Psalms 49



1 To the victor; for the sons of Korah, a psalm.
2 Hear this, all the peoples;
give·​·ear, all ye who dwell in this lifetime;

2 3 even the sons of Man, even the sons of a man,
the rich and the needy together.

3 4 My mouth shall speak wisdom;
and the meditation of my heart, understanding.

4 5 I will incline my ear to a prophetic·​·enunciation;
I will open my enigma on the harp.

5 6 Why should I fear in the days of evil?
The iniquity of my heels surrounds me.

6 7 They who trust on their belongings,
and praise·​·themselves in the multitude of their riches;

7 8 ransoming, a brother will not ransom a man,
he will not give to God an atonement for him;

8 9 for the ransom of their soul is·​·precious.
And it must be stopped to eternity.

9 10 And yet he shall live perpetually,
and shall not see corruption.

10 11 For he sees that the wise die, the senseless one and the brutish one perish together,
and leave their belongings to others.

11 12 Their inward thought is,
that their houses will be to eternity,
their habitations for generation and generation;
they call by their own names the tracts of ground.

12 13 But man, who is in what is precious, abides not;
he is·​·similar to the beasts that are cut·​·off.

13 14 This, their way, is senselessness for them,
and those after them who are·​·well·​·pleased at the words of their mouth. Selah.

14 15 As a flock are they put in hell;
death shall pasture them.
And the upright shall have·​·dominion over them in the morning;
and their form shall wear·​·down, hell shall be a dwelling·​·place* for it.

15 16 Surely God will ransom my soul from the hand of hell;
for He will receive me. Selah.

16 17 Fear not when a man is enriched,
when the glory of his house multiplies;

17 18 for in his death he shall take nothing;
his glory shall not go·​·down after him.

18 19 For in his life he blesses his soul
and they confess thee that thou doest·​·good to thyself.

19 20 It shall go·​·in even·​·to the generation of his fathers;
perpetually they shall not see light.

20 21 Man, who is in what is precious, and understands not,
is·​·similar to the beasts that are cut·​·off.

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Thanks to the Kempton Project for the permission to use this New Church translation of the Word.