2 Samuel 21

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1 And there was a famine in the days of David three years, year after year, and David sought the face of Jehovah. And Jehovah said, It is for Saul and for the house of blood, because he put·​·to·​·death the Gibeonites.

2 And the king called to the Gibeonites, and said to them (and the Gibeonites were not of the sons of Israel, for they were of the remnant of the Amorite; and the sons of Israel had promised unto them; and Saul sought to smite them in his zeal for the sons of Israel and Judah);

3 and David said unto the Gibeonites, What shall I do for you? and wherewith shall I make·​·atonement that you may bless the inheritance of Jehovah?

4 And the Gibeonites said unto him, We will have no silver nor gold of Saul or of his house; neither is it for us to·​·put·​·to·​·death any man in Israel. And he said, What you shall say, I will do for you.

5 And they said to the king, The man that consumed· us ·all, and that considered against us, that we should be blotted·​·out from standing·​·forth in all the border of Israel,

6 let seven men from his sons be given to us, and we will hang· them ·up to Jehovah in Gibeah of Saul, the chosen of Jehovah. And the king said, I will give.

7 And the king pitied Mephibosheth, the son of Jonathan the son of Saul, because of the promise of Jehovah that was between them, between David and Jonathan the son of Saul.

8 And the king took the two sons of Rizpah, the daughter of Ajah, whom she gave·​·birth for Saul, Armoni and Mephibosheth, and the five sons of Michal the daughter of Saul, whom she gave·​·birth for Adriel the son of Barzillai, the Meholathite:

9 and he gave them into the hand of the Gibeonites, and they hanged· them ·up on the mountain before Jehovah. And they fell, seven together; and they were·​·put·​·to·​·death in the days of harvest in the beginning, at the start of the barley harvest.

10 And Rizpah the daughter of Ajah took sackcloth and stretched· it ·out for herself upon the rock from the start of harvest until the water poured·​·out on them from the heavens; and she let not the fowl of the heavens rest upon them by·​·day, nor the wild·​·animal of the field by night.

11 And it was told David what Rizpah the daughter of Ajah, the concubine of Saul, had done.

12 And David went and took the bones of Saul, and the bones of Jonathan his son, from the citizens of Jabesh-gilead, who had stolen them from the avenue of Beth-shan, where the Philistines had hung them on the day when the Philistines had smitten Saul in Gilboa:

13 and he brought·​·up from thence the bones of Saul, and the bones of Jonathan his son; and they gathered the bones of those who were hanged·​·up.

14 And they buried the bones of Saul and of Jonathan his son in the land of Benjamin, in Zela, in the grave of Kish his father; and they did all that the king commanded. And after that, God was supplicated for the land.

15 And the Philistines had war yet·​·again with Israel; and David went·​·down, and his servants with him, and fought with the Philistines; and David was·​·faint.

16 And Ishbo-benob, who was among those born of the Rephaim, and the weight of whose spear head was three hundred of bronze in weight, and he being girded with new armor, said he would smite David.

17 But Abishai the son of Zeruiah helped him, and he smote the Philistine and put· him ·to·​·death. Then the men of David promised unto him, saying, Thou shalt go· no more ·out with us to battle, and shalt not quench the lamp of Israel.

18 And it was, after this, that there was yet·​·again a battle in Gob with the Philistines. Then Shibbechai, the Hushathite, smote Saph, who was among those born of the Rephaim.

19 And there was still a battle in Gob with the Philistines, and Elhanan the son of Jaare-oregim, a Bethlehemite, smote Goliath the Gittite; and the wood of his spear was as a beam of a weaver.

20 And there was yet a battle in Gath; and there was a man of measure, and the fingers of his hands and the toes of his feet were six and six, twenty and four in number; and he also was·​·born to the Rephaim.

21 And he reproached Israel, and Jonathan the son of Shimea, the brother of David, smote him.

22 These four were·​·born to the Rephaim in Gath, and fell by the hand of David and by the hand of his servants.

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'To proclaim' signifies exploration from influx of the Lord.

Sons of Israel
'The camp of the sons of Israel' represents the church.

City of Judah,' as in Isaiah 40:9, signifies the doctrine of love towards the Lord and love towards our neighbor in its whole extent.

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Like other common verbs, the meaning of "give" in the Bible is affected by context: who is giving what to whom? In general, though, giving...

Gibeah, as in 2 Samuel 6, signifies the natural or ultimate principle of the church. Gibeah, Ramah, and Bethaven, as in Hosea 5:8, denote those...

As with many common verbs, the meaning of “to say” in the Bible is highly dependent on context. Who is speaking? Who is hearing? What...

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Heavens are celestial and spiritual things. Consequently, they are inmost things, both of the Lord's kingdom in heaven the and in the earth. This also...

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'The smitten' signify people who are oppressed by the falsities of ignorance.

To gather, as in Genesis 6:21, refers to those things which are in the memory of man, where they are gathered. It also implies that...

