Numbers 36:13



13 οὗτος- D--NPF ὁ- A--NPF ἐντολή-N1A-NPF καί-C ὁ- A--NPN δικαίωμα-N3M-NPN καί-C ὁ- A--NPN κρίμα-N3M-NPN ὅς- --APN ἐντέλλομαι-VAI-AMI3S κύριος-N2--NSM ἐν-P χείρ-N3--DSF *μωυσῆς-N1M-GSM ἐπί-P δυσμή-N1--GPF *μωαβ-N---GSM ἐπί-P ὁ- A--GSM *ἰορδάνης-N1M-GSM κατά-P *ιεριχω-N---AS

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Napsal(a) Henry MacLagan

Verse 13. And all these are the laws of Divine Order internal and external proceeding from Divine Good by Divine Truth, and being intended for the government of the man of the church, even when he is in a comparatively low state of adulterated good, and yet is obedient to the Word of the Lord and to the knowledges of truth derived therefrom.

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