Levitico 4:23

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23 quando il peccato che ha commesso gli sarà fatto conoscere, menerà, come sua offerta, un becco, un maschio fra le capre, senza difetto.

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Napsal(a) Henry MacLagan

Verse 23. Then, when such a person is enlightened so as to perceive his fault, he shall worship the Lord from the truth of his faith, free from error.

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Explanation of Leviticus 4      

Napsal(a) Henry MacLagan

Verses 1-12. The purification of the celestial man, as to the natural degree, from errors committed without fault, and the worship of the Lord Involved in the process, is described

Verses 13-21. The purification of the spiritual man, and worship in like manner

Verses 22-26. The purification of natural men, their worship, and their regeneration, are next treated of; and first, as to the state of truth leading to good

Verses 27-31. Secondly, as to their state of the good of truth, or of good, adopted as a principle of life

Verses 32-35. And lastly, as to their state of genuine good, which is their inmost state.


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