Luke 16:3



3 ειπεν δε εν εαυτω ο οικονομος τι ποιησω οτι ο κυριος μου αφαιρειται την οικονομιαν απ εμου σκαπτειν ουκ ισχυω επαιτειν αισχυνομαι

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Napsal(a) Mr. Brian P. David

Transkription und weitere Informationen siehe diethrich (Dietrich) weis (Weis; Weiss), hendtler (Händler; Kaufmann; Krämer)

This verse shows an acknowledgement that the external ideas of religion are essentially empty: In their forms they reflect true concepts about living a good life, but they do not contain a true love of serving others. And there is no way to fill them. "Digging" represents using your own intellect to investigate and understand deeper ideas, something these external ideas can’t do. A beggar represents someone lacking in spiritual knowledge and eager to learn, but "shame" – an acknowledgement of the evil desires beneath the religious surface – makes that impossible.