Leviticus 17

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1 Et locutus est Dominus ad Moysen, dicens :

2 Loquere Aaron et filiis ejus, et cunctis filiis Israël, dicens ad eos : Iste est sermo quem mandavit Dominus, dicens :

3 Homo quilibet de domo Israël, si occiderit bovem aut ovem, sive capram, in castris vel extra castra,

4 et non obtulerit ad ostium tabernaculi oblationem Domino, sanguinis reus erit : quasi si sanguinem fuderit, sic peribit de medio populi sui.

5 Ideo sacerdoti offerre debent filii Israël hostias suas, quas occident in agro, ut sanctificentur Domino ante ostium tabernaculi testimonii, et immolent eas hostias pacificas Domino.

6 Fundetque sacerdos sanguinem super altare Domini ad ostium tabernaculi testimonii, et adolebit adipem in odorem suavitatis Domino :

7 et nequaquam ultra immolabunt hostias suas dæmonibus, cum quibus fornicati sunt. Legitimum sempiternum erit illis et posteris eorum.

8 Et ad ipsos dices : Homo de domo Israël, et de advenis qui peregrinantur apud vos, qui obtulerit holocaustum sive victimam,

9 et ad ostium tabernaculi testimonii non adduxerit eam, ut offeratur Domino, interibit de populo suo.

10 Homo quilibet de domo Israël et de advenis qui pereginantur inter eos, si comederit sanguinem, obfirmabo faciem meam contra animam illius, et disperdam eam de populo suo,

11 quia anima carnis in sanguine est : et ego dedi illum vobis, ut super altare in eo expietis pro animabus vestris, et sanguis pro animæ piaculo sit.

12 Idcirco dixi filiis Israël : Omnis anima ex vobis non comedet sanguinem, nec ex advenis qui peregrinantur apud vos.

13 Homo quicumque de filiis Israël, et de advenis qui peregrinantur apud vos, si venatione atque aucupio ceperit feram, vel avem, quibus vesci licitum est, fundat sanguinem ejus, et operiat illum terra.

14 Anima enim omnis carnis in sanguine est : unde dixi filiis Israël : Sanguinem universæ carnis non comedetis, quia anima carnis in sanguine est : et quicumque comederit illum, interibit.

15 Anima, quæ comederit morticinum, vel captum a bestia, tam de indigenis, quam de advenis, lavabit vestimenta sua et semetipsum aqua, et contaminatus erit usque ad vesperum : et hoc ordine mundus fiet.

16 Quod si non laverit vestimenta sua et corpus, portabit iniquitatem suam.

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Explanation of Leviticus 17      

Napsal(a) Henry MacLagan

Verses 1-5. There is revelation from the Lord to those who are in good and truth of every degree, that if they do not acknowledge that their power to worship is from Him through the heavens, they do violence to holy good and holy truth, because all genuine worship is really from good, in order that there may be harmony between the internal and external man

Verses 6-7. For such worship only, causes the conjunction of truth with good, removes worship from faith without charity, and is perpetual and eternal

Verses 8-9. And, therefore, any one who does not thus worship the Lord is separated from the church and from Divine truths

Verses 10-12. He who violates holy charity by mixing evils and falsities therewith averts himself from the Lord and separates himself from truths, because charity is the life of the church, and external worship ought to be in harmony with internal

Verses 13-16. Concerning the appropriation of good or truth from a principle of persuasion, from merely natural good, or from good contaminated by evil.


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