Genesis 36

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1 And these are the births of Esau; he is Edom.

2 Esau took his women from the daughters of Canaan; Adah the daughter of Elon the Hittite, and Oholibamah the daughter of Anah and the daughter of Zibeon the Hivite*;

3 and Basemath the daughter of Ishmael, the sister of Nebaioth.

4 And Adah gave·​·birth to Eliphaz for Esau; and Basemath gave·​·birth to Reuel;

5 and Oholibamah gave·​·birth·​·to Jeush, and Jaalam, and Korah; these are the sons of Esau that were·​·born to him in the land of Canaan.

6 And Esau took his women, and his sons, and his daughters, and all the souls of his house, and his livestock, and every beast of his, and all that he bought, which he had acquired in the land of Canaan, and went unto a land from the face of Jacob his brother.

7 For their acquisition was too· much ·for dwelling together; and the land of their sojournings was· not ·able to bear them on·​·account·​·of their livestock.

8 And Esau dwelt in Mount Seir; Esau, he is Edom.

9 And these are the births of Esau the father of Edom* in Mount Seir.

10 These are the names of the sons of Esau; Eliphaz the son of Adah Esau’s wife, Reuel the son of Basemath Esau’s wife.

11 And the sons of Eliphaz were Teman, Omar, Zepho, and Gatam, and Kenaz.

12 And Timna was concubine to Eliphaz the son of Esau; and she gave·​·birth to Amalek for Eliphaz; these are the sons of Adah Esau’s wife.

13 And these are the sons of Reuel; Nahath and Zeraḥ, Shammah and Mizzah; these were the sons of Basemath Esau’s wife.

14 And these were the sons of Oholibamah—the daughter of Anah, and the grand- daughter of Zibeon—Esau’s wife; and for Esau she gave·​·birth to Jeush, and Jaalam, and Korah.

15 These are the leaders of the sons of Esau; the sons of Eliphaz the firstborn of Esau; leader Teman, leader Omar, leader Zepho, leader Kenaz,

16 leader Korah, leader Gatam, leader Amalek. These are the leaders of Eliphaz in the land of Edom; these are the sons of Adah.

17 And these are the sons of Reuel the son of Esau; leader Nahath, leader Zeraḥ, leader Shammah, leader Mizzah; these are the leaders of Reuel in the land of Edom; these are the sons of Basemath Esau’s wife.

18 And these are the sons of Oholibamah Esau’s wife; leader Jeush, leader Jaalam, leader Korah; these are the leaders of Oholibamah the daughter of Anah, Esau’s wife.

19 These are the sons of Esau, and these are their leaders; he is Edom.

20 These are the sons of Seir the Horite, dwelling·​·in the land; Lotan and Shobal and Zibeon and Anah,

21 and Dishon and Ezer and Dishan; these are the leaders of the Horite, the sons of Seir in the land of Edom.

22 And the sons of Lotan were Hori and Hemam; and the sister of Lotan was Timna.

23 And these are the sons of Shobal; Alvan and Manahath and Ebal, Shepho and Onam.

24 And these are the sons of Zibeon, both Ajah and Anah; he is the Anah who found the mules in the wilderness, when he pastured the donkeys for Zibeon his father.

25 And these are the sons* of Anah: Dishon, and Oholibamah the daughter of Anah.

26 And these are the sons of Dishon: Hemdan and Eshban and Ithran and Caran.

27 These are the sons of Ezer; Bilhan and Zaavan Akan.

28 These are the sons of Dishan: Uz and Aran.

29 These are the leaders of the Horite: leader Lotan, leader Shobal, leader Zibeon, leader Anah,

30 leader Dishon, leader Ezer, leader Dishan. These are the leaders of the Horites, according·​·to their leaders in the land of Seir.

31 And these are the kings that reigned in the land of Edom, before there reigned a king over the sons of Israel.

32 And Bela the son of Beor reigned in Edom; and the name of his city was Dinhabah.

33 And Bela died, and Jobab the son of Zeraḥ of Bozrah reigned in· his ·stead.

34 And Jobab died, and Husham of the land of the Temanites reigned in· his ·stead.

35 And Husham died, and Hadad the son of Bedad, who smote Midian in the field of Moab, reigned in· his ·stead; and the name of his city was Avith.

