Exodus 31

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1 Locutusque est Dominus ad Moysen, dicens :

2 Ecce, vocavi ex nomine Beseleel filium Uri filii Hur de tribu Juda,

3 et implevi spiritu Dei, sapientia, et intelligentia et scientia in omni opere,

4 ad excogitandum quidquid fabrefieri potest ex auro, et argento, et ære,

5 marmore, et gemmis, et diversitate lignorum.

6 Dedique ei socium Ooliab filium Achisamech de tribu Dan. Et in corde omnis eruditi posui sapientiam : ut faciant cuncta quæ præcepi tibi,

7 tabernaculum fœderis, et arcam testimonii, et propitiatorium, quod super eam est, et cuncta vasa tabernaculi,

8 mensamque et vasa ejus, candelabrum purissimum cum vasis suis, et altaris thymiamatis,

9 et holocausti, et omnia vasa eorum, labrum cum basi sua,

10 vestes sanctas in ministerio Aaron sacerdoti, et filiis ejus, ut fungantur officio suo in sacris :

11 oleum unctionis, et thymiama aromatum in sanctuario, omnia quæ præcepi tibi, facient.

12 Et locutus est Dominus ad Moysen, dicens :

13 Loquere filiis Israël, et dices ad eos : Videte ut sabbatum meum custodiatis : quia signum est inter me et vos in generationibus vestris : ut sciatis quia ego Dominus, qui sanctifico vos.

14 Custodite sabbatum meum, sanctum est enim vobis : qui polluerit illud, morte morietur ; qui fecerit in eo opus, peribit anima illius de medio populi sui.

15 Sex diebus facietis opus : in die septimo sabbatum est, requies sancta Domino ; omnis qui fecerit opus in hac die, morietur.

16 Custodiant filii Israël sabbatum, et celebrent illud in generationibus suis. Pactum est sempiternum

17 inter me et filios Israël, signumque perpetuum ; sex enim diebus fecit Dominus cælum et terram, et in septimo ab opere cessavit.

18 Deditque Dominus Moysi, completis hujuscemodi sermonibus in monte Sinai, duas tabulas testimonii lapideas, scriptas digito Dei.

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Like "say," the word "speak" refers to thoughts and feelings moving from our more internal spiritual levels to our more external ones – and ultimately...

The Lord, in the simplest terms, is love itself expressed as wisdom itself. In philosophic terms, love is the Lord's substance and wisdom is His...

As with many common verbs, the meaning of “to say” in the Bible is highly dependent on context. Who is speaking? Who is hearing? What...

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A child is a young boy or girl in the care of parents, older than a suckling or an infant, but not yet an adolescent....

City of Judah,' as in Isaiah 40:9, signifies the doctrine of love towards the Lord and love towards our neighbor in its whole extent.

socium Ooliab
Aholiab, as in Exodus 31:6, signifies those who are in the good and truth of faith, like the first or lowest heavens

The tribe of Dan (Jer. 8:16) signifies truth in its own ultimate degree of order, here truth in the church, which is contained in the...

et vasa
Instruments of music,' according to correspondences, signify the pleasant and delightful affection of spiritual and celestial things. Therefore, also in many of the Psalms of...

(Luke 15:8.) By the woman lighting a candle to find the piece of silver she had lost, is signified inquisition in herself from affection.

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Oil – typically olive oil – was an extremely important product in Biblical times, for food preparation, medicinal ointment and for burning in lamps. As...

locutus est
Like "say," the word "speak" refers to thoughts and feelings moving from our more internal spiritual levels to our more external ones – and ultimately...

In Exodus 31:13, 'verily my Sabbaths ye shall keep,' signifies continuous holy thought about the union of the Lord’s divine with His human.

'A token,' as in Genesis 9:12, 13, 17, signifies causing it to be.

'Sanctuary' signifies the truth of heaven and the church. 'Sanctuary,' as in Ezekiel 24:21, signifies the Word.

Dead (Gen. 23:8) signifies night, in respect to the goodnesses and truths of faith.

'Works,' as in Genesis 46:33, denote goods, because they are from the will, and anything from the will is either good or evil, but anything...

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"Earth" in the Bible can mean a person or a group of like-minded people as in a church. But it refers specifically to the external...

'Tables,' as in Exodus 32:16, signify the external of the Word, because they are distinct from the writing, which is its internal. The external of...

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