Joel 1

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Latin: Vulgata Clementina         

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1 Verbum Domini, quod factum est ad Joël, filium Phatuel.

2 Audite hoc, senes, et auribus percipite, omnes habitatores terræ : si factum est istud in diebus vestris, aut in diebus patrum vestrorum ?

3 Super hoc filiis vestris narrate, et filii vestri filiis suis, et filii eorum generationi alteræ.

4 Residuum erucæ comedit locusta, et residuum locustæ comedit bruchus, et residuum bruchi comedit rubigo.

5 Expergiscimini, ebrii, et flete et ululate, omnes qui bibitis vinum in dulcedine, quoniam periit ab ore vestro.

6 Gens enim ascendit super terram meam, fortis et innumerabilis : dentes ejus ut dentes leonis, et molares ejus ut catuli leonis.

7 Posuit vineam meam in desertum, et ficum meam decorticavit ; nudans spoliavit eam, et projecit : albi facti sunt rami ejus.

8 Plange quasi virgo accincta sacco super virum pubertatis suæ.

9 Periit sacrificium et libatio de domo Domini ; luxerunt sacerdotes, ministri Domini.

10 Depopulata est regio, luxit humus, quoniam devastatum est triticum, confusum est vinum, elanguit oleum.

11 Confusi sunt agricolæ, ululaverunt vinitores super frumento et hordeo, quia periit messis agri.

12 Vinea confusa est, et ficus elanguit ; malogranatum, et palma, et malum, et omnia ligna agri aruerunt, quia confusum est gaudium a filiis hominum.

13 Accingite vos, et plangite, sacerdotes : ululate, ministri altaris ; ingredimini, cubate in sacco, ministri Dei mei, quoniam interiit de domo Dei vestri sacrificium et libatio.

14 Sanctificate jejunium, vocate cœtum, congregate senes, omnes habitatores terræ in domum Dei vestri, et clamate ad Dominum :

15 A, a, a, diei ! quia prope est dies Domini, et quasi vastitas a potente veniet.

16 Numquid non coram oculis vestris alimenta perierunt de domo Dei nostri, lætitia et exsultatio ?

17 Computruerunt jumenta in stercore suo, demolita sunt horrea, dissipatæ sunt apothecæ, quoniam confusum est triticum.

18 Quid ingemuit animal, mugierunt greges armenti ? quia non est pascua eis ; sed et greges pecorum disperierunt.

19 Ad te, Domine, clamabo, quia ignis comedit speciosa deserti, et flamma succendit omnia ligna regionis.

20 Sed et bestiæ agri, quasi area sitiens imbrem, suspexerunt ad te, quoniam exsiccati sunt fontes aquarum, et ignis devoravit speciosa deserti.

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Explanation of Joel 1 - Revised      

Joel Chapter 1, the Internal Sense.
From Swedenborg's work, "The Inner Meaning of the Prophets and Psalms"

(Verse 1) The Word has been perverted by false worship,

(2) when instead the Word should have been obeyed by everyone in the Church,

(3) and communicated to everyone who holds false beliefs that arise from evil loves.

(4) Instead, the spiritual things of the Church have been destroyed by sensualism.

(5) Now, remorse should be awakened, because of this loss of faith,

(6) a faith which has been destroyed by the lust of worshipping false gods,

(7) depriving the Church of spiritual truth and good.

(8) The Church should return to the Lord

(9) with inward mourning and contrition

(10) over the loss of good and truth in the natural and spiritual man -

(11) especially people who seek the good of the Church and who desire its genuine doctrine: for the Church is about to perish.

(12) Spiritual truth, its good, its knowledge, and its delights, which constitute the Church, are perverted.

(13) Only by repentance can communion with the Lord be renewed.

(14) The Church can only remove the evil and falsity by acknowledging and worshipping the Lord,

(15) for the end of the Church is near, when it will be judged.

(16) Good works are not being done, nor are there any people who delight in spiritual things.

(17) Natural good has been subordinated to evil, and the truth and good of the Word are rejected.

(18) Wherefore there is no good in the Church,

(19) and our hearts must be turned again to the Lord: for the love of self has corrupted all things in the church.

(20) Although truth is desired, it has been misappropriated to ourselves.


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