Deuteronomy 8:16



16 ο- A--GSM ψωμιζω-VA--AAPGSM συ- P--AS ο- A--ASN μαννα-N---ASN εν-P ο- A--DSF ερημος-N2--DSF ος- --ASN ου-D οραω-VAI-AAI3P ο- A--NPM πατηρ-N3--NPM συ- P--GS ινα-C κακοω-VA--AAS3S συ- P--AS και-C εκπειραζω-VA--AAS3S συ- P--AS και-C ευ-D συ- P--AS ποιεω-VA--AAS3S επι-P εσχατο-A1--GPF ο- A--GPF ημερα-N1A-GPF συ- P--GS

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Napsal(a) Alexander Payne

Verse 16. Who sustained you in these states of temptation with good from Himself, which was foreign to your hereditary nature, that He might reduce the love of evil within you, and that the evil and good might be separated, and that He might gift you with heavenly affections at the end of your time of probation;

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