Deuteronomy 8:14

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14 υψοω-VC--APS2S ο- A--DSF καρδια-N1A-DSF και-C επιλανθανω-VB--AMS2S κυριος-N2--GSM ο- A--GSM θεος-N2--GSM συ- P--GS ο- A--GSM εκαγω-VB--AAPGSM συ- P--AS εκ-P γη-N1--GSF *αιγυπτος-N2--GSF εκ-P οικος-N2--GSM δουλεια-N1A-GSF

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Napsal(a) Alexander Payne

Verse 14. Lest then your heart be lifted up with pride, and you forget to continually seek the inspiration of the Divine Love and Wisdom, which brought you forth out of your unregenerate condition when your mind was enslaved by evil and falsity;

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