Numeri 12

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1 Locutaque est Maria et Aaron contra Moysen propter uxorem ejus Æthiopissam,

2 et dixerunt : Num per solum Moysen locutus est Dominus ? nonne et nobis similiter est locutus ? Quod cum audisset Dominus

3 (erat enim Moyses vir mitissimus super omnes homines qui morabantur in terra),

4 statim locutus est ad eum, et ad Aaron et Mariam : Egredimini vos tantum tres ad tabernaculum fœderis. Cumque fuissent egressi,

5 descendit Dominus in columna nubis, et stetit in introitu tabernaculi, vocans Aaron et Mariam. Qui cum issent,

6 dixit ad eos : Audite sermones meos : si quis fuerit inter vos propheta Domini, in visione apparebo ei, vel per somnium loquar ad illum.

7 At non talis servus meus Moyses, qui in omni domo mea fidelissimus est :

8 ore enim ad os loquor ei : et palam, et non per ænigmata et figuras Dominum videt. Quare ergo non timuistis detrahere servo meo Mosyi ?

9 Iratusque contra eos, abiit :

10 nubes quoque recessit quæ erat super tabernaculum : et ecce Maria apparuit candens lepra quasi nix. Cumque respexisset eam Aaron, et vidisset perfusam lepra,

11 ait ad Moysen : Obsecro, domine mi, ne imponas nobis hoc peccatum quod stulte commisimus,

12 ne fiat hæc quasi mortua, et ut abortivum quod projicitur de vulva matris suæ : ecce jam medium carnis ejus devoratum est a lepra.

13 Clamavitque Moyses ad Dominum, dicens : Deus, obsecro, sana eam.

14 Cui respondit Dominus : Si pater ejus spuisset in faciem illius, nonne debuerat saltem septem diebus rubore suffundi ? separetur septem diebus extra castra, et postea revocabitur.

15 Exclusa est itaque Maria extra castra septem diebus : et populus non est motus de loco illo, donec revocata est Maria.

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Explanation of Numbers 12      

Napsal(a) Henry MacLagan

Verses 1-5. On the opposition of perverted good and perverted truth to Divine Truth in a state of temptation.

Verses 6-9. There is revelation in consequence, showing the distinction between the manifestation of truth to the internal and the external, or to the celestial and spiritual man, and also that the external man is averted from the Lord and ceases to recognize the truth.

Verses 10-12. And then, when truth is revealed without appearances, there is profanation, which, seen and acknowledged, induces a state of repentance.

Verses 13-16. Consequently, there is, internally, a desire for restoration from a state of profanation; and revelation is made that this can only be removed by regeneration successively.


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