Leviticus 24

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1 Et locutus est Dominus ad Moysen, dicens :

2 Præcipe filiis Israël, ut afferant tibi oleum de olivis purissimum, ac lucidum, ad concinnandas lucernas jugiter,

3 extra velum testimonii in tabernaculo fœderis. Ponetque eas Aaron a vespere usque ad mane coram Domino, cultu rituque perpetuo in generationibus vestris.

4 Super candelabrum mundissimum ponentur semper in conspectu Domini.

5 Accipies quoque similam, et coques ex ea duodecim panes, qui singuli habebunt duas decimas :

6 quorum senos altrinsecus super mensam purissimam coram Domino statues :

7 et pones super eos thus lucidissimum, ut sit panis in monimentum oblationis Domini.

8 Per singula sabbata mutabuntur coram Domino suscepti a filiis Israël fœdere sempiterno :

9 eruntque Aaron et filiorum ejus, ut comedant eos in loco sancto : quia Sanctum sanctorum est de sacrificiis Domini jure perpetuo.

10 Ecce autem egressus filius mulieris Israëlitidis, quem peperat de viro ægyptio inter filios Israël, jurgatus est in castris cum viro Israëlita.

11 Cumque blasphemasset nomen, et maledixisset ei, adductus est ad Moysen. (Vocabatur autem mater ejus Salumith, filia Dabri de tribu Dan.)

12 Miseruntque eum in carcerem, donec nossent quid juberet Dominus.

13 Qui locutus est ad Moysen,

14 dicens : Educ blasphemum extra castra, et ponant omnes qui audierunt, manus suas super caput ejus, et lapidet eum populus universus.

15 Et ad filios Israël loqueris : Homo, qui maledixerit Deo suo, portabit peccatum suum ;

16 et qui blasphemaverit nomen Domini, morte moriatur : lapidibus opprimet eum omnis multitudo, sive ille civis, sive peregrinus fuerit. Qui blasphemaverit nomen Domini, morte moriatur.

17 Qui percusserit, et occiderit hominem, morte moriatur.

18 Qui percusserit animal, reddet vicarium, id est, animam pro anima.

19 Qui irrogaverit maculam cuilibet civium suorum, sicut fecit, sic fiet ei :

20 fracturam pro fractura, oculum pro oculo, dentem pro dente restituet : qualem inflixerit maculam, talem sustinere cogetur.

21 Qui percusserit jumentum, reddet aliud. Qui percusserit hominem, punietur.

22 Æquum judicium sit inter vos, sive peregrinus, sive civis peccaverit : quia ego sum Dominus Deus vester.

23 Locutusque est Moyses ad filios Israël : et eduxerunt eum, qui blasphemaverat, extra castra, ac lapidibus oppresserunt. Feceruntque filii Israël sicut præceperat Dominus Moysi.

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Explanation of Leviticus 24      

Napsal(a) Henry MacLagan

Verses 1-4. The good of celestial love, adapted to the state of the spiritual man, is the origin of all spiritual truth in order that there may be light in the spiritual kingdom perpetually

Verses 5-9. On the manifestation of celestial and spiritual good, or, in other words, of pure love to the Lord and love to the neighbour, to the man of the church; that they are to be accurately distinguished; that they are acquired by spiritual conflict; that they are in their receptacles with man; that they are acknowledged to be from the Lord; that they are accompanied by their corresponding truth; and that they are appropriated by man

Verses 10-14. Concerning the falsity derived from evil which infests the church and profanes the truth, and especially the doctrine of the Divine Human; that those who are of this character are, in the meantime, restrained by external bonds; that they come into judgement; and that they are condemned

Verses 15-23. Concerning profanation; concerning injury done to truth and good; and concerning the law of retribution, by which evil and falsity bring upon themselves their own punishment.


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