Judicum 5

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1 Cecineruntque Debbora et Barac filius Abinoëm in illo die, dicentes :

2 Qui sponte obtulistis de Israël animas vestras ad periculum, benedicite Domino.

3 Audite reges, auribus percipite principes : ego sum, ego sum, quæ Domino canam, psallam Domino Deo Israël.

4 Domine, cum exires de Seir, et transires per regiones Edom, terra mota est, cælique ac nubes distillaverunt aquis.

5 Montes fluxerunt a facie Domini, et Sinai a facie Domini Dei Israël.

6 In diebus Samgar filii Anath, in diebus Jahel quieverunt semitæ : et qui ingrediebantur per eas, ambulaverunt per calles devios.

7 Cessaverunt fortes in Israël, et quieverunt : donec surgeret Debbora, surgeret mater in Israël.

8 Nova bella elegit Dominus, et portas hostium ipse subvertit : clypeus et hasta si apparuerint in quadraginta millibus Israël.

9 Cor meum diligit principes Israël : qui propria voluntate obtulistis vos discrimini, benedicite Domino.

10 Qui ascenditis super nitentes asinos, et sedetis in judicio, et ambulatis in via, loquimini.

11 Ubi collisi sunt currus, et hostium suffocatus est exercitus, ibi narrentur justitiæ Domini, et clementia in fortes Israël : tunc descendit populus Domini ad portas, et obtinuit principatum.

12 Surge, surge Debbora ; surge, surge, et loquere canticum : surge Barac, et apprehende captivos tuos, fili Abinoëm.

13 Salvatæ sunt reliquiæ populi, Dominus in fortibus dimicavit.

14 Ex Ephraim delevit eos in Amalec, et post eum ex Benjamin in populos tuos, o Amalec : de Machir principes descenderunt, et de Zabulon qui exercitum ducerent ad bellandum.

15 Duces Issachar fuere cum Debbora, et Barac vestigia sunt secuti, qui quasi in præceps ac barathrum se discrimini dedit : diviso contra se Ruben, magnanimorum reperta est contentio.

16 Quare habitas inter duos terminos, ut audias sibilos gregum ? diviso contra se Ruben, magnanimorum reperta est contentio.

17 Galaad trans Jordanem quiescebat, et Dan vacabat navibus : Aser habitabat in littore maris, et in portubus morabatur.

18 Zabulon vero et Nephthali obtulerunt animas suas morti in regione Merome.

19 Venerunt reges et pugnaverunt, pugnaverunt reges Chanaan in Thanach juxta aquas Mageddo, et tamen nihil tulere prædantes.

20 De cælo dimicatum est contra eos : stellæ manentes in ordine et cursu suo, adversus Sisaram pugnaverunt.

21 Torrens Cison traxit cadavera eorum, torrens Cadumim, torrens Cison : conculca, anima mea, robustos.

22 Ungulæ equorum ceciderunt, fugientibus impetu, et per præceps ruentibus fortissimis hostium.

23 Maledicite terræ Meroz, dixit angelus Domini : maledicite habitatoribus ejus, quia non venerunt ad auxilium Domini, in adjutorium fortissimorum ejus.

24 Benedicta inter mulieres Jahel uxor Haber Cinæi, et benedicatur in tabernaculo suo.

25 Aquam petenti lac dedit, et in phiala principum obtulit butyrum.

26 Sinistram manum misit ad clavum, et dexteram ad fabrorum malleos. Percussitque Sisaram quærens in capite vulneri locum, et tempus valide perforans :

27 inter pedes ejus ruit : defecit, et mortuus est : volvebantur ante pedes ejus, et jacebat exanimis et miserabilis.

28 Per fenestram respiciens, ululabat mater ejus : et de cœnaculo loquebatur : Cur moratur regredi currus ejus ? quare tardaverunt pedes quadrigarum illius ?

29 Una sapientior ceteris uxoribus ejus, hæc socrui verba respondit :

30 Forsitan nunc dividit spolia, et pulcherrima feminarum eligitur ei : vestes diversorum Sisaræ traduntur in prædam, et supellex varia ad ornanda colla congeritur.

31 Sic pereant omnes inimici tui, Domine : qui autem diligunt te, sicut sol in ortu suo splendet, ita rutilent.

32 Quievitque terra per quadraginta annos.

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Exploring the Meaning of Judges 5      

Napsal(a) Rev. Julian Duckworth

Judges 5: The Song of Deborah.

This chapter is a song of victory, describing the events of Judges 4 in poetic and exuberant language. Throughout, there is a sense of exhorting the people to turn to the Lord and praise Him for the victory. Singing this kind of song was a customary way for Israel to rejoice after a major victory.

The spiritual meaning of singing has to do with our overall joy and affection for spiritual things: joy for what is true, for the Word, and for everything about the Lord. Affection is not merely knowing spiritual truths; it is our heart’s response to them, which goes far beyond words.

This is why the lyrics of sacred songs such as Judges Chapter 5 are very eloquent and passionate. They are not simply an account of what took place, but more an outburst of praise and gratitude in recounting the story. We experience the same inner ‘music’ when our heart feels a deep spiritual affection, and is stirred up with praise to the Lord. Just as Deborah and Barak sang after a battle, our songs of gratitude will generally be felt after the Lord delivers us from a period of temptation during regeneration (see Swedenborg’s work, Arcana Caelestia 8265).

The song itself frequently acknowledges the Lord’s part in Israel’s victory:

In verse 4: “Lord, when you went out from Seir, when you marched from the field of Edom.”

In verse 11: “There they shall recount the righteous acts of the Lord for his villagers in Israel.”

And in verse 13: “Then the Lord came down for me against the mighty.”