36 And Hadad died, and Samlah of Masrekah reigned in· his ·stead.

37 And Samlah died, and Shaul of Rehoboth of the river reigned in· his ·stead.

38 And Shaul died, and Baal-hanan the son of Achbor reigned in· his ·stead.

39 And Baal-hanan the son of Achbor died, and Hadar reigned in· his ·stead; and the name of his city was Pau; and his wife’s name was Mehetabel, the daughter of Matred, the daughter of Me-zahab.

40 And these are the names of the leaders of Esau, according·​·to their families, according·​·to their places, in their names; leader Timna, leader Alwah, leader Jetheth;

41 leader Oholibamah, leader Elah, leader Pinon;

42 leader Kenaz, leader Teman, leader Mibzar;

43 leader Magdiel, leader Iram. These are the leaders of Edom, for their dwellings in the land of their possession. Esau, he is the father of Edom.

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Vysvětlení slova/fráze

the daughters of
The daughters of Rabbah' signify people who are in natural good and falsify the truths of the church.

'A Hittite' in a good sense, signifies the spiritual church, or the truth of the church. The Hittites were among the upright Gentiles who were...

The Hivites' represent those who were in idolatry, but in which there was something of good.

'Ishmael' represents the first rationality pertaining to the Lord. 'Ishmael' signifies rationality separate from good. 'Ishmael' signifies the Lord's merely human rational. Ishmael, in Genesis...

'Nebaioth,' as in Genesis 28, denotes good of the spiritual church.

In a general sense, being "born" in the Bible represents one spiritual state producing another, usually some form of love or affection producing or "giving...

The word "woman" is used a number of different ways in the Bible – as a simple description, as someone connected to a man ("his...

A child is a young boy or girl in the care of parents, older than a suckling or an infant, but not yet an adolescent....

The nature of the soul is a deep and complicated topic, but it can be summarized as "spiritual life," who we are in terms of...

A "house" is essentially a container - for a person, for a family, for several families or even for a large group with shared interests...

"Beasts" represent the affection for doing good things, a true desire to do them from the heart. In the negative sense, "beasts" stand for the...

Acquisition (Genesis 12:5) means all things which are sensual truths or things of science which are the ground of thought in man. Acquisition and purchase...

Land of Canaan
The land of Canaan' in the Word, means love, and consequently, the will of the celestial self.

Canaan signifies a worship in things external without internals, which arose out of the internal church corrupted, called Ham. Thus it is that Ham is...

“The eyes are the windows of the soul.” That’s a sentiment with roots somewhere in murky antiquity, but one that has become hopelessly cliché because...

Jacob is told twice that his name will now be Israel. The first time is when he wrestles with an angel on his journey to...

There are two ways "brother" is used in the Bible, ways that are still reflected in modern language. One denotes an actual blood relationship; the...

Acquisition (Genesis 12:5) means all things which are sensual truths or things of science which are the ground of thought in man. Acquisition and purchase...

Intellectual things – ideas, knowledge, facts, even insight and understanding – are more separate and free-standing than emotional things, and it’s easier to imagine numbering...

There is a long history of using travel to round out an education, from the 19th-century “world tours” taken by Oxford and Cambridge graduates to...

Like many verbs, the spiritual meaning of "bearing" something depends greatly on context – what it is that's being borne, and why. It is further...

Animals in the Bible generally refer to spiritual activity, the things we actually do on a spiritual level. "Cattle," as typically used in the Bible,...

'Inhabit' refers to good.

'Hills' signify the good of charity.

'Sons of concubines' signify the spiritual degree.

To beget or to be begotten is very similar in meaning to birth: It represents one spiritual state leading to the next spiritual state. "Beget,"...

When the Bible talks about generations or birth order, the internal meaning has to do with the progression of spiritual states and their relative importance....

Adah, Lamech's wife, (Genesis 4:9), represents the mother of the celestial things of faith.

'Reuel' was a priest and so denotes the good of the church.

Korah was a man of the tribe of Levi, who together with Dathan and Abiram, both Reubenites, led an insurrection against Moses and Aaron. Apparently...

Many people were nomadic in Biblical times, especially the times of the Old Testament, and lived in tents that could be struck, moved and re-raised...

The Lord calls people who are in truth from the good of charity from Him 'sisters,' as in Matthew 12:50. 'Sister' denotes intellectual truth, when...

