5 Mózes 7:19



19 A nagy kisértésekrõl, a melyeket láttak a te szemeid, és a jelekrõl és csudákról; az erõs kézrõl, és a kinyujtott karról, a melylyel kihozott téged az Úr, a te Istened! Így cselekeszik az Úr, a te Istened minden néppel, a melytõl te félsz.

Komentář k tomuto verši  

Napsal(a) Alexander Payne

Verse 19. The great temptations by which the falsities in them were displayed before the understanding, the confirmations of Divine truth, and the manifest operation of Providence and of Divine Omnipotence acting in the outer life and from interiors, whereby Divine Love and Wisdom brought the soul out from that state of spiritual bondage; so also will the Divine Love and Wisdom do upon all those false principles; derived from hereditary evil which now seem so powerful to the spiritual man.

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