Amos 5

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Greek OT: LXX [A] Accented Roots & Parsing         

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1 ἀκούω-VA--AAD2P ὁ- A--ASM λόγος-N2--ASM κύριος-N2--GSM οὗτος- D--ASM ὅς- --ASM ἐγώ- P--NS λαμβάνω-V1--PAI1S ἐπί-P σύ- P--AP θρῆνος-N2--ASM οἶκος-N2--NSM *ἰσραήλ-N---GSM

2 πίπτω-VBI-AAI3S οὐκέτι-D μή-D προςτίθημι-VE--AAS3S ὁ- A--GSN ἀναἵστημι-VH--AAN παρθένος-N2--NSF ὁ- A--GSM *ἰσραήλ-N---GSM σφάλλω-VZI-AAI3S ἐπί-P ὁ- A--GSF γῆ-N1--GSF αὐτός- D--GSF οὐ-D εἰμί-V9--PAI3S ὁ- A--NSM ἀναἵστημι-VF--FAPNSM αὐτός- D--ASF

3 διότι-C ὅδε- D--APN λέγω-V1--PAI3S κύριος-N2--NSM κύριος-N2--NSM ὁ- A--NSF πόλις-N3I-NSF ἐκ-P ὅς- --GSF ἐκπορεύομαι-V1I-IMI3P χίλιοι-A1A-NPM ὑπολείπω-VV--FPI3P ἑκατόν-M καί-C ἐκ-P ὅς- --GSF ἐκπορεύομαι-V1I-IMI3P ἑκατόν-M ὑπολείπω-VV--FPI3P δέκα-M ὁ- A--DSM οἶκος-N2--DSM *ἰσραήλ-N---GSM

4 διότι-C ὅδε- D--APN λέγω-V1--PAI3S κύριος-N2--NSM πρός-P ὁ- A--ASM οἶκος-N2--ASM *ἰσραήλ-N---GSM ἐκζητέω-VA--AAD2P ἐγώ- P--AS καί-C ζάω-VF--FMI2P

5 καί-C μή-D ἐκζητέω-V2--PAI2P *βαιθηλ-N---ASF καί-C εἰς-P *γαλγαλα-N---ASF μή-D εἰςπορεύομαι-V1--PMD2P καί-C ἐπί-P ὁ- A--ASN φρέαρ-N3T-ASN ὁ- A--GSM ὅρκος-N2--GSM μή-D διαβαίνω-V1--PAD2P ὅτι-C *γαλγαλα-N---NSF αἰχμαλωτεύω-V1--PPPNSF αἰχμαλωτεύω-VC--FPI3S καί-C *βαιθηλ-N---NSF εἰμί-V9--FMI3S ὡς-C οὐ-D ὑποἄρχω-V1--PAPNSF

6 ἐκζητέω-VA--AAD2P ὁ- A--ASM κύριος-N2--ASM καί-C ζάω-VA--AAD2P ὅπως-C μή-D ἀναλάμπω-VA--AAS3S ὡς-C πῦρ-N3--NSN ὁ- A--NSM οἶκος-N2--NSM *ιωσηφ-N---GSM καί-C καταἐσθίω-VF--FMI3S αὐτός- D--ASM καί-C οὐ-D εἰμί-V9--FMI3S ὁ- A--NSM σβέννυμι-VF--FAPNSM ὁ- A--DSM οἶκος-N2--DSM *ἰσραήλ-N---GSM

7 κύριος-N2--NSM ὁ- A--NSM ποιέω-V2--PAPNSM εἰς-P ὕψος-N3E-ASN κρίμα-N3M-ASN καί-C δικαιοσύνη-N1--ASF εἰς-P γῆ-N1--ASF τίθημι-VAI-AAI3S

