Numbers 36:4



4 ἐάν-C δέ-X γίγνομαι-VB--AMS3S ὁ- A--NSF ἄφεσις-N3I-NSF ὁ- A--GPM υἱός-N2--GPM *ἰσραήλ-N---GSM καί-C προςτίθημι-VC--FPI3S ὁ- A--NSF κληρονομία-N1A-NSF αὐτός- D--GPF ἐπί-P ὁ- A--ASF κληρονομία-N1A-ASF ὁ- A--GSF φυλή-N1--GSF ὅς- --DPM ἄν-X γίγνομαι-VB--AMS3P γυνή-N3K-NPF καί-C ἀπό-P ὁ- A--GSF κληρονομία-N1A-GSF φυλή-N1--GSF πατριά-N1A-GSF ἐγώ- P--GP ἀποαἱρέω-VC--FPI3S ὁ- A--NSF κληρονομία-N1A-NSF αὐτός- D--GPF

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Napsal(a) Henry MacLagan

Verse 4. So that in the heavenly marriage of congenial human souls, which is full, continual, and eternal with the man of the Spiritual Church, it appears as if the External of one general class might become the inheritance of an Internal in another, and thus be separated eternally from its own Internal.

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