Deuteronomy 34:1



1 καί-C ἀναβαίνω-VZI-AAI3S *μωυσῆς-N1M-NSM ἀπό-P *ἀραβώθ-N---GS *μωαβ-N---GS ἐπί-P ὁ- A--ASN ὄρος-N3E-ASN *ναβαυ-N---GS ἐπί-P κορυφή-N1--ASF *φασγα-N---GS ὅς- --NSF εἰμί-V9--PAI3S ἐπί-P πρόσωπον-N2N-GSN *ιεριχω-N---GS καί-C δεικνύω-VAI-AAI3S αὐτός- D--DSM κύριος-N2--NSM πᾶς-A1S-ASF ὁ- A--ASF γῆ-N1--ASF *γαλαάδ-N---GS ἕως-P *δαν-N---GSM

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Napsal(a) Alexander Payne

Verse 1. Thus was Divine truth in the mind elevated into a state of love, whilst the mind was still in external things to the highest degree it is capable of reaching before the soul passes from external to internal things; and in that state a perception is given from heaven of what the Christian life and its happiness really consists to its utmost boundaries (Arcana Coelestia 4117),

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