Joshua 23



1 καί-C γίγνομαι-VBI-AMI3S μετά-P ἡμέρα-N1A-APF πολύς-A3C-APF μετά-P ὁ- A--ASN καταπαύω-VA--AAN κύριος-N2--ASM ὁ- A--ASM *ἰσραήλ-N---ASM ἀπό-P πᾶς-A3--GPM ὁ- A--GPM ἐχθρός-N2--GPM αὐτός- D--GPM κυκλόθεν-D καί-C *ἰησοῦς-N---NSM πρεσβύτερος-A1A-NSMC προβαίνω-VX--XAPNSM ὁ- A--DPF ἡμέρα-N1A-DPF

2 καί-C συνκαλέω-VAI-AAI3S *ἰησοῦς-N---NSM πᾶς-A3--APM ὁ- A--APM υἱός-N2--APM *ἰσραήλ-N---GSM καί-C ὁ- A--ASF γερουσία-N1A-ASF αὐτός- D--GPM καί-C ὁ- A--APM ἄρχων-N3--APM αὐτός- D--GPM καί-C ὁ- A--APM γραμματεύς-N3V-APM αὐτός- D--GPM καί-C ὁ- A--APM δικαστής-N1M-APM αὐτός- D--GPM καί-C εἶπον-VBI-AAI3S πρός-P αὐτός- D--APM ἐγώ- P--NS γηράσκω-VX--XAI1S καί-C προβαίνω-VX--XAI1S ὁ- A--DPF ἡμέρα-N1A-DPF

3 σύ- P--NP δέ-X ὁράω-VX--XAI2P ὅσος-A1--APN ποιέω-VAI-AAI3S κύριος-N2--NSM ὁ- A--NSM θεός-N2--NSM σύ- P--GP πᾶς-A3--DPN ὁ- A--DPN ἔθνος-N3E-DPN οὗτος- D--DPN ἀπό-P πρόσωπον-N2N-GSN σύ- P--GP ὅτι-C κύριος-N2--NSM ὁ- A--NSM θεός-N2--NSM σύ- P--GP ὁ- A--NSM ἐκπολεμέω-VA--AAPNSM σύ- P--DP

4 ὁράω-VB--AAD2P ὅτι-C ἐπιῥίπτω-VAI-AAI1S σύ- P--DP ὁ- A--APN ἔθνος-N3E-APN ὁ- A--APN καταλείπω-VP--XMPAPN σύ- P--DP οὗτος- D--APN ἐν-P ὁ- A--DPM κλῆρος-N2--DPM εἰς-P ὁ- A--APF φυλή-N1--APF σύ- P--GP ἀπό-P ὁ- A--GSM *ἰορδάνης-N1M-GSM πᾶς-A3--APN ὁ- A--APN ἔθνος-N3E-APN ὅς- --APN ἐκὀλεθρεύω-VAI-AAI1S καί-C ἀπό-P ὁ- A--GSF θάλασσα-N1S-GSF ὁ- A--GSF μέγας-A1--GSF ὁρίζω-VF2-FAI3S ἐπί-P δυσμή-N1--APF ἥλιος-N2--GSM

5 κύριος-N2--NSM δέ-X ὁ- A--NSM θεός-N2--NSM σύ- P--GP οὗτος- D--NSM ἐκὀλεθρεύω-VF--FAI3S αὐτός- D--APM ἀπό-P πρόσωπον-N2N-GSN σύ- P--GP ἕως-C ἄν-X ἀποὀλλύω-VB--AMS3P καί-C ἀποστέλλω-VF2-FAI3S αὐτός- D--DPM ὁ- A--APN θηρίον-N2N-APN ὁ- A--APN ἄγριος-A1A-APN ἕως-C ἄν-X ἐκὀλεθρεύω-VA--AAS3S αὐτός- D--APM καί-C ὁ- A--APM βασιλεύς-N3V-APM αὐτός- D--GPM ἀπό-P πρόσωπον-N2N-GSN σύ- P--GP καί-C κατακληρονομέω-VA--AAD2P ὁ- A--ASF γῆ-N1--ASF αὐτός- D--GPM καθά-D λαλέω-VAI-AAI3S κύριος-N2--NSM ὁ- A--NSM θεός-N2--NSM σύ- P--GP σύ- P--DP

6 καταἰσχύω-VA--AAD2P οὖν-X σφόδρα-D φυλάσσω-V1--PAN καί-C ποιέω-V2--PAN πᾶς-A3--APN ὁ- A--APN γράφω-VP--XMPAPN ἐν-P ὁ- A--DSN βιβλίον-N2N-DSN ὁ- A--GSM νόμος-N2--GSM *μωυσῆς-N1M-GSM ἵνα-C μή-D ἐκκλίνω-V1--PAS2P εἰς-P δεξιός-A1A-ASF ἤ-C εὐώνυμος-A1B-APN

