Numbers 17:21



21 καί-C λαλέω-VAI-AAI3S *μωυσῆς-N1M-NSM ὁ- A--DPM υἱός-N2--DPM *ἰσραήλ-N---GSM καί-C δίδωμι-VAI-AAI3P αὐτός- D--DSM πᾶς-A3--NPM ὁ- A--NPM ἄρχων-N3--NPM αὐτός- D--GPM ῥάβδος-N2--ASF ὁ- A--DSM ἄρχων-N3--DSM ὁ- A--DSM εἷς-A3--DSM ῥάβδος-N2--ASF κατά-P ἄρχων-N3--ASM κατά-P οἶκος-N2--APM πατριά-N1A-GPF αὐτός- D--GPM δώδεκα-M ῥάβδος-N2--APF καί-C ὁ- A--NSF ῥάβδος-N2--NSF *ἀαρών-N---GSM ἀνά-P μέσος-A1--ASM ὁ- A--GPF ῥάβδος-N2--GPF αὐτός- D--GPM

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Napsal(a) Henry MacLagan

Verse 6. And so by the influence of Divine Truth in general, the external man is moved to action, and, through the primary truths of faith acknowledges the supremacy of that truth, and that from it particular truths have power from the particular good to which they give a quality, and this in all completeness, the power of truth from celestial good being particularly distinguished.

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