These references serve to remind us that everything is the Lord’s doing. We must do what is good as though our actions make the difference, but we are to affirm that the Lord brings about all that is good. This acknowledgement allows us to act from free will, while still understanding the spiritual truth that all goodness comes from the Lord (Arcana Caelestia 9193).

This is emphasized through the song whenever Deborah praises her own actions, as well as those of Barak and Jael. For example:

In verse 7: “Village life ceased in Israel until I, Deborah, arose, a mother in Israel.”

In verse 12: “Awake, awake, Deborah! Awake, awake, sing a song! Arise, Barak, and lead your captives away, O son of Abinoam!”

And in verses 24-27, when Jael receives full praise for her actions.

Another theme in the song is a lament over those tribes which did not come to the aid of Israel, although only Issachar and Zebulun were called to battle. A town called Meroz is roundly cursed for failing to help. The name ‘Meroz’ comes from a verb meaning “to withdraw” or “to hide” (see Swedenborg’s work, Heaven and Hell 18). This lament reminds us that our intentions to serve the Lord and to fight our spiritual battles can be hindered by our own divided wills.


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A child is a young boy or girl in the care of parents, older than a suckling or an infant, but not yet an adolescent....

The Lord is perfect love expressed as perfect wisdom. He created us so that He could love us, could give us love and wisdom of...

Thanks to modern science, we now understand that hearing actually happens in the brain, not the ears. The ears collect vibrations in the air and...

'Seir,' as in Genesis 33:14, signifies the conjunction of spiritual and celestial things in the natural level, that is, the truth of faith with the...

'Edom' or 'Idumea,' as in Isaiah 34:5, signifies those who are in evil and in falsities thence derived.

"Earth" in the Bible can mean a person or a group of like-minded people as in a church. But it refers specifically to the external...

The expression 'even to this day' or 'today' sometimes appears in the Word, as in Genesis 19:37-38, 22:14, 26:33, 32:32, 35:20, and 47:26. In a...

'A son,' as in Genesis 5:28, signifies the rise of a new church. 'Son,' as in Genesis 24:3, signifies the Lord’s rationality regarding good. 'A...

In general, mothers in the Bible represent the Lord's church on earth, or the church among those who know and follow the Lord. In some...

'Wars,' in the Word, signify spiritual war, which consists of challenging truth, and are conducted by rationalizations from falsities. This is why the ministry of...

"Gates" in ancient times had a significance that does not hold in the modern world. Cities then were enclosed by walls for protection; gates in...

'Forty' means completeness because 'four' means what is complete, as does 'ten.' Forty is the product of four and ten. Compound numbers have a meaning...

cor meum
The heart means love. A good heart means love to the Lord and to the neighbor while a hard or stony heart means the love...

'To set a way,' as in Genesis 30:36, signifies being separated.

"Down" is used many different ways in natural language, and its spiritual meaning in the Bible is highly dependent on context. Phrases like "bowing down,"...

'The sound of musical instruments' corresponds to affections of spiritual and celestial love.

The Lord, in the simplest terms, is love itself expressed as wisdom itself. In philosophic terms, love is the Lord's substance and wisdom is His...

Ephraim was the second son born to Joseph in Egypt and was, along with his older brother Manasseh, elevated by Jacob to the same status...

According to Swedenborg, time and space don’t exist in spiritual reality; they are purely natural things that exist only on the physical plane. This means...

Also, Benjamin signifies the Word in its ultimate sense (Deut. 33:12)

Machir' signifies the same as 'Manasseh' because Machir was the son of Manasseh.

Issachar,' in the highest sense, signifies the divine good of truth, and truth of good. In a spiritual sense, he signifies celestial conjugial love, which...

'Reuben,' in the highest sense, signifies omniscience. In a spiritual sense, he signifies wisdom, intelligence, science, and faith. In a natural sense, he signifies sight....

The tribe of Dan (Jer. 8:16) signifies truth in its own ultimate degree of order, here truth in the church, which is contained in the...

Ships were used in the ancient world – as they generally are now – to carry freight from nation to nation for trade. The various...

Canaan signifies a worship in things external without internals, which arose out of the internal church corrupted, called Ham. Thus it is that Ham is...

'Waters' signify truths in the natural self, and in the opposite sense, falsities. 'Waters' signify particularly the spiritual parts of a person, or the intellectual...

'Megiddo,' as in 2 Chronicles 3, signifies the same as Armageddon.

anima mea
The nature of the soul is a deep and complicated topic, but it can be summarized as "spiritual life," who we are in terms of...

'A horse' signifies knowledges or understanding of the Word. In an opposite sense it signifies the understanding of the Word falsified by reasonings, and likewise...

'A messenger' signifies communication.

Water represents true ideas about day-to-day life, and other drinks and liquids in general represent different forms of truth. Milk is a drink that contains...

Like other common verbs, the meaning of "give" in the Bible is affected by context: who is giving what to whom? In general, though, giving...

Butter (Isa. 7:14, 16) signifies the Lord's celestial principle, and honey that is derived from thence. Butter of the herd (Deut. 32:13) signifies the celestial...

For something to “fail” in the Bible means there is not enough understanding of truth and desire for good for someone to attain a higher...

'Window' signifies truth in the light.

Sisera, as in Judges 5:20, signifies falsity from evil destroying the church.

To "answer" generally indicates a state of spiritual receptivity. Ultimately this means being receptive to the Lord, who is constantly trying to pour true ideas...

'To spoil,' as in Genesis 34:27, signifies destruction. 'Spoil,' as in Deuteronomy 13:16, signifies the falsification of truth.

colla congeritur
'The neck' signifies influx and the communication of interior and exterior levels and the following conjunction. The inmost or third heaven has reference to the...

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