Joshua 16



1 And the lot came·​·out for the sons of Joseph from Jordan at Jericho, to the waters of Jericho toward the sunrise, to the wilderness going·​·up from Jericho in the mountain of Bethel,

2 and it goes·​·out from Bethel to Luz, and crosses·​·over to the border of the Archite at Ataroth,

3 and goes·​·down toward the sea to the border of Japhleti, even·​·to the border of Beth-choron the lower, and even·​·to Gezer; and its outgoings are toward the sea.

4 And the sons of Joseph, Manasseh and Ephraim, had· their ·inheritance.

5 And this was the border of the sons of Ephraim according·​·to their families; the border of their inheritance toward the sunrise was Ataroth-addar, even·​·to Beth-choron the higher;

6 and the border went·​·out toward the sea to Michmethah from the north, and the border turned·​·around toward the sunrise to Taanath-shiloh, and crossed·​·over it from the sunrise toward Janoaḥ;

7 and it went·​·down from Janoaḥ to Ataroth, and to Naarah, and came·​·upon Jericho, and went·​·out to the Jordan.

8 From Tappuah the border went seaward to the Brook Kanah; and the goings out of it were toward the sea. This is the inheritance of the tribe of the sons of Ephraim according to their families.

9 And the cities set apart for the sons of Ephraim were in the midst of the inheritance of the sons of Manasseh, all the cities and their villages.

10 And they did not dispossess the Canaanite that dwelt in Gezer; and the Canaanite dwells among Ephraim to this day and became a servant of tribute.

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