2 Kings 25:21



21 και-C παιζω-VAI-AAI3S αυτος- P--APM βασιλευς-N3V-NSM *βαβυλων-N3W-GSF και-C θανατοω-VAI-AAI3S αυτος- P--APM εν-P *δεβλαθα-N---DSF εν-P γη-N1--DSF *αιμαθ-N---GSF και-C αποοικιζω-VS--API3S *ιουδας-N1T-NSM επανωθεν-D ο- A--GSF γη-N1--GSF αυτος- P--GSM

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Napsal(a) Henry MacLagan

Verse 21. For the love of dominion falsifies and rejects all good and truth from hatred thereof grounded in merely external delight; and only acknowledges the church as a means for its own aggrandisement.