Exodus 26

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1 Tabernaculum vero ita facies : decem cortinas de bysso retorta, et hyacintho, ac purpura, coccoque bis tincto, variatas opere plumario facies.

2 Longitudo cortinæ unius habebit viginti octo cubitos : latitudo, quatuor cubitorum erit. Unius mensuræ fient universa tentoria.

3 Quinque cortinæ sibi jungentur mutuo, et aliæ Quinque nexu simili cohærebunt.

4 Ansulas hyacinthinas in lateribus ac summitatibus facies cortinarum, ut possint invicem copulari.

5 Quinquagenas ansulas cortina habebit in utraque parte, ita insertas ut ansa contra ansam veniat, et altera alteri possit aptari.

6 Facies et quinquaginta circulos aureos quibus cortinarum vela jungenda sunt, ut unum tabernaculum fiat.

7 Facies et saga cilicina undecim, ad operiendum tectum tabernaculi.

8 Longitudo sagi unius habebit triginta cubitos, et latitudo, quatuor : æqua erit mensura sagorum omnium.

9 E quibus quinque junges seorsum, et sex sibi mutuo copulabis, ita ut sextum sagum in fronte tecti duplices.

10 Facies et quinquaginta ansas in ora sagi unius, ut conjungi cum altero queat, et quinquaginta ansas in ora sagi alterius, ut cum altero copuletur.

11 Facies et quinquaginta fibulas æneas quibus jungantur ansæ, ut unum ex omnibus operimentum fiat.

12 Quod autem superfuerit in sagis quæ parantur tecto, id est unum sagum quod amplius est, ex medietate ejus operies posteriora tabernaculi.

13 Et cubitus ex una parte pendebit, et alter ex altera qui plus est in sagorum longitudine, utrumque latus tabernaculi protegens.

14 Facies et operimentum aliud tecto de pellibus arietum rubricatis : et super hoc rursum aliud operimentum de janthinis pellibus.

15 Facies et tabulas stantes tabernaculi de lignis setim,

16 quæ singulæ denos cubitos in longitudine habeant, et in latitudine singulos ac semissem.

17 In lateribus tabulæ, duæ incastraturæ fient, quibus tabula alteri tabulæ connectatur : atque in hunc modum cunctæ tabulæ parabuntur.

18 Quarum viginti erunt in latere meridiano quod vergit ad austrum.

19 Quibus quadraginta bases argenteas fundes, ut binæ bases singulis tabulis per duos angulos subjiciantur.

20 In latere quoque secundo tabernaculi quod vergit ad aquilonem, viginti tabulæ erunt,

21 quadraginta habentes bases argenteas, binæ bases singulis tabulis supponentur.

22 Ad occidentalem vero plagam tabernaculi facies sex tabulas,

23 et rursum alias duas quæ in angulis erigantur post tergum tabernaculi.

24 Eruntque conjunctæ a deorsum usque sursum, et una omnes compago retinebit. Duabus quoque tabulis quæ in angulis ponendæ sunt, similis junctura servabitur.

25 Et erunt simul tabulæ octo, bases earum argenteæ sedecim, duabus basibus per unam tabulam supputatis.

26 Facies et vectes de lignis setim quinque ad continendas tabulas in uno latere tabernaculi,

27 et quinque alios in altero, et ejusdem numeri ad occidentalem plagam :

28 qui mittentur per medias tabulas a summo usque ad summum.

29 Ipsas quoque tabulas deaurabis, et fundes in eis annulos aureos per quos vectes tabulata contineant : quos operies laminis aureis.

30 Et eriges tabernaculum juxta exemplar quod tibi in monte monstratum est.

31 Facies et velum de hyacintho, et purpura, coccoque bis tincto, et bysso retorta, opere plumario et pulchra varietate contextum :

32 quod appendes ante quatuor columnas de lignis setim, quæ ipsæ quidem deauratæ erunt, et habebunt capita aurea, sed bases argenteas.

33 Inseretur autem velum per circulos, intra quod pones arcam testimonii, quo et sanctuarium, et sanctuarii sanctuaria dividentur.

34 Pones et propitiatorium super arcam testimonii in Sancto sanctorum,

35 mensamque extra velum, et contra mensam candelabrum in latere tabernaculi meridiano : mensa enim stabit in parte aquilonis.

36 Facies et tentorium in introitu tabernaculi de hyacintho, et purpura, coccoque bis tincto, et bysso retorta, opere plumarii.

37 Et quinque columnas deaurabis lignorum setim, ante quas ducetur tentorium : quarum erunt capita aurea, et bases æneæ.

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Most places in Swedenborg identify “ten” as representing “all,” or in some cases “many” or “much.” The Ten Commandments represent all the guidance we get...

'Purple' corresponds to divine celestial good. 'Purple' signifies genuine good.

coccoque bis tincto
'Scarlet,' as in Isaiah 1:18, signifies truth derived from good, or truth from a celestial origin, such as is the truth of the Word in...

bis tincto
'Scarlet,' as in Isaiah 1:18, signifies truth derived from good, or truth from a celestial origin, such as is the truth of the Word in...

'Length' symbolizes goodness, here, the goodness of the church, for the same reason that 'breadth' symbolizes truth. This is because 'length means the sweep of...

'Twenty,' when referring to a quantity, signifies everything, or fullness, because it is ten twice. In Genesis 18:31, 'twenty', like all numbers occurring in the...

According to Swedenborg, the number eight represents something that is complete within itself, in every respect. Two reasons are offered for this. First, eight is...

Five also signifies all things of one part.

God rested on the seventh day of creation. That represents a state of holiness and tranquility that was preserved in the form of the sabbath....

'Tent' is used in the Word to signify the celestial and holy aspects of love, because in ancient time they performed holy worship in their...

'Thirty' has a twofold significance because it is is the product of five and six, and also three and ten. From five multiplied by six,...

e quibus
Curtains (Exod. 26) signify the interior truths of faith, which are of the new intellectual principle. Curtains and cords (Jer. 4:20, and 10:20), signify spiritual...

Like most numbers in the Bible, "six" can have various meanings depending on context, but has a couple that are primary. When used in relation...

Curtains (Exod. 26) signify the interior truths of faith, which are of the new intellectual principle. Curtains and cords (Jer. 4:20, and 10:20), signify spiritual...

'Side' signifies good or spiritual love.

'Forty' means completeness because 'four' means what is complete, as does 'ten.' Forty is the product of four and ten. Compound numbers have a meaning...

'North' signifies people who are in obscurity regarding truth. North,' in Isaiah 14:31, signifies hell. The North,' as in Jeremiah 3:12, signifies people who are...

In Genesis 41:42 and Luke 16:22, 'to give a ring' signifies something that confirms power.

The Bible describes many things as being holy, or sacred. The Ark of the Covenant is one very holy object. The inmost chamber of the...

Food and drink in the Bible represent the desire to be loving and the understanding of how to be loving, gifts that flow from the...

(Luke 15:8.) By the woman lighting a candle to find the piece of silver she had lost, is signified inquisition in herself from affection.

opere plumarii
'Needlework,' as in Exodus 26:36, signifies the scientific principle.

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