2 Samuel 2

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1 And it was, after this, that David asked of Jehovah, saying, Shall I go·​·up into one of the cities of Judah? And Jehovah said to him, Go·​·up. And David said, Whither shall I go·​·up? And He said, To Hebron.

2 And David went·​·up thither, and his two wives also, Ahinoam the Jezreelitess, and Abigail, the wife of Nabal, the Carmelite.

3 And his men who were with him David brought·​·up, a man and his house; and they dwelt in the cities of Hebron.

4 And the men of Judah came, and there they anointed David king over the house of Judah. And they told David, saying, It was the men of Jabesh-gilead who buried Saul.

5 And David sent messengers to the men of Jabesh-gilead and said to them, Blessed be you of Jehovah, that you did this mercy to your lord, to Saul, and have buried him.

6 And now Jehovah do mercy and truth to you; and I also will do this good with you, because you have done this thing.

7 And now make· your hands ·firm and be ye sons of valor; for your lord, Saul, is·​·dead, and also the house of Judah have anointed me to be king over them.

8 And Abner, the son of Ner, the commander of the army for Saul, took Ish-bosheth the son of Saul, and had him cross·​·over to Mahanaim,

9 And made him be·​·king to Gilead, and to the Ashurite, and to Jezreel, and over Ephraim, and over Benjamin, and over all of Israel.

10 And Ish-bosheth the son of Saul was a son of forty years, when he became·​·king over Israel, and was·​·king two years. Only the house of Judah followed after David.

11 And the number of days that David was king in Hebron over the house of Judah was seven years and six months.

12 And Abner the son of Ner, and the servants of Ish-bosheth the son of Saul went·​·out from Mahanaim to Gibeon.

13 And Joab the son of Zeruiah, and the servants of David went·​·out, and they encountered them by the pool of Gibeon. And they sat·​·down the one on the one side by the pool, and the other on the other side by the pool.

14 And Abner said to Joab, May the lads now arise, and sport before us. And Joab said, May they arise.

15 And there arose and crossed·​·over by number twelve for Benjamin, and for Ish-bosheth, the son of Saul, and twelve of the servants of David.

16 And they held·​·firmly, a man his companion by the head, and his sword was in the side of his companion; and they fell together; and they called that place Chelkath-hazzurim*, which is in Gibeon.

17 And there was a hard battle, even exceedingly, that day; and Abner was stricken, and the men of Israel, before the servants of David.

18 And there were three sons of Zeruiah there, Joab and Abishai and Asahel; and Asahel was swift on his feet as one of the roebucks that are in the field.

19 And Asahel pursued after Abner; and in going he went· not ·aside to the right nor to the left from after Abner.

20 And Abner turned behind him and said, Is this thou, Asahel? And he said, It is I.

21 And Abner said to him, Turn aside to the right or to the left, and seize for thyself one of the lads, and take thee his change·​·of·​·vestment. But Asahel was· not ·willing to Turn·​·aside from after him.

22 And Abner said again to Asahel, Turn· thee ·aside from after me; why should I smite thee to the earth? And how should I lift up my face to Joab thy brother?

23 But he refused to turn·​·aside; and Abner smote him with the hind end of the spear to the fifth*, and the spear came·​·out behind him; and he fell there, and died under him; and it was, that all who came to the place where Asahel fell and died, stood there.

24 And Joab and Abishai pursued after Abner, and the sun set and they came to the hill of Ammah, which is before the face of Giah, by the way of the wilderness of Gibeon.

25 And the sons of Benjamin came·​·together behind Abner, and became one troop, and stood on the head of one hill.

26 And Abner called to Joab and said, Shall the sword devour perpetually? Knowest thou not that it will be bitterness afterwards? and how long wilt thou not say unto the people that they return from after their brothers?

27 And Joab said, As God lives, unless thou hadst spoken, surely then in the morning the people would have gone·​·up each·​·man from after his brother.

28 And Joab sounded a shophar*, and all the people stood, and pursued after Israel no more, neither fought they any more.

29 And Abner and his men walked all that night in the desert, and crossed·​·over the Jordan, and went through all Bithron, and they came to Mahanaim.

30 And Joab returned from after Abner, and he brought· all the people ·together, and there were missed of David’s servants nineteen men and Asahel.

31 But the servants of David had smitten of Benjamin and of Abner’s men three hundred and sixty men who died.

32 And they lifted Asahel, and buried him in the grave of his father, which was in Bethlehem. And Joab and his men went all the night, and it became·​·light to them in Hebron.

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Inhabitants,' in Isaiah 26:9, signify the men of the church who are in good of doctrine, and thence in the good of life.

Cities of the mountain and cities of the plain (Jer. 33:13) signify doctrines of charity and faith.

'Being sent' everywhere signifies, in an internal sense, going forth, as in John 17:8. In similar manner, it is said of the holy of the...

'A messenger' signifies communication.

The Lord is perfect love expressed as perfect wisdom. He created us so that He could love us, could give us love and wisdom of...

The Lord, in the simplest terms, is love itself expressed as wisdom itself. In philosophic terms, love is the Lord's substance and wisdom is His...

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Dead (Gen. 23:8) signifies night, in respect to the goodnesses and truths of faith.

Oil in the Bible represents the Lord’s love, so anointing someone (or something) with oil was a way to make that person (or object) a...

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Marriages in the Bible represent the union we all can have between the desire for good and the understanding of truth (or an understanding of...

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War in the Word represents the combat of temptation when what is good is assaulted by what is evil or false. The evil that attacks...

"Day" describes a state in which we are turned toward the Lord, and are receiving light (which is truth) and heat (which is a desire...

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To strike or smite, when used in the Bible, means to attack, harm or destroy, and is usually in reference to an attack on someone’s...

