1 Kings 19:11



11 και-C ειπον-VBI-AAI3S εκερχομαι-VB--AAS3S αυριον-D και-C ιστημι-VA--AAS3S ενωπιον-P κυριος-N2--GSM εν-P ο- A--DSN ορος-N3E-DSN ιδου-I παραερχομαι-VF--FMI3S κυριος-N2--NSM και-C πνευμα-N3M-NSN μεγας-A1P-NSN κραταιος-A1A-NSN διαλυω-V1--PAPNSN ορος-N3E-APN και-C συντριβω-V1--PAPNSN πετρα-N1A-APF ενωπιον-P κυριος-N2--GSM ου-D εν-P ο- A--DSN πνευμα-N3M-DSN κυριος-N2--NSM και-C μετα-P ο- A--ASN πνευμα-N3M-ASN συσσεισμος-N2--NSM ου-D εν-P ο- A--DSM συσσεισμος-N2--DSM κυριος-N2--NSM

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Napsal(a) Henry MacLagan

Verse 11. On which account there is further revelation giving the perception, that the man of the church must stand firmly in Divine Love which is from the Lord, and that revelation in an external state of the church and of worship is still from that love; that, in its outward form, it is Divine Truth destroying evil and error, in which Divine Good does not appear; and that it next produces convulsions and changes in the state of the church, or of the individual mind, good being again not apparent: