Deuteronomy 34:4



4 καί-C εἶπον-VBI-AAI3S κύριος-N2--NSM πρός-P *μωυσῆς-N1M-ASM οὗτος- D--NSF ὁ- A--NSF γῆ-N1--NSF ὅς- --ASF ὄμνυμι-VAI-AAI1S *ἀβραάμ-N---DSM καί-C *ισαακ-N---DSM καί-C *ἰακώβ-N---DSM λέγω-V1--PAPNSM ὁ- A--DSN σπέρμα-N3M-DSN σύ- P--GP δίδωμι-VF--FAI1S αὐτός- D--ASF καί-C δεικνύω-VAI-AAI1S αὐτός- D--ASF ὁ- A--DPM ὀφθαλμός-N2--DPM σύ- P--GS καί-C ἐκεῖ-D οὐ-D εἰςἔρχομαι-VF--FMI2S

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Napsal(a) Alexander Payne

Verse 4. These things are revealed to the soul by Divine truth, and it is perceived that these are the heavenly states promised in the Word to all things in the mind derived from the celestial, spiritual, and natural principles of the Lord's Divine Humanity (see chap Deuteronomy 1:8, Note); this is perceived by means of Divine truth, but that principle alone cannot conduct the soul thither.

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