7 ὅπως-C μή-D εἰςἔρχομαι-VB--AAS2P εἰς-P ὁ- A--APN ἔθνος-N3E-APN ὁ- A--APN καταλείπω-VP--XMPAPN οὗτος- D--APN καί-C ὁ- A--NPN ὄνομα-N3M-NPN ὁ- A--GPM θεός-N2--GPM αὐτός- D--GPM οὐ-D ὀνομάζω-VS--FPI3S ἐν-P σύ- P--DP οὐδέ-C μή-D προςκυνέω-VA--AAS2P αὐτός- D--DPM οὐδέ-C μή-D λατρεύω-VA--AAS2P αὐτός- D--DPM

8 ἀλλά-C κύριος-N2--DSM ὁ- A--DSM θεός-N2--DSM σύ- P--GP προςκολλάω-VC--FPI2P καθάπερ-D ποιέω-VAI-AAI2P ἕως-P ὁ- A--GSF ἡμέρα-N1A-GSF οὗτος- D--GSF

9 καί-C ἐκὀλεθρεύω-VAI-AAI3S αὐτός- D--APM κύριος-N2--NSM ἀπό-P πρόσωπον-N2N-GSN σύ- P--GP ἔθνος-N3E-APN μέγας-A1--APN καί-C ἰσχυρός-A1A-APN καί-C σύ- P--DP οὐδείς-A3--NSM ἀντιἵστημι-VHI-AAI3S κατενώπιον-P σύ- P--GP ἕως-P ὁ- A--GSF ἡμέρα-N1A-GSF οὗτος- D--GSF

10 εἷς-A3--NSM σύ- P--GP διώκω-VAI-AAI3S χίλιοι-A1A-APM ὅτι-C κύριος-N2--NSM ὁ- A--NSM θεός-N2--NSM σύ- P--GP ἐκπολεμέω-V2I-IAI3S σύ- P--DP καθάπερ-D εἶπον-VBI-AAI3S σύ- P--DP

11 καί-C φυλάσσω-VA--AMD2P σφόδρα-D ὁ- A--GSN ἀγαπάω-V3--PAN κύριος-N2--ASM ὁ- A--ASM θεός-N2--ASM σύ- P--GP

12 ἐάν-C γάρ-X ἀποστρέφω-VD--APS2P καί-C προςτίθημι-VE--AMS2P ὁ- A--DPN ὑπολείπω-VV--APPDPN ἔθνος-N3E-DPN οὗτος- D--DPN ὁ- A--DPN μετά-P σύ- P--GP καί-C ἐπιγαμία-N1A-APF ποιέω-VA--AAS2P πρός-P αὐτός- D--APM καί-C συν καταμίγνυμι-VA--AAS2P αὐτός- D--DPM καί-C αὐτός- D--NPM σύ- P--DP

13 γιγνώσκω-V1--PAI2P ὅτι-C οὐ-D μή-D προςτίθημι-VE--AAS3S κύριος-N2--NSM ὁ- A--GSN ἐκὀλεθρεύω-VA--AAN ὁ- A--APN ἔθνος-N3E-APN οὗτος- D--APN ἀπό-P πρόσωπον-N2N-GSN σύ- P--GP καί-C εἰμί-VF--FMI3P σύ- P--DP εἰς-P παγίς-N3D-APF καί-C εἰς-P σκάνδαλον-N2N-APN καί-C εἰς-P ἧλος-N2--APM ἐν-P ὁ- A--DPF πτέρνα-N1--DPF σύ- P--GP καί-C εἰς-P βολίς-N3D-APF ἐν-P ὁ- A--DPM ὀφθαλμός-N2--DPM σύ- P--GP ἕως-C ἄν-X ἀποὀλλύω-VA--APS2P ἀπό-P ὁ- A--GSF γῆ-N1--GSF ὁ- A--GSF ἀγαθός-A1--GSF οὗτος- D--GSF ὅς- --ASF δίδωμι-VAI-AAI3S σύ- P--DP κύριος-N2--NSM ὁ- A--NSM θεός-N2--NSM σύ- P--GP

14 ἐγώ- P--NS δέ-X ἀποτρέχω-V1--PAI1S ὁ- A--ASF ὁδός-N2--ASF καθά-D καί-C πᾶς-A3--NPM ὁ- A--NPM ἐπί-P ὁ- A--GSF γῆ-N1--GSF καί-C γιγνώσκω-VF--FMI2P ὁ- A--DSF καρδία-N1A-DSF σύ- P--GP καί-C ὁ- A--DSF ψυχή-N1--DSF σύ- P--GP διότι-C οὐ-D διαπίπτω-VAI-AAI3S εἷς-A3--NSM λόγος-N2--NSM ἀπό-P πᾶς-A3--GPM ὁ- A--GPM λόγος-N2--GPM ὅς- --GPM εἶπον-VBI-AAI3S κύριος-N2--NSM ὁ- A--NSM θεός-N2--NSM σύ- P--GP πρός-P πᾶς-A3--APN ὁ- A--APN ἀναἥκω-V1--PAPAPN σύ- P--DP οὐ-D διαφωνέω-VAI-AAI3S ἐκ-P αὐτός- D--GPM