8 ποιέω-V2--PAPNSM πᾶς-A3--APN καί-C μετασκευάζω-V1--PAPNSM καί-C ἐκτρέπω-V1--PAPNSM εἰς-P ὁ- A--ASN πρωΐ-D σκιά-N1A-ASF θάνατος-N2--GSM καί-C ἡμέρα-N1A-ASF εἰς-P νύξ-N3--ASF συνσκοτάζω-V1--PAPNSM ὁ- A--NSM προςκαλέω-V2--PMPNSM ὁ- A--ASN ὕδωρ-N3--ASN ὁ- A--GSF θάλασσα-N1S-GSF καί-C ἐκχέω-V2--PAPNSM αὐτός- D--ASN ἐπί-P πρόσωπον-N2N-GSN ὁ- A--GSF γῆ-N1--GSF κύριος-N2--NSM ὁ- A--NSM θεός-N2--NSM ὁ- A--NSM παντοκράτωρ-N3 -NSM ὄνομα-N3M-NSN αὐτός- D--DSM

9 ὁ- A--NSM διααἱρέω-V2--PAPNSM συντριμμός-N2--ASM ἐπί-P ἰσχύς-N3--ASF καί-C ταλαιπωρία-N1A-ASF ἐπί-P ὀχύρωμα-N3M-ASN ἐπιἄγω-V1--PAPNSM

10 μισέω-VAI-AAI3P ἐν-P πύλη-N1--DPF ἐλέγχω-V1--PAPASM καί-C λόγος-N2--ASM ὅσιος-A1A-ASM βδελύσσω-VAI-AMI3P

11 διά-P οὗτος- D--ASN ἀντί-P ὅς- --GPM κατακονδυλίζω-V1I-IAI2P πτωχός-N2--APM καί-C δῶρον-N2N-APN ἐκλεκτός-A1--APN δέχομαι-VAI-AMI2P παρά-P αὐτός- D--GPM οἶκος-N2--APM ξυστός-A1B-APM οἰκοδομέω-VAI-AAI2P καί-C οὐ-D μή-D καταοἰκέω-VA--AAS2P ἐν-P αὐτός- D--DPM ἀμπελών-N3W-APM ἐπιθυμητός-A1--APM φυτεύω-VAI-AAI2P καί-C οὐ-D μή-D πίνω-VB--AAS2P ὁ- A--ASM οἶνος-N2--ASM ἐκ-P αὐτός- D--GPM

12 ὅτι-C γιγνώσκω-VZI-AAI1S πολύς-A1--APF ἀσέβεια-N1A-APF σύ- P--GP καί-C ἰσχυρός-A1A-NPF ὁ- A--NPF ἁμαρτία-N1A-NPF σύ- P--GP καταπατέω-V2--PAPNPM δίκαιος-A1A-ASM λαμβάνω-V1--PAPNPM ἄλλαγμα-N3M-APN καί-C πένης-N3T-APM ἐν-P πύλη-N1--DPF ἐκκλίνω-V1--PAPNPM

13 διά-P οὗτος- D--ASN ὁ- A--NSM συνἵημι-V7--PAPNSM ἐν-P ὁ- A--DSM καιρός-N2--DSM ἐκεῖνος- D--DSM σιωπάω-VF--FMI3S ὅτι-C καιρός-N2--NSM πονηρός-A1A-NSM εἰμί-V9--PAI3S

14 ἐκζητέω-VA--AAD2P ὁ- A--ASN καλός-A1--ASN καί-C μή-D ὁ- A--ASN πονηρός-A1A-ASN ὅπως-C ζάω-VA--AAS2P καί-C εἰμί-V9--FMI3S οὕτως-D μετά-P σύ- P--GP κύριος-N2--NSM ὁ- A--NSM θεός-N2--NSM ὁ- A--NSM παντοκράτωρ-N3 -NSM ὅς- --ASM τρόπος-N2--ASM εἶπον-VAI-AAI2P

15 μισέω-VX--XAI1P ὁ- A--APN πονηρός-A1A-APN καί-C ἀγαπάω-VX--XAI1P ὁ- A--APN καλός-A1--APN καί-C ἀπο καταἵστημι-VA--AAD2P ἐν-P πύλη-N1--DPF κρίμα-N3M-ASN ὅπως-C ἐλεέω-VA--AAD3S κύριος-N2--NSM ὁ- A--NSM θεός-N2--NSM ὁ- A--NSM παντοκράτωρ-N3 -NSM ὁ- A--APM περίλοιπος-A1B-APM ὁ- A--GSM *ιωσηφ-N---GSM

