολεθρευω-VA--AAS3S αυτος- D--APM και-C ο- A--APM βασιλευς-N3V-APM αυτος- D--GPM απο-P προσωπον-N2N-GSN συ- P--GP και-C κατακληρονομεω-VA--AAD2P ο- A--ASF γη-N1--ASF αυτος- D--GPM καθα-D λαλεω-VAI-AAI3S κυριος-N2--NSM ο- A--NSM θεος-N2--NSM συ- P--GP συ- P--DP

6 καταισχυω-VA--AAD2P ουν-X σφοδρα-D φυλασσω-V1--PAN και-C ποιεω-V2--PAN πας-A3--APN ο- A--APN γραφω-VP--XMPAPN εν-P ο- A--DSN βιβλιον-N2N-DSN ο- A--GSM νομος-N2--GSM *μωυσης-N1M-GSM ινα-C μη-D εκκλινω-V1--PAS2P εις-P δεξιος-A1A-ASF η-C ευωνυμος-A1B-APN

7 οπως-C μη-D ειςερχομαι-VB--AAS2P εις-P ο- A--APN εθνος-N3E-APN ο- A--APN καταλειπω-VP--XMPAPN ουτος- D--APN και-C ο- A--NPN ονομα-N3M-NPN ο- A--GPM θεος-N2--GPM αυτος- D--GPM ου-D ονομαζω-VS--FPI3S εν-P συ- P--DP ουδε-C μη-D προςκυνεω-VA--AAS2P αυτος- D--DPM ουδε-C μη-D λατρευω-VA--AAS2P αυτος- D--DPM

8 αλλα-C κυριος-N2--DSM ο- A--DSM θεος-N2--DSM συ- P--GP προςκολλαω-VC--FPI2P καθαπερ-D ποιεω-VAI-AAI2P εως-P ο- A--GSF ημερα-N1A-GSF ουτος- D--GSF

9 και-C εκολεθρευω-VAI-AAI3S αυτος- D--APM κυριος-N2--NSM απο-P προσωπον-N2N-GSN συ- P--GP εθνος-N3E-APN μεγας-A1--APN και-C ισχυρος-A1A-APN και-C συ- P--DP ουδεις-A3--NSM αντιιστημι-VHI-AAI3S κατενωπιον-P συ- P--GP εως-P ο- A--GSF ημερα-N1A-GSF ουτος- D--GSF

10 εις-A3--NSM συ- P--GP διωκω-VAI-AAI3S χιλιοι-A1A-APM οτι-C κυριος-N2--NSM ο- A--NSM θεος-N2--NSM συ- P--GP εκπολεμεω-V2I-IAI3S συ- P--DP καθαπερ-D ειπον-VBI-AAI3S συ- P--DP

11 και-C φυλασσω-VA--AMD2P σφοδρα-D ο- A--GSN αγαπαω-V3--PAN κυριος-N2--ASM ο- A--ASM θεος-N2--ASM συ- P--GP

12 εαν-C γαρ-X αποστρεφω-VD--APS2P και-C προςτιθημι-VE--AMS2P ο- A--DPN υπολειπω-VV--APPDPN εθνος-N3E-DPN ουτος- D--DPN ο- A--DPN μετα-P συ- P--GP και-C επιγαμια-N1A-APF ποιεω-VA--AAS2P προς-P αυτος- D--APM και-C συν καταμιγνυμι-VA--AAS2P αυτος- D--DPM και-C αυτος- D--NPM συ- P--DP

13 γιγνωσκω-V1--PAI2P οτι-C ου-D μη-D προςτιθημι-VE--AAS3S κυριος-N2--NSM ο- A--GSN εκολεθρευω-VA--AAN ο- A--APN εθνος-N3E-APN ουτος- D--APN απο-P προσωπον-N2N-GSN συ- P--GP και-C ειμι-VF--FMI3P συ- P--DP εις-P παγις-N3D-APF και-C εις-P σκανδαλον-N2N-APN και-C εις-P ηλος-N2--APM εν-P ο- A--DPF πτερνα-N1--DPF συ- P--GP και-C εις-P βολις-N3D-APF εν-P ο- A--DPM οφθαλμος-N2--DPM συ- P--GP εως-C αν-X αποολλυω-VA--APS2P απο-P ο- A--GSF γη-N1--GSF ο- A--GSF αγαθος-A1--GSF ουτος- D--GSF ος- --ASF διδωμι-VAI-AAI3S συ- P--DP κυριος-N2--NSM ο- A--NSM θεος-N2--NSM συ- P--GP

