Ezekiel 45



1 And when you shall allot the land over inheritance, you shall lift·​·up an uplifting to Jehovah, a holy portion of the land; the length shall be the length of five and twenty thousand reeds, and the breadth shall be ten thousand. It shall be holy in all her borders all around.

2 Of this there shall be for the sanctuary five hundred by five hundred, foursquare all around; and fifty cubits all around for its suburbs*.

3 And of this measure shalt thou measure the length of five and twenty thousand, and the breadth of ten thousand; and in it shall be the sanctuary and the holy of holies.

4 The holy of the land, it shall be for the priests, the ministers of the sanctuary, which shall draw·​·near to minister unto Jehovah; and it shall be a place for their houses, and a sanctuary for the sanctuary.

5 And the five and twenty thousand in length, and the ten thousand in breadth, shall also be for the Levites, the ministers of the house, for themselves, for a possession for twenty rooms.

6 And you shall give for the possession of the city five thousand in breadth, and the length shall be five and twenty thousand, alongside the uplifting of the holy portion; it shall be for all the house of Israel.

7 And a portion shall be for the chief on this side and on this side of the uplifting of the holy portion, and of the possession of the city, to the face of the uplifting of the holy portion, and to the face of the possession of the city, from the west quarter westward, and from the eastern quarter eastward; and the length shall be alongside one of the parts, from the border of the west to the border eastward.

8 As for the land, it shall be his possession in Israel; and My chiefs shall not exploit My people any·​·more; and the land shall they give to the house of Israel according·​·to their tribes.

9 Thus says the Lord Jehovih*; Let it be much for you, O chiefs of Israel; put·​·aside violence and devastation, and do judgment and justice, lift·​·up your driving·​·out from on My people, says the Lord Jehovih.

10 There shall be for you just balances, and a just ephah, and a just bath*.

11 The ephah and the bath shall be of one fixed·​·measure, that the bath may carry the tenth of an homer, and the ephah the tenth of an homer; its fixed·​·measure shall be according to the homer.

12 And the shekel shall be twenty gerahs; twenty shekels, five and twenty shekels, ten and five shekels, shall be the maneh* for you.

13 This is the uplifting that you shall lift·​·up; the sixth of an ephah of an homer of wheat, and you shall give the sixth of an ephah of an homer of barley;

14 and the statute of oil, the bath of oil, you shall offer the tenth of a bath out·​·of the cor*; ten baths an homer, for ten baths is an homer;

15 and one lamb from the flock, from the two·​·hundred, from the watered flocks of Israel; for a gift·​·offering, and for a burnt·​·offering, and for peace·​·offerings, to make·​·atonement for them, says the Lord Jehovih.

16 All the people of the land shall give this uplifting for the chief in Israel.

17 And it shall be for the chief to give burnt·​·offerings, and gift·​·offerings, and poured·​·offerings, in the festivals, and in the new·​·moons, and in the Sabbaths, in all solemnities of the house of Israel; he shall make the sin offering, and the gift·​·offering, and the burnt·​·offering, and the peace·​·offerings, to make·​·atonement for the house of Israel.

18 Thus says the Lord Jehovih; In the first month, in the first day of the month, thou shalt take a son of the herd, a perfect bullock, and purge the sanctuary;

19 and the priest shall take of the blood of the sin offering, and put it onto the posts of the house, and onto the four corners of the ledge of the altar, and upon the posts of the gate of the inner court.

20 And so thou shalt do in the seventh day in the month for a man who errs, and for him who is simple; and you shall atone·​·for the house.

21 In the first month, in the fourteenth day of the month, to you shall be the Passover, a festival of a week of days in which unleavened bread shall be eaten.

22 And in that day shall the chief make for himself and for all the people of the land a bullock for a sin offering.

23 And seven days of the festival he shall make a burnt·​·offering to Jehovah, seven bullocks and seven perfect rams for the day seven days; and a male goat of the goats for the day for a sin offering.

24 And he shall make a gift·​·offering of an ephah for a bullock, and an ephah for a ram, and a hin of oil for an ephah.

25 In the seventh month, in the fifteenth day of the month, shall he do as these in the festival of the seven days, as the sin offering, as the burnt·​·offering, and as the gift·​·offering, and as to the oil.


Thanks to the Kempton Project for the permission to use this New Church translation of the Word.