Numbers 36:3



3 καί-C εἰμί-VF--FMI3P εἷς-A3--DSM ὁ- A--GPF φυλή-N1--GPF υἱός-N2--GPM *ἰσραήλ-N---GSM γυνή-N3K-NPF καί-C ἀποαἱρέω-VC--FPI3S ὁ- A--NSM κλῆρος-N2--NSM αὐτός- D--GPF ἐκ-P ὁ- A--GSF κατάσχεσις-N3I-GSF ὁ- A--GPM πατήρ-N3--GPM ἐγώ- P--GP καί-C προςτίθημι-VC--FPI3S εἰς-P κληρονομία-N1A-ASF ὁ- A--GSF φυλή-N1--GSF ὅς- --DPM ἄν-X γίγνομαι-VB--AMS3P γυνή-N3K-NPF καί-C ἐκ-P ὁ- A--GSM κλῆρος-N2--GSM ὁ- A--GSF κληρονομία-N1A-GSF ἐγώ- P--GP ἀποαἱρέω-VC--FPI3S

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Napsal(a) Henry MacLagan

Verse 3. But still it seems to him that the external affection without its truths may be conjoined in the heavenly marriage with an internal of a different general class in the Spiritual Church, and thus that it will be alienated, and not brought into harmony with its own internal, but will become the possession of another general class;

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