2 Kings 25:29



29 και-C αλλοιοω-VAI-AAI3S ο- A--APN ιματιον-N2N-APN ο- A--GSF φυλακη-N1--GSF αυτος- P--GSM και-C εσθιω-V1I-IAI3S αρτος-N2--ASM δια-P πας-A3--GSM ενωπιον-P αυτος- P--GSM πας-N3--APF ο- A--APF ημερα-N1A-APF ο- A--GSF ζωη-N1--GSF αυτος- P--GSM

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Napsal(a) Henry MacLagan

Verse 29. And thus man is invested with truths instead of falsities, and is nourished by Divine Good to eternity.