15 καί-C εἰμί-VF--FMI3S ὅς- --ASM τρόπος-N2--ASM ἥκω-V1--PAI3S ἐπί-P σύ- P--AP πᾶς-A3--APN ὁ- A--APN ῥῆμα-N3M-APN ὁ- A--APN καλός-A1--APN ὅς- --APN λαλέω-VAI-AAI3S κύριος-N2--NSM πρός-P σύ- P--AP οὕτως-D ἐπιἄγω-VF--FAI3S κύριος-N2--NSM ὁ- A--NSM θεός-N2--NSM ἐπί-P σύ- P--AP πᾶς-A3--APN ὁ- A--APN ῥῆμα-N3M-APN ὁ- A--APN πονηρός-A1A-APN ἕως-C ἄν-X ἐκὀλεθρεύω-VA--AAS3S σύ- P--AP ἀπό-P ὁ- A--GSF γῆ-N1--GSF ὁ- A--GSF ἀγαθός-A1--GSF οὗτος- D--GSF ὅς- --GSF δίδωμι-VAI-AAI3S κύριος-N2--NSM σύ- P--DP

16 ἐν-P ὁ- A--DSN παραβαίνω-VZ--AAN σύ- P--AP ὁ- A--ASF διαθήκη-N1--ASF κύριος-N2--GSM ὁ- A--GSM θεός-N2--GSM σύ- P--GP ὅς- --ASF ἐντέλλομαι-VAI-AMI3S σύ- P--DP καί-C πορεύομαι-VC--APPNPM λατρεύω-VA--AAS2P θεός-N2--DPM ἕτερος-A1A-DPM καί-C προςκυνέω-VA--AAS2P αὐτός- D--DPM

Exploring the Meaning of Joshua 23      

Napsal(a) Rev. Julian Duckworth

Joshua 23: Joshua’s farewell address to all Israel.

Now that the people of Israel are living in the land of Canaan according to the Lord’s promise to them, Joshua, now old, gathers Israel together and offers the people his final words. It is a review of God’s faithfulness to them, His power in their victories, the gift of a good land in which they may live, and finally, a warning: they must not turn away from the Lord and follow the gods of other nations, or the Lord’s anger will follow them.

The spiritual meaning of Joshua’s address is about our experience of the Lord’s activity in our lives, our responsibilities in the work of regeneration, and what happens in us when we drift away from our relationship with the Lord. Every part of Joshua’s speech touches on these subjects, and it is a shining statement for our spiritual well-being. We will look at each part of what Joshua says and their spiritual meanings.

Joshua called for all Israel, and for all of their leaders - their elders, their heads, their judges and their officers. Spiritually, what leads and commands our mind is what we hold as true, which then informs our actions.

Joshua says he is old and advanced in age. Spiritually, this stands for acquiring wisdom during regeneration. Perhaps ‘advanced’, with its range of meanings, is a clue here.

Then Joshua turns to the Lord and the conquest. Joshua reminds the Israelites of what the Lord has given them, and says that the Lord will help them drive out the remaining nations until the whole land is theirs. Spiritually, this is about the ways in which the Lord guides us through regeneration, and how He will be present in our continuing spiritual work.

Joshua then urges Israel to keep the law of Moses and not turn away from it, nor go among other nations who are alongside Israel, nor mention their gods, nor swear by them or serve them or bow down to them. For us, this means following the Lord, and not giving in to the other influences that could lead our lives - for example, greed or ambition. If we do give thought to these other things, they can entrap us. It is enough for us to see them in our mind and quickly refuse their place there.

Joshua then says that because the Lord has been fighting for Israel, no one has been able to stand against them. In verse 10, he says, “One man of you shall chase a thousand: for the Lord your God, he it is that fighteth for you, as he hath promised you.” This means when we acknowledge that the Lord rules our life and empowers us, the influences of hell will be powerless against our resolve.

Joshua then tells Israel that if they do turn to the other nations and their gods, the Lord would no longer drive out these nations, and they would become snares and traps for Israel. This is about the spiritual consequences of going against the Lord. This will inevitably bring on its own dangers, and we can be drawn in without realizing. The Lord can only drive out our spiritual enemies when we turn to Him for guidance.

Finally, Joshua says that not one thing God intended for Israel has failed to happen; so, just as God had given Israel many blessings, He would bring harm on Israel if they grew unfaithful. In our spiritual lives, this is only how things appear. We may feel that God is punishing us at times, but in reality we bring harm on ourselves when we no longer follow the Lord. So, Joshua says, the good land would be taken from them, just as the delight of heavenly life is taken from us if we turn away from the Lord.

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