To not to be found any more, signifies not to rise again.

'The wilderness of Sin,' as in Exodus 16, signifies the good from truth in a state of temptation.

Donkeys signify the things relating to the self-intelligence of the sensual man; and camels, the things of self-intelligence in the natural man (Isa 30:6, 7.)

A child is a young boy or girl in the care of parents, older than a suckling or an infant, but not yet an adolescent....

'Uz, Hul, Gether and Mash,' as in Genesis 10:23, signify several kinds of knowledges derived from the knowledges of good, and anything pertaining those knowledges....

'Horites,' as mentioned in Genesis 14:6, represent those who are principled in the persuasions of what is false, grounded in self-love.

Land of Seir
'The land of Seir' signifies celestial and natural good.

'Seir,' as in Genesis 33:14, signifies the conjunction of spiritual and celestial things in the natural level, that is, the truth of faith with the...

The human mind is composed of two parts, a will and an understanding, a seat of loves and affections, and a seat of wisdom and...

In most cases, the meaning of "before" is pretty straightforward, both as a way of assessing relative time, and in its use meaning "in someone's...

Sons of Israel
'The camp of the sons of Israel' represents the church.

'Israel,' in Jeremiah 23:8, signifies the spiritual natural church. The children of Israel dispersed all the literal sense of the Word by falsities. 'The children...

'Zarah,' as in Genesis 38:30, signifies the quality of good as actually being firstborn, and truth only seems to be. 'Zarah' in the original tongue...

'Holon, Jahazah, Mephaath, Dibon, Nebo, Beth-diblathaim, Kiriathaim, Beth-gamu, Beth-meon, Kerioth, Bozrah,' as mentioned in Jeremiah 48:21-26, signify the kinds of the false principle, whereby those...

'The smitten' signify people who are oppressed by the falsities of ignorance.

'Midian' signifies people who are in falsity.

When we have a desire to be good people and to do good things, the natural first questions are "What does that mean?" "What should...

Ammonite and Moabite ('Deuteronomy 23:3'), signify the profanation of the celestial and spiritual things of faith.

'Rehoboth,' as in Genesis 10:11, signifies false doctrines coming from the illusions of the senses, or ignorance, with a predominating desire for innovation or superiority.

'Rivers' signify truths in abundance serving the rational self, and so, the understanding, for the purpose of doctrine and life. 'Rivers' or 'floods' signify temptations....

Marriages in the Bible represent the union we all can have between the desire for good and the understanding of truth (or an understanding of...

Dead (Gen. 23:8) signifies night, in respect to the goodnesses and truths of faith.

To reign,' as in Revelation 5, signifies being in truths and goods, and so in power, from the Lord, to resist evils and falsities which...

It's easy to see that names are important in the Bible. Jehovah changed Abram and Sarai to Abraham and Sarah, changed Jacob to Israel and...

In the ancient world cities were very nearly nations unto themselves – they existed within walls, with their own laws and customs, generally centered on...

'Pau' denotes doctrine.

It is because of a celestial and angelic proprium, or selfhood, that the church is called 'a woman,' 'a wife,' 'a bride,' 'a virgin,' and...

It's easy to see that names are important in the Bible. Jehovah changed Abram and Sarai to Abraham and Sarah, changed Jacob to Israel and...

Families (Gen 8:19) signify goodnesses and truths arranged in man by the Lord, according to order. Families have respect to truths. (Nahum 3:4)

'A dry place,' as in Luke 11:24, signifies states of evil and falsity which are in the life of someone who does the work of...

In Habakkuk 3:2-4, 'Teman' has respect to celestial love, and 'Mount Paran' to spiritual love.

'Edom' or 'Idumea,' as in Isaiah 34:5, signifies those who are in evil and in falsities thence derived.

Habitation, as mentioned in Genesis 27:39, signifies life. The habitation of holiness signifies the celestial kingdom. The habitation of honorableness signifies the spiritual kingdom, as...

Generally in the Bible a "country" means a political subdivision ruled by a king, or sometimes a tribe with a territory ruled by a king...

Esau (Gen. 28:5, etc.) signifies the truth of good in the natural principle. Esau (Gen. 32:3) signifies celestial good in the natural principle.

Father in the Word means what is most interior, and in those things that are following the Lord's order, it means what is good. In...

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