Devarim 3:11



11 כי רק עוג מלך הבשן נשאר מיתר הרפאים הנה ערשו ערש ברזל הלה הוא ברבת בני עמון תשע אמות ארכה וארבע אמות רחבה באמת איש׃

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Napsal(a) Alexander Payne

Verse 11. For the love of the world and its pleasures dominating over the whole natural mind to the exclusion of things spiritual is a gigantic power of falsity in the human soul derived from hereditary evil, resting in a state of torpor as to spiritual things on the study of natural sciences to the exclusion of all else, and supported by perverted truths drawn from the letter of the Word, by which truth is utterly falsified both as to knowledges of good and evil and knowledges of what is true or false when measured by the real standard of Divine truth drawn from the Lord's Divine Humanity, which is the real man.

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