Deuteronomy 5:27



27 προςερχομαι-VB--AAD2S συ- P--NS και-C ακουω-VA--AAD2S οσος-A1--APN εαν-C ειπον-VB--AAS3S κυριος-N2--NSM ο- A--NSM θεος-N2--NSM εγω- P--GP και-C συ- P--NS λαλεω-VF--FAI2S προς-P εγω- P--AP πας-A3--APN οσος-A1--APN αν-X λαλεω-VA--AAS3S κυριος-N2--NSM ο- A--NSM θεος-N2--NSM εγω- P--GP προς-P συ- P--AS και-C ακουω-VF--FMI1P και-C ποιεω-VF--FAI1P

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Napsal(a) Alexander Payne

Verse 27. And it feels its distance from Divine perfection, and desires that Divine truth may be presented in some form accommodated to the state of the soul, which shall act as a medium between the Divine Love and Wisdom as seen to exist in the Lord, and the soul's state; and that if the dictates proceeding from that Love and Wisdom were explained in some accommodated form, the soul would be able to receive them, and carry them out in the life.

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