16 διά-P οὗτος- D--ASN ὅδε- D--APN λέγω-V1--PAI3S κύριος-N2--NSM ὁ- A--NSM θεός-N2--NSM ὁ- A--NSM παντοκράτωρ-N3 -NSM ἐν-P πᾶς-A1S-DPF πλατύς-A3U-DPF κοπετός-N2--NSM καί-C ἐν-P πᾶς-A1S-DPF ὁδός-N2--DPF εἶπον-VC--FPI3S οὐαί-I οὐαί-I καλέω-VC--FPI3S γεωργός-N2--NSM εἰς-P πένθος-N3E-ASN καί-C κοπετός-N2--ASM καί-C εἰς-P ὁράω-VX--XAPAPM θρῆνος-N2--ASM

17 καί-C ἐν-P πᾶς-A1S-DPF ὁδός-N2--DPF κοπετός-N2--NSM διότι-C διαἔρχομαι-VF--FMI1S διά-P μέσος-A1--GSN σύ- P--GS εἶπον-VBI-AAI3S κύριος-N2--NSM

18 οὐαί-I ὁ- A--NPM ἐπιθυμόω-V4--PAPNPM ὁ- A--ASF ἡμέρα-N1A-ASF κύριος-N2--GSM ἵνα-C τίς- I--ASN οὗτος- D--NSF σύ- P--DP ὁ- A--NSF ἡμέρα-N1A-NSF ὁ- A--GSM κύριος-N2--GSM καί-C αὐτός- D--NSF εἰμί-V9--PAI3S σκότος-N3E-NSN καί-C οὐ-D φῶς-N3T-NSN

19 ὅς- --ASM τρόπος-N2--ASM ὅταν-D φεύγω-VB--AAS3S ἄνθρωπος-N2--NSM ἐκ-P πρόσωπον-N2N-GSN ὁ- A--GSM λέων-N3--GSM καί-C ἐνπίπτω-VF--FMI2S αὐτός- D--DSM ὁ- A--NSF ἄρκος-N2--NSF καί-C εἰςπηδάω-VA--AAS3S εἰς-P ὁ- A--ASM οἶκος-N2--ASM αὐτός- D--GSM καί-C ἀποἐρείδω-VA--AMS3S ὁ- A--APF χείρ-N3--APF αὐτός- D--GSM ἐπί-P ὁ- A--ASM τοῖχος-N2--ASM καί-C δάκνω-VB--AAS3S αὐτός- D--ASM ὁ- A--NSM ὄφις-N3I-NSM

20 οὐ-D σκότος-N3E-NSN ὁ- A--NSF ἡμέρα-N1A-NSF ὁ- A--GSM κύριος-N2--GSM καί-C οὐ-D φῶς-N3T-NSN καί-C γνόφος-N2--NSM οὐ-D ἔχω-V1--PAPNSM φέγγος-N3E-ASN αὐτός- D--DSF

21 μισέω-VX--XAI1S ἀποὠθέω-VM--XMI1S ἑορτή-N1--APF σύ- P--GP καί-C οὐ-D μή-D ὀσφραίνομαι-VC--APS1S ἐν-P ὁ- A--DPF πανήγυρις-N3I-DPF σύ- P--GP

22 διότι-C καί-C ἐάν-C φέρω-VAI-AAS2P ἐγώ- P--DS ὁλοκαύτωμα-N3M-APN καί-C θυσία-N1A-APF σύ- P--GP οὐ-D προςδέχομαι-VF--FMI1S αὐτός- D--APN καί-C σωτήριον-N2N-GSN ἐπιφανεία-N1A-APF σύ- P--GP οὐ-D ἐπιβλέπω-VF--FMI1S

23 μεταἵστημι-VA--AAD2S ἀπό-P ἐγώ- P--GS ἦχος-N2--ASM ᾠδή-N1--GPF σύ- P--GS καί-C ψαλμός-N2--ASM ὄργανον-N2N-GPN σύ- P--GS οὐ-D ἀκούω-VF--FMI1S

24 καί-C κυλίω-VS--FPI3S ὡς-C ὕδωρ-N3--NSN κρίμα-N3M-NSN καί-C δικαιοσύνη-N1--NSF ὡς-C χειμάρρους-A1C-NSM ἄβατος-A1B-NSM

