Deuteronomy 34:9



9 καί-C *ἰησοῦς-N---NSM υἱός-N2--NSM *ναυη-N---GSM ἐνπίμπλημι-VSI-API3S πνεῦμα-N3M-GSN σύνεσις-N3I-GSF ἐπιτίθημι-VAI-AAI3S γάρ-X *μωυσῆς-N1M-NSM ὁ- A--APF χείρ-N3--APF αὐτός- D--GSM ἐπί-P αὐτός- D--ASM καί-C εἰςἀκούω-VAI-AAI3P αὐτός- D--GSM ὁ- A--NPM υἱός-N2--NPM *ἰσραήλ-N---NSM καί-C ποιέω-VAI-AAI3P καθότι-D ἐντέλλομαι-VAI-AMI3S κύριος-N2--NSM ὁ- A--DSM *μωυσῆς-N1M-DSM

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Napsal(a) Alexander Payne

Verse 9. And the soul is now filled with the ardent desire to completely root out its evils and falsities, and this principle is endowed with a spirit of discrimination between good and evil; for all the power of Divine truth flows into it, and the whole soul follows its dictates, and carries out what has been learned in previous states.

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