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1 Et factum est verbum Domini ad Jonam, filium Amathi, dicens :

2 Surge, et vade in Niniven, civitatem grandem, et prædica in ea, quia ascendit malitia ejus coram me.

3 Et surrexit Jonas, ut fugeret in Tharsis a facie Domini, et descendit in Joppen : et invenit navem euntem in Tharsis, et dedit naulum ejus, et descendit in eam ut iret cum eis in Tharsis a facie Domini.

4 Dominus autem misit ventum magnum in mare : et facta est tempestas magna in mari, et navis periclitabatur conteri.

5 Et timuerunt nautæ, et clamaverunt viri ad deum suum, et miserunt vasa quæ erant in navi, in mare, ut alleviaretur ab eis ; et Jonas descendit ad interiora navis, et dormiebat sopore gravi.

6 Et accessit ad eum gubernator, et dixit ei : Quid tu sopore deprimeris ? surge, invoca Deum tuum, si forte recogitet Deus de nobis, et non pereamus.

7 Et dixit vir ad collegam suum : Venite et mittamus sortes, et sciamus quare hoc malum sit nobis. Et miserunt sortes, et cecidit sors super Jonam.

8 Et dixerunt ad eum : Indica nobis cujus causa malum istud sit nobis : quod est opus tuum ? quæ terra tua, et quo vadis ? vel ex quo populo es tu ?

9 Et dixit ad eos : Hebræus ego sum, et Dominum Deum cæli ego timeo, qui fecit mare et aridam.

10 Et timuerunt viri timore magno, et dixerunt ad eum : Quid hoc fecisti ? cognoverunt enim viri quod a facie Domini fugeret, quia indicaverat eis.

11 Et dixerunt ad eum : Quid faciemus tibi, et cessabit mare a nobis ? quia mare ibat, et intumescebat.

12 Et dixit ad eos : Tollite me, et mittite in mare, et cessabit mare a vobis : scio enim ego quoniam propter me tempestas hæc grandis venit super vos.

13 Et remigabant viri ut reverterentur ad aridam, et non valebant, quia mare ibat, et intumescebat super eos.

14 Et clamaverunt ad Dominum, et dixerunt : Quæsumus, Domine, ne pereamus in anima viri istius, et ne des super nos sanguinem innocentem : quia tu, Domine, sicut voluisti, fecisti.

15 Et tulerunt Jonam, et miserunt in mare : et stetit mare a fervore suo.

16 Et timuerunt viri timore magno Dominum : et immolaverunt hostias Domino, et voverunt vota.

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   Studovat vnitřní smysl

Hlavní výklad ze Swedenborgových prací:

Librorum Propheticorum et Psalmorum Davidis 211

Další odkazy Swedenborga k této kapitole:

Arcana Coelestia 1188, 1343, 1709, 2606, 10325

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Word/Phrase Explanations

'Jonah' represents the Jewish nation.

"Down" is used many different ways in natural language, and its spiritual meaning in the Bible is highly dependent on context. Phrases like "bowing down,"...

The Lord, in the simplest terms, is love itself expressed as wisdom itself. In philosophic terms, love is the Lord's substance and wisdom is His...

Water generally represents what Swedenborg calls “natural truth,” or true concepts about day-to-day matters and physical things. Since all water ultimately flows into the seas,...

The word "great" is used in the Bible to represent a state with a strong degree of love and affection, of the desire for good;...

Ships were used in the ancient world – as they generally are now – to carry freight from nation to nation for trade. The various...

The Lord is love itself, expressed in the form of wisdom itself. Love, then, is His essence, His inmost. Wisdom - the loving understanding of...

Because people are governed by angels and spirits, in Genesis 1:26 it says 'let us make man into our image.' But because the Lord alone...

In general, men are driven by intellect and women by affections, and because of this men in the Bible generally represent knowledge and truth and...

'Wickedness' signifies evil, and 'iniquity' signifies falsities.

'Lands' of different nations are used in the Word to signify the different kinds of love prevalent in the inhabitants.

Like so many common verbs, the meaning of "know" in the Bible is varied and dependent on context. And in some cases – when it...

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