14 εγω- P--NS δε-X αποτρεχω-V1--PAI1S ο- A--ASF οδος-N2--ASF καθα-D και-C πας-A3--NPM ο- A--NPM επι-P ο- A--GSF γη-N1--GSF και-C γιγνωσκω-VF--FMI2P ο- A--DSF καρδια-N1A-DSF συ- P--GP και-C ο- A--DSF ψυχη-N1--DSF συ- P--GP διοτι-C ου-D διαπιπτω-VAI-AAI3S εις-A3--NSM λογος-N2--NSM απο-P πας-A3--GPM ο- A--GPM λογος-N2--GPM ος- --GPM ειπον-VBI-AAI3S κυριος-N2--NSM ο- A--NSM θεος-N2--NSM συ- P--GP προς-P πας-A3--APN ο- A--APN αναηκω-V1--PAPAPN συ- P--DP ου-D διαφωνεω-VAI-AAI3S εκ-P αυτος- D--GPM

15 και-C ειμι-VF--FMI3S ος- --ASM τροπος-N2--ASM ηκω-V1--PAI3S επι-P συ- P--AP πας-A3--APN ο- A--APN ρημα-N3M-APN ο- A--APN καλος-A1--APN ος- --APN λαλεω-VAI-AAI3S κυριος-N2--NSM προς-P συ- P--AP ουτως-D επιαγω-VF--FAI3S κυριος-N2--NSM ο- A--NSM θεος-N2--NSM επι-P συ- P--AP πας-A3--APN ο- A--APN ρημα-N3M-APN ο- A--APN πονηρος-A1A-APN εως-C αν-X εκολεθρευω-VA--AAS3S συ- P--AP απο-P ο- A--GSF γη-N1--GSF ο- A--GSF αγαθος-A1--GSF ουτος- D--GSF ος- --GSF διδωμι-VAI-AAI3S κυριος-N2--NSM συ- P--DP

16 εν-P ο- A--DSN παραβαινω-VZ--AAN συ- P--AP ο- A--ASF διαθηκη-N1--ASF κυριος-N2--GSM ο- A--GSM θεος-N2--GSM συ- P--GP ος- --ASF εντελλομαι-VAI-AMI3S συ- P--DP και-C πορευομαι-VC--APPNPM λατρευω-VA--AAS2P θεος-N2--DPM ετερος-A1A-DPM και-C προςκυνεω-VA--AAS2P αυτος- D--DPM

Exploring the Meaning of Joshua 23      

Napsal(a) Rev. Julian Duckworth

Joshua 23: Joshua’s farewell address to all Israel.

Now that the people of Israel are living in the land of Canaan according to the Lord’s promise to them, Joshua, now old, gathers Israel together and offers the people his final words. It is a review of God’s faithfulness to them, His power in their victories, the gift of a good land in which they may live, and finally, a warning: they must not turn away from the Lord and follow the gods of other nations, or the Lord’s anger will follow them.

The spiritual meaning of Joshua’s address is about our experience of the Lord’s activity in our lives, our responsibilities in the work of regeneration, and what happens in us when we drift away from our relationship with the Lord. Every part of Joshua’s speech touches on these subjects, and it is a shining statement for our spiritual well-being. We will look at each part of what Joshua says and their spiritual meanings.

Joshua called for all Israel, and for all of their leaders - their elders, their heads, their judges and their officers. Spiritually, what leads and commands our mind is what we hold as true, which then informs our actions.

Joshua says he is old and advanced in age. Spiritually, this stands for acquiring wisdom during regeneration. Perhaps ‘advanced’, with its range of meanings, is a clue here.

Then Joshua turns to the Lord and the conquest. Joshua reminds the Israelites of what the Lord has given them, and says that the Lord will help them drive out the remaining nations until the whole land is theirs. Spiritually, this is about the ways in which the Lord guides us through regeneration, and how He will be present in our continuing spiritual work.

Joshua then urges Israel to keep the law of Moses and not turn away from it, nor go among other nations who are alongside Israel, nor mention their gods, nor swear by them or serve them or bow down to them. For us, this means following the Lord, and not giving in to the other influences that could lead our lives - for example, greed or ambition. If we do give thought to these other things, they can entrap us. It is enough for us to see them in our mind and quickly refuse their place there.

Joshua then says that because the Lord has been fighting for Israel, no one has been able to stand against them. In verse 10, he says, “One man of you shall chase a thousand: for the Lord your God, he it is that fighteth for you, as he hath promised you.” This means when we acknowledge that the Lord rules our life and empowers us, the influences of hell will be powerless against our resolve.

Joshua then tells Israel that if they do turn to the other nations and their gods, the Lord would no longer drive out these nations, and they would become snares and traps for Israel. This is about the spiritual consequences of going against the Lord. This will inevitably bring on its own dangers, and we can be drawn in without realizing. The Lord can only drive out our spiritual enemies when we turn to Him for guidance.

Finally, Joshua says that not one thing God intended for Israel has failed to happen; so, just as God had given Israel many blessings, He would bring harm on Israel if they grew unfaithful. In our spiritual lives, this is only how things appear. We may feel that God is punishing us at times, but in reality we bring harm on ourselves when we no longer follow the Lord. So, Joshua says, the good land would be taken from them, just as the delight of heavenly life is taken from us if we turn away from the Lord.

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