Judges 5



1 And Deborah, and Barak the son of Abinoam, sang in that day, saying:

2 In exposing they exposed themselves in Israel,
when the people of their free·​·will offered themselves,
bless ye Jehovah!

3 Hear, ye kings;
give·​·ear, ye rulers.
I, even I will sing to Jehovah;
I will sing·​·psalms to Jehovah, the God of Israel.

4 Jehovah, when Thou wentest·​·out from Seir,
when Thou didst march from the field of Edom,
the land quaked, even the heavens dropped·​·down,
even the thick·​·clouds dropped·​·down waters.

5 The mountains streamed down from before Jehovah,
this Sinai from before Jehovah the God of Israel.

6 In the days of Shamgar the son of Anath,
in the days of Jael, the paths stopped,
and those who walked on trails went by crooked paths.

7 The country·​·roads in Israel stopped,
they stopped,
until I, Deborah, arose,
I arose a mother in Israel.

8 They chose new gods;
then there was a fight at the gates;
was there seen a shield or a lance
among forty thousand in Israel?

9 My heart is toward the lawgivers of Israel
who offered· themselves ·willingly among the people.
Bless ye Jehovah!

10 Ye who ride on white she·​·donkeys,
ye who sit on Middin*,
and ye who walk on the way, contemplate.

11 From the voice of the archers between the drawings of water;
there shall they commemorate the just acts of Jehovah,
the just acts of His country·​·roads in Israel,
then the people of Jehovah went·​·down to the gates.

12 Stir thyself, stir thyself, Deborah,
stir thyself, stir thyself, give·​·word to a song:
Arise, Barak, take·​·captive thy captivity, thou son of Abinoam.

13 Then shall the survivor have·​·dominion for the magnificent of the people;
Jehovah shall have·​·dominion for me among the mighty.

14 Out·​·of Ephraim whose root was in Amalek,
after thee, Benjamin among thy peoples;
out·​·of Machir came·​·down thy lawgivers,
and out·​·of Zebulun they who draw the scepter of a scribe,

15 and my princes in Issachar were with Deborah;
as was Issachar, so was Barak;
into the valley he was sent on his feet.
In the divisions of Reuben there were great statutes of heart.

16 Why didst thou sit between the packs
to hear the hissings of the droves?
For the divisions of Reuben
there were great searchings·​·out of the heart.

17 Gilead inhabited the crossing of the Jordan;
and Dan, why was· he ·afraid of ships?
Asher dwelt by the coast of the seas,
and inhabited its inlets.

18 Zebulun was a people that disdained* his soul to die*,
and Naphtali on the high places of the field.

19 The kings came, they fought;
then fought the kings of Canaan;
In Taanach by the waters of Megiddo;
they took no gain of silver.

20 They fought from the heavens,
the stars from their highways fought with Sisera.

21 The brook Kishon hurtled·​·at them;
the ancient brook, the brook Kishon.
Tread, O my soul, with strength.

22 Then were the heels of the horse pounded·​·down from the trotting,
the trotting of his stout ones.

23 Curse ye Meroz, says the angel of Jehovah;
cursing, curse her dwellers;
for they came not to the help of Jehovah,
to the help of Jehovah against the mighty.

24 Blessed above women be Jael the wife of Cheber the Kenite;
Blessed shall she be above women in the tent.

25 Water he asked, milk she gave;
she offered butter in the dish of the magnificent.

26 She put·​·forth her hand to the peg,
and her right·​·hand to what the laborer uses to pound·​·down;
and pounded·​·down upon Sisera,
beat· the peg ·into his head;
it struck and passed·​·through his temple.

27 Between her feet he stooped, he fell;
he lay·​·down; between her feet he stooped, he fell;
where he stooped, he fell devastated.

28 Through the window she gazed and exclaimed,
the mother of Sisera, through the lattice;
Wherefore does his chariot delay in coming?
Wherefore does the pace* of his chariot delay?

29 The wise of her princesses answered,
Yea, she returned her sayings to herself:

30 Have they not found,
and parted the spoil?
a virgin*, two·​·virgins for the head mighty·​·man;
a spoil of colors?
To Sisera a spoil of colored embroidery,
of colored embroideries
for the necks of the spoil?

31 So let all Thine enemies perish, O Jehovah,
but let those who love Him be as the sun going·​·out in its might.
And the land was quiet forty years.

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