'Being buried' or 'put into monuments' signifies resurrection and continuation of life.

Bones are strong and supportive, providing a framework for our bodies and making motion and action possible. They are also the least "alive" part of...

'Saul,' as a king, represents divine truth.

'Lands' of different nations are used in the Word to signify the different kinds of love prevalent in the inhabitants.

'The tribe of Zebulon' signifies the conjunction of people in the third heaven with the Lord, 'the tribe of Joseph,' the conjunction of people in...

A grave, as in Psalm 88:5, signifies hell. ‘To come forth out of the grave,’ as in John 5:29, signifies to come forth out of...

Father in the Word means what is most interior, and in those things that are following the Lord's order, it means what is good. In...

To command is to give an order that something must be done, and is directed to an individual, or a group. It is an imperative,...

When the Bible speaks of "Jehovah," it is representing love itself, the inmost love that is the essence of the Lord. That divine love is...

War in the Word represents the combat of temptation when what is good is assaulted by what is evil or false. The evil that attacks...

"Down" is used many different ways in natural language, and its spiritual meaning in the Bible is highly dependent on context. Phrases like "bowing down,"...

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'Three hundred' signifies fullness, because the number comes from three and a hundred multiplied. Both 'three' and 'a hundred' signifies fullness. The significance of products...

The Writings talk about many aspects of life using the philosophical terms "end," "cause" and "effect." The "end" is someone’s goal or purpose, the ultimate...

It's a landmark for a young child to count to 100; it sort of covers all the "ordinary" numbers. One hundred is obviously significant for...

Brass and iron as in Isaiah 48:4 and Daniel 7:19 signify what is hard.

To gird one’s self, as in John. 21:18, signifies to know and perceive truths in the light from good.

'The smitten' signify people who are oppressed by the falsities of ignorance.

The Philistines play a large role in the Bible as one of the longest-standing and most bitter rivals of the people of Israel, clashing with...

'To put' has reference to order, arrangement, application, and influx.

In the physical world, the places we inhabit and the distances between them are physical realities, and we have to get our physical bodies through...

Angels do give us guidance, but they are mere helpers; the Lord alone governs us, through angels and spirits. Since angels have their assisting role,...

The light of a lamp' signifies illumination from the Lord. A lamp,' as in Revelation 22, signifies natural light from self-derived intelligence. 'A lamp' signifies...

Behind, or after, (Gen. 16:13), signifies within or above, or an interior or superior principle.

The Philistines play a large role in the Bible as one of the longest-standing and most bitter rivals of the people of Israel, clashing with...

the Gittite
'Obed-Edom, the Gittite,' as in 2 Samuel 6:10, represents people who were in spiritual good.

In general, plants in the Bible represent facts, thoughts and ideas – intellectual things. This makes sense: Plants are rooted in place, but can grow...

'Spears and swords' signify truths adapted to spiritual warfare.

'Woven,' as in Exodus 28:32, signifies the celestial degree, or what relates to the will, because the will flows into the understanding and forms it.

War in the Word represents the combat of temptation when what is good is assaulted by what is evil or false. The evil that attacks...

"Man" is a tricky word to discuss, because the Hebrew of the Old Testament uses six different words that are generally translated as "man," with...

The ten fingers signify all things terminated in ultimates.

Scientists believe that one of the most crucial developments in the evolution of humans was bipedalism – walking on two legs. That left our hands...

Our feet are the lowest and most utilitarian parts of our bodies, and in the Bible they represent the lowest and most utilitarian part of...

Like most numbers in the Bible, "six" can have various meanings depending on context, but has a couple that are primary. When used in relation...

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Jacob is told twice that his name will now be Israel. The first time is when he wrestles with an angel on his journey to...

There is little direct teaching about Jonathan in Swedenborg. He is the son of Saul, the first king of Israel (I Samuel: 9-10) and the...

A child is a young boy or girl in the care of parents, older than a suckling or an infant, but not yet an adolescent....

Brethren (Gen. 27:29) signify the affections of good.

'The smitten' signify people who are oppressed by the falsities of ignorance.

The number "four" in the Bible represents things being linked together or joined. This is partly because four is two times two, and two represents...

In a general sense, being "born" in the Bible represents one spiritual state producing another, usually some form of love or affection producing or "giving...

'The Rephaim' signify people who, above all others, were in the love of self, and so most completely natural. From the persuasion of their own...

Gath, a city of the Philistines, signifies the spiritual principle of the church.

Like other common verbs, the meaning of "fall" is highly dependent on context in regular language, and is highly dependent on context in a spiritual...

In Genesis 27:22, 'voice' relates to truth, and 'hand,' to good.

David is one of the most significant figures in the Bible. He was a musician, one of history’s greatest poets, the boy warrior who killed...

“Servant” literally means “a person who serves another,"" and its meaning is similar in reference to the spiritual meaninngs of the Bible. Our lives in...

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