25 μή-D σφάγιον-N2N-APN καί-C θυσία-N1A-APF προςφέρω-VAI-AAI2P ἐγώ- P--DS ἐν-P ὁ- A--DSF ἔρημος-N2--DSF τεσσαράκοντα-M ἔτος-N3E-APN οἶκος-N2--NSM *ἰσραήλ-N---GSM

26 καί-C ἀναλαμβάνω-VBI-AAI2P ὁ- A--ASF σκηνή-N1--ASF ὁ- A--GSM *μολοχ-N---GS καί-C ὁ- A--ASN ἄστρον-N2N-ASN ὁ- A--GSM θεός-N2--GSM σύ- P--GP *ραιφαν-N---GS ὁ- A--APM τύπος-N2--APM αὐτός- D--GPM ὅς- --APM ποιέω-VAI-AAI2P ἑαυτοῦ- D--DPM

27 καί-C μεταοἰκίζω-VF2-FAI1S σύ- P--AP ἐπέκεινα-D *δαμασκός-N2--GS λέγω-V1--PAI3S κύριος-N2--NSM ὁ- A--NSM θεός-N2--NSM ὁ- A--NSM παντοκράτωρ-N3 -NSM ὄνομα-N3M-NSN αὐτός- D--DSM

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Exploring the Meaning of Amos 5      

1-3 The Lord is sorrowful that the church, the Truth from the Divine flowing into the world, has successively been devastated, as is seen in the previous chapter, Amos 4. Verse 3 says, “The city that goes out by a thousand shall have a hundred left.” So very little truth is left to nourish the people, and this bad state is by their own doing.

4-9 Amid this dying out, the Lord entreats, almost anxiously, “Seek Me and live,” then names traps or states that will turn people from Him: Bethel, Gilgal, and Beersheba. The first is falsifying knowledges, the second sensuous or external pleasures; and the last “negative attitudes towards everything that constitutes faith and its doctrine (SH 3923:6). The next warning is to those “who turn justice into wormwood,” v. 7 or turn good into evil (SH 1488:2). He wants them to return to him and explains clearly that He is the source of power, the one who, “Made the Pleiades and Orion,” v. 8 and the one who “rains ruin upon the strong” v.9.

10-13 In their self-intelligence they continue to reject the Lord, to “tread down the poor,” rejecting even the little bits of truth coming to them. The people are warned, “Though you have built houses of hewn stone, yet you shall not dwell in them,” stone meaning truths of the natural (AE 745:3). The dictionary meaning of “hewn” means a workman making something, so it can be seen as coming from themselves, or their own intelligence. Anything like that is “devoid of life from the Divine” (SH 9852:2).

14-15 The path is shown for the way the Lord can be with them, “Seek good and not evil, that you may live.” It can’t be any plainer. In that way the Lord can reach out with His mercy, and “be gracious to the remnant of Joseph” v.15. The remnant is the small amount of truth, and Joseph is the spiritual part of us (SH 3921:3).

16-20 Here people are warned of how bad it will be for them when the day of the Lord comes. “Is not the day of the Lord darkness?” for those who are in evil, “with no brightness in it?” v.20. A person’s suffering will be painful, “as though he went into the house, leaned his hand on the wall, and a serpent bit him,” and terrorizing, “As though a man fled from a lion and a bear met him,” v. 19.

21-22 Their worship won’t be accepted, shown by, “I hate, I despise your feast days” v. 21. The strong language of the Lord is the mirror opposite of the depth of the evil the people are in, since only a remnant of the truth is with them, as in v. 3.

23-25 Take away your noisy songs and melodies, the Lord says, take away what sounds beautiful to you but is hurtful to the Divine because of the lack of goodness and truth. In its place he wants people to “Let justice run down like water, and righteousness like a mightly stream” v. 24.

26-27 If people don’t return to the Lord, everything good will be taken from them, shown in “Therefore I will send you into captivity beyond Damascus” v. 27. Damascus was the furtherest boundary of Canaan, or beyond where spiritual things reside. The “boundary of Damascus” is also used in Ezekiel 47:16-18 (AE 1088).


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