Leviticus 12

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1 Locutusque est Dominus ad Moysen, dicens :

2 Loquere filiis Israël, et dices ad eos : Mulier, si suscepto semine pepererit masculum, immunda erit septem diebus juxta dies separationis menstruæ.

3 Et die octavo circumcidetur infantulus :

4 ipsa vero triginta tribus diebus manebit in sanguine purificationis suæ. Omne sanctum non tanget, nec ingredietur in sanctuarium, donec impleantur dies purificationis suæ.

5 Sin autem feminam pepererit, immunda erit duabus hebdomadibus juxta ritum fluxus menstrui, et sexaginta sex diebus manebit in sanguine purificationis suæ.

6 Cumque expleti fuerint dies purificationis suæ, pro filio sive pro filia, deferet agnum anniculum in holocaustum, et pullum columbæ sive turturem pro peccato, ad ostium tabernaculi testimonii, et tradet sacerdoti,

7 qui offeret illa coram Domino, et orabit pro ea, et sic mundabitur a profluvio sanguinis sui : ista est lex parientis masculum aut feminam.

8 Quod si non invenerit manus ejus, nec potuerit offerre agnum, sumet duos turtures vel duos pullos columbarum, unum in holocaustum, et alterum pro peccato : orabitque pro ea sacerdos, et sic mundabitur.

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Explanation of Leviticus 12      

Napsal(a) Henry MacLagan

Verses 1-2. Instruction is given to the man of the church that in the insemination, conception and birth of truth with him there is impurity in the proprium, and purity internally, even as is the case in the course of regeneration

Verses 3-4. But when the state of regeneration is completed there is purity even in the ultimate; and this state of purification is accomplished according to the laws of Order.

Verse 5. Also in the reception and acknowledgement of good the state of purification involves the conjunction of good with truth, and is according to the laws of Order

Verses 6-8. And when the state of purification and regeneration is completed, then the Lord will be worshiped from the good of innocence; there will be reconciliation with the Lord, or of the External with the Internal; and this takes place both with celestial and spiritual men.


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