Jonah 2

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Greek OT: LXX [A] Unaccented Roots & Parsing         

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1 και-C προςτασσω-VAI-AAI3S κυριος-N2--NSM κητος-N3E-DSN μεγας-A1--DSN καταπινω-VB--AAN ο- A--ASM *ιωνας-N1T-ASM και-C ειμι-V9--IAI3S *ιωνας-N1T-NSM εν-P ο- A--DSF κοιλια-N1A-DSF ο- A--GSN κητος-N3E-GSN τρεις-A3--APF ημερα-N1A-APF και-C τρεις-A3--APF νυξ-N3--APF

2 και-C προςευχομαι-VAI-AMI3S *ιωνας-N1T-NSM προς-P κυριος-N2--ASM ο- A--ASM θεος-N2--ASM αυτος- D--GSM εκ-P ο- A--GSF κοιλια-N1A-GSF ο- A--GSN κητος-N3E-GSN

3 και-C ειπον-VBI-AAI3S βοαω-VAI-AAI1S εν-P θλιψις-N3I-DSF εγω- P--GS προς-P κυριος-N2--ASM ο- A--ASM θεος-N2--ASM εγω- P--GS και-C ειςακουω-VAI-AAI3S εγω- P--GS εκ-P κοιλια-N1A-GSF αδης-N1M-GSM κραυγη-N1--GSF εγω- P--GS ακουω-VAI-AAI2S φωνη-N1--GSF εγω- P--GS

4 αποριπτω-VAI-AAI2S εγω- P--AS εις-P βαθος-N3E-APN καρδια-N1A-GSF θαλασσα-N1S-GSF και-C ποταμος-N2--NPM εγω- P--AS κυκλοω-VAI-AAI3P πας-A3--NPM ο- A--NPM μετεωρισμος-N2--NPM συ- P--GS και-C ο- A--NPN κυμα-N3M-NPN συ- P--GS επι-P εγω- P--AS διαερχομαι-VBI-AAI3P

5 και-C εγω- P--NS ειπον-VAI-AAI1S αποωθεω-VM--XPI1S εκ-P οφθαλμος-N2--GPM συ- P--GS αρα-X προςτιθημι-VF--FAI1S ο- A--GSN επιβλεπω-VA--AAN προς-P ο- A--ASM ναος-N2--ASM ο- A--ASM αγιος-A1A-ASM συ- P--GS

6 περιχεω-VCI-API3S υδωρ-N3--NSN εγω- P--DS εως-P ψυχη-N1--GSF αβυσσος-N2--NSF κυκλοω-VAI-AAI3S εγω- P--AS εσχατος-A1--NSF δυω-VBI-AAI3S ο- A--NSF κεφαλη-N1--NSF εγω- P--GS εις-P σχισμη-N1--APF ορος-N3E-GPN

7 καταβαινω-VZI-AAI1S εις-P γη-N1--ASF ος- --GSF ο- A--NPM μοχλος-N2--NPM αυτος- D--GSF κατοχος-A1B-NPM αιωνιος-A1B-NPM και-C αναβαινω-VZ--AAD3S φθορα-N1A-NSF ζωη-N1--GSF εγω- P--GS κυριος-N2--VSM ο- A--NSM θεος-N2--NSM εγω- P--GS

8 εν-P ο- A--DSN εκλειπω-V1--PAN απο-P εγω- P--GS ο- A--ASF ψυχη-N1--ASF εγω- P--GS ο- A--GSM κυριος-N2--GSM μιμνησκω-VSI-API1S και-C ερχομαι-VB--AAO3S προς-P συ- P--AS ο- A--NSF προσευχη-N1--NSF εγω- P--GS εις-P ναος-N2--ASM αγιος-A1A-ASM συ- P--GS

9 φυλασσω-V1--PMPNPM ματαιος-A1A-APN και-C ψευδης-A3H-APN ελεος-N3E-ASN αυτος- D--GPM εν καταλειπω-VBI-AAI3P

10 εγω- P--NS δε-X μετα-P φωνη-N1--GSF αινεσις-N3I-GSF και-C εξομολογησις-N3I-GSF θυω-VF--FAI1S συ- P--DS οσος-A1--APN ευχομαι-VAI-AMI1S αποδιδωμι-VF--FAI1S συ- P--DS σωτηριον-N2N-GSN ο- A--DSM κυριος-N2--DSM

11 και-C προςτασσω-VZI-AAI3S ο- A--DSN κητος-N3E-DSN και-C εκβαλλω-VBI-AAI3S ο- A--ASM *ιωνας-N1T-ASM επι-P ο- A--ASF ξηρος-A1A-ASF

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Exploring the Meaning of Jonah 2      

By Joe David and Steve David

In Jonah 2:1-10, Jonah is trapped in the belly of the great fish. He prays for salvation, and in the end, after this terrible trial, he is vomited forth onto dry land.

Before a new church -- either a state of good and truth with a group of people, or a new state of good an truth in ourselves - can come into existence, a period of temptation, of struggle, must occur. During this time a remnant of good and truth from prior states, will be preserved. This happens to us. When we really don't want to do something that we know we should do, we get into a state of spiritual temptation. That's what this chapter is about.

In Arcana Coelestia 756, it says: "In Jonah, 'The waters closed around me, even to my soul, the deep surrounded me. Here... 'the waters' and 'the deep' stand for the full extent of temptation.

This chapter also prophesies, or foreshadows, the combats that Jesus Christ would have with the hells, and his most grievous temptations at the time. The “three days and nights during which Jonah was in the bowels of the fish,” signify the entire duration of the combat with the hells.

In the New Testament, in Matthew 12:39-41, there's a reference back to this story:

"No sign will be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah. For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. The men of Nineveh will stand up at the judgment with this generation and will condemn it, because they repented at the preaching of Jonah. And now One greater than Jonah is here.

For us, then... what? When we've turned away from the Lord, and we're in "the belly of the fish" - in temptations, struggles, combats, and everything looks pretty hopeless - then if we really pray, and seek the Lord's help, he can help us.

Here's a link to an interesting (audio) sermon on this chapter, by Rev. Todd Beiswenger.

Here, too, is a link to Rev. McCurdy's study guide for the Book of Jonah, which is available for free as a .pdf, for your use.


Hlavní výklad ze Swedenborgových prací:

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References from Swedenborg's unpublished works:

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Spiritual Experiences 1391

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'Lands' of different nations are used in the Word to signify the different kinds of love prevalent in the inhabitants.

'Lives' is used in the plural, because of the will and understanding, and because these two lives make one.

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