Numeri 9

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1 Locutus est Dominus ad Moysen in deserto Sinai anno secundo, postquam egressi sunt de terra Ægypti, mense primo, dicens :

2 Faciant filii Israël Phase in tempore suo,

3 quartadecima die mensis hujus ad vesperam, juxta omnes cæremonias et justificationes ejus.

4 Præcepitque Moyses filiis Israël ut facerent Phase.

5 Qui fecerunt tempore suo, quartadecima die mensis ad vesperam, in monte Sinai. Juxta omnia quæ mandaverat Dominus Moysi, fecerunt filii Israël.

6 Ecce autem quidam immundi super anima hominis, qui non poterant facere Phase in die illo, accedentes ad Moysen et Aaron,

7 dixerunt eis : Immundi sumus super anima hominis : quare fraudamur ut non valeamus oblationem offerre Domino in tempore suo inter filios Israël ?

8 Quibus respondit Moyses : State ut consulam quid præcipiat Dominus de vobis.

9 Locutusque est Dominus ad Moysen, dicens :

10 Loquere filiis Israël : Homo, qui fuerit immundus super anima, sive in via procul in gente vestra, faciat Phase Domino

11 in mense secundo, quartadecima die mensis ad vesperam. Cum azymis et lactucis agrestibus comedent illud :

12 non relinquent ex eo quippiam usque mane, et os ejus non confringent : omnem ritum Phase observabunt.

13 Si quis autem et mundus est, et in itinere non fuit, et tamen non fecit Phase, exterminabitur anima illa de populis suis, quia sacrificium Domino non obtulit tempore suo : peccatum suum ipse portabit.

14 Peregrinus quoque et advena si fuerint apud vos, facient Phase Domino juxta cæremonias et justificationes ejus. Præceptum idem erit apud vos tam advenæ quam indigenæ.

15 Igitur die qua erectum est tabernaculum, operuit illud nubes. A vespere autem super tentorium erat quasi species ignis usque mane.

16 Sic fiebat jugiter : per diem operiebat illud nubes, et per noctem quasi species ignis.

17 Cumque ablata fuisset nubes, quæ tabernaculum protegebat, tunc proficiscebantur filii Israël : et in loco ubi stetisset nubes, ibi castrametabantur.

18 Ad imperium Domini proficiscebantur, et ad imperium illius figebant tabernaculum. Cunctis diebus quibus stabat nubes super tabernaculum, manebant in eodem loco :

19 et si evenisset ut multo tempore maneret super illud, erant filii Israël in excubiis Domini, et non proficiscebantur

20 quot diebus fuisset nubes super tabernaculum. Ad imperium Domini erigebant tentoria, et ad imperium illius deponebant.

21 Si fuisset nubes a vespere usque mane, et statim diluculo tabernaculum reliquisset, proficiscebantur : et si post diem et noctem recessisset, dissipabant tentoria.

22 Si vero biduo aut uno mense vel longiori tempore fuisset super tabernaculum, manebant filii Israël in eodem loco, et non proficiscebantur : statim autem ut recessisset, movebant castra.

23 Per verbum Domini figebant tentoria, et per verbum illius proficiscebantur : erantque in excubiis Domini juxta imperium ejus per manum Moysi.

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Explanation of Numbers 9      

Napsal(a) Henry MacLagan

Verses 1-5. On the conjunction and appropriation of good and truth with man in a state of obscurity, when faith is in its prime and is sanctified by love, on account of deliverance from evil and falsity.

Verses 6-12. On the cause of non-conjunction and non-appropriation, and the remedy.

Verses 13-14. The consequence of neglect; and provision for those in the external church.

Verses 15-23. Concerning revelation from the Lord by the Word; and also concerning states of progress and of rest according to the Word.


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locutus est
Like "say," the word "speak" refers to thoughts and feelings moving from our more internal spiritual levels to our more external ones – and ultimately...

The Lord, in the simplest terms, is love itself expressed as wisdom itself. In philosophic terms, love is the Lord's substance and wisdom is His...

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'A month' has respect to the state of truth in a person. 'A month' signifies a full state. Month,' as in Genesis 29, signifies the...

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Like "say," the word "speak" refers to thoughts and feelings moving from our more internal spiritual levels to our more external ones – and ultimately...

'To set a way,' as in Genesis 30:36, signifies being separated.

Morning comes with the rising of the sun, and the sun – which gives life to the earth with its warmth and light – represents...

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The "high mountains being covered " (Gen. 7:19) signifies that all the good things of charity were extin­guished.

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