'A hind,' as mentioned in Genesis 49:21, signifies the affection of natural truth.

'Spears and swords' signify truths adapted to spiritual warfare.

Like other common verbs, the meaning of "fall" is highly dependent on context in regular language, and is highly dependent on context in a spiritual...

'A room' or 'place' denotes state.

The 'sun' signifies celestial and spiritual love. The 'sun' in the Word, when referring to the Lord, signifies His divine love and wisdom. Because the...

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“The eyes are the windows of the soul.” That’s a sentiment with roots somewhere in murky antiquity, but one that has become hopelessly cliché because...

In John 14:6, 'the way is doctrine,' 'the truth' is every thing pertaining to doctrine, and 'the life' is the essential good which is the...

'The wilderness of Sin,' as in Exodus 16, signifies the good from truth in a state of temptation.

sun standing still upon Gibeon signifies total vastation of the church.

Behind, or after, (Gen. 16:13), signifies within or above, or an interior or superior principle.

A company might have executives setting policy and strategy, engineers designing products, line workers building them, managers handling personnel and others handling various functions. They...

The head is the part of us that is highest, which means in a representative sense that it is what is closest to the Lord....

'To proclaim' signifies exploration from influx of the Lord.

The three words, sword, famine and pestilence, appear in a group in 26 different Bible verses. That's not an accident. Sword, famine and pestilence describe...

When we eat, our bodies break down the food and get from it both energy and materials for building and repairing the body. The process...

'Long' and thence to prolong, refer to good.

As with many common verbs, the meaning of “to say” in the Bible is highly dependent on context. Who is speaking? Who is hearing? What...

There are many instances in the Bible which describe people turning back, looking back or going back. In most cases it is a negative, sometimes...

Brethren (Gen. 27:29) signify the affections of good.

As with many common verbs, the meaning of “to say” in the Bible is highly dependent on context. Who is speaking? Who is hearing? What...

When the Bible speaks of "Jehovah," it is representing love itself, the inmost love that is the essence of the Lord. That divine love is...

'Lives' is used in the plural, because of the will and understanding, and because these two lives make one.

Like "say," the word "speak" refers to thoughts and feelings moving from our more internal spiritual levels to our more external ones – and ultimately...

Morning comes with the rising of the sun, and the sun – which gives life to the earth with its warmth and light – represents...

"Man" is a tricky word to discuss, because the Hebrew of the Old Testament uses six different words that are generally translated as "man," with...

Brethren (Gen. 27:29) signify the affections of good.

The sounds of trumpets are heard in heaven when assemblies and appointments happen. So among the children of Israel, for whom everything was representative of...

'To stand,' and 'come forth' as in Daniel 7:10, refers to truth. In Genesis 24:13, it signifies a state of conjunction of divine truth with...

'To pursue,' as in Genesis 14:16, signifies a state of purification, because 'to pursue enemies' is the expulsion of evils and falsities which were with...

Jacob is told twice that his name will now be Israel. The first time is when he wrestles with an angel on his journey to...

The river Jordan separates the land of Canaan from the lands to the east. This separation represents the division of the human mind into an internal...

As with common verbs in general, the meaning of “come” in the Bible is highly dependent on context – its meaning is determined largely by...

'Mahanaim,' as in Genesis 32:2, signifies the celestial and spiritual heavens, and in the supreme sense, the divine celestial and divine spiritual of the Lord.

There are many instances in the Bible which describe people turning back, looking back or going back. In most cases it is a negative, sometimes...

Behind, or after, (Gen. 16:13), signifies within or above, or an interior or superior principle.

"Man" is a tricky word to discuss, because the Hebrew of the Old Testament uses six different words that are generally translated as "man," with...

“Servant” literally means “a person who serves another,"" and its meaning is similar in reference to the spiritual meaninngs of the Bible. Our lives in...

David is one of the most significant figures in the Bible. He was a musician, one of history’s greatest poets, the boy warrior who killed...

'The smitten' signify people who are oppressed by the falsities of ignorance.

'The tribe of Zebulon' signifies the conjunction of people in the third heaven with the Lord, 'the tribe of Joseph,' the conjunction of people in...

The relationship between men and women is deep and nuanced, and one entire book of the Writings – Conjugial Love or Love in Marriage –...

Three hundred
'Three hundred' signifies fullness, because the number comes from three and a hundred multiplied. Both 'three' and 'a hundred' signifies fullness. The significance of products...

The Writings talk about many aspects of life using the philosophical terms "end," "cause" and "effect." The "end" is someone’s goal or purpose, the ultimate...

It's a landmark for a young child to count to 100; it sort of covers all the "ordinary" numbers. One hundred is obviously significant for...

'Sixty' means the full time and state of the implantation of truth.

Dead (Gen. 23:8) signifies night, in respect to the goodnesses and truths of faith.

The idea of "lifting" is used in a number of different ways in the Bible. In general, it means connecting with a higher spiritual state...

'Being buried' or 'put into monuments' signifies resurrection and continuation of life.

A grave, as in Psalm 88:5, signifies hell. ‘To come forth out of the grave,’ as in John 5:29, signifies to come forth out of...

Father in the Word means what is most interior, and in those things that are following the Lord's order, it means what is good. In...

There is a strong relationship between Ephrath and Bethlehem in the Bible; they might be two different names for the same town, or it’s possible...

Joab' denotes people in whom there is no longer any spiritual life, because of the profanation of good and the falsification of truth.

The sun in the Bible represents the Lord, with its heat representing His love and its light representing His wisdom. “Daytime,” then, represents a state...

'Hebron' represents the Lord's spiritual church in the land of Canaan. 'Hebron' represents the church as to good.

Thanks to the Kempton Project for the permission to use this New Church translation of the Word.