2 Mose 31

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German: Luther (1545)         

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1 Und der HERR redete mit Mose und sprach:

2 Siehe, ich habe mit Namen berufen Bezaleel, den Sohn Uris, des Sohns Hurs, vom Stamm Juda,

3 und habe ihn erfüllet mit dem Geist Gottes, mit Weisheit und Verstand und Erkenntnis und mit allerlei Werk,

4 künstlich zu arbeiten am Gold, Silber, Erz,

5 künstlich Stein zu schneiden und einzusetzen und künstlich zu zimmern am Holz, zu machen allerlei Werk.

6 Und siehe, ich habe ihm zugegeben Ahaliab, den Sohn Ahisamachs, vom Stamm Dan, und habe allerlei Weisen die Weisheit ins Herz gegeben, daß sie machen sollen alles, was ich dir geboten habe:

7 die Hütte des Stifts, die Lade des Zeugnisses, den Gnadenstuhl drauf und alle Geräte der Hütte,

8 den Tisch und sein Gerät, den feinen Leuchter und all sein Gerät, den Räuchaltar,

9 den Brandopferaltar mit all seinem Geräte, das Handfaß mit seinem Fuße,

10 die Amtskleider und die heiligen Kleider des Priesters Aaron und die Kleider seiner Söhne, priesterlich zu dienen,

11 das Salböl und das Räuchwerk von Spezerei zum Heiligtum. Alles, was ich dir geboten habe, werden sie machen;

12 Und der HERR redete mit Mose und sprach:

13 Sage den Kindern Israel und sprich: Haltet meinen Sabbat; denn derselbe ist ein Zeichen zwischen mir und euch auf eure Nachkommen, daß ihr wisset, daß ich der HERR bin, der euch heiliget.

14 Darum so haltet meinen Sabbat; denn er soll euch heilig sein. Wer ihn entheiliget, der soll des Todes sterben, Denn wer eine Arbeit darinnen tut, des Seele soll ausgerottet werden von seinem Volk.

15 Sechs Tage soll man arbeiten; aber am siebenten Tage ist Sabbat, die heilige Ruhe des HERRN. Wer eine Arbeit tut am Sabbattage, soll des Todes sterben.

16 Darum sollen die Kinder Israel den Sabbat halten, daß sie ihn auch bei ihren Nachkommen halten zum ewigen Bunde.

17 Er ist ein ewig Zeichen zwischen mir und den Kindern Israel. Denn in sechs Tagen machte der HERR Himmel und Erde; aber am siebenten Tage ruhete er und erquickte sich.

18 Und da der HERR ausgeredet hatte mit Mose auf dem Berge Sinai, gab er ihm zwo Tafeln des Zeugnisses; die waren steinern und geschrieben mit dem Finger Gottes.

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The Lord, in the simplest terms, is love itself expressed as wisdom itself. In philosophic terms, love is the Lord's substance and wisdom is His...

Like "say," the word "speak" refers to thoughts and feelings moving from our more internal spiritual levels to our more external ones – and ultimately...

Moses's name appears 814 times in the Bible (KJV), third-most of any one character (Jesus at 961 actually trails David at 991). He himself wrote...

Like "say," the word "speak" refers to thoughts and feelings moving from our more internal spiritual levels to our more external ones – and ultimately...

It's easy to see that names are important in the Bible. Jehovah changed Abram and Sarai to Abraham and Sarah, changed Jacob to Israel and...

'A son,' as in Genesis 5:28, signifies the rise of a new church. 'Son,' as in Genesis 24:3, signifies the Lord’s rationality regarding good. 'A...

'A tribe' signifies the church with respect to its truths and goods, and in the opposite sense, with respect to its falsities and evils. 'A...

City of Judah,' as in Isaiah 40:9, signifies the doctrine of love towards the Lord and love towards our neighbor in its whole extent.

Geist Gottes
'The spirit of God,' as in Genesis 1:2, signifies the divine mercy of the Lord. 'The spirit of God' is His emanation. 'The spirit of...

Der Herr ist die Liebe selbst, ausgedrückt in der Form der Weisheit selbst. Die Liebe ist also sein Wesen, sein Innerstes. Die Weisheit - das...

'Money' relates to truth.

'Silver,' in the internal sense of the Word, signifies truth, but also falsity. 'Silver' means the truth of faith, or the truth acquired from selfhood,...

Brass and iron as in Isaiah 48:4 and Daniel 7:19 signify what is hard.

Stones in the Bible in general represent truths, or things we know concerning the Lord and what He wants from us and for us in...

'Wood' signifies good, as well the good of love to the Lord as the good of charity towards our neighbor.

Like other common verbs, the meaning of "give" in the Bible is affected by context: who is giving what to whom? In general, though, giving...

The tribe of Dan (Jer. 8:16) signifies truth in its own ultimate degree of order, here truth in the church, which is contained in the...

The heart means love. A good heart means love to the Lord and to the neighbor while a hard or stony heart means the love...

To command is to give an order that something must be done, and is directed to an individual, or a group. It is an imperative,...

'Tent' is used in the Word to signify the celestial and holy aspects of love, because in ancient time they performed holy worship in their...

A coffin (Gen. 1:26) signifies that wherein something is shut up or concealed.

Food and drink in the Bible represent the desire to be loving and the understanding of how to be loving, gifts that flow from the...

(Luke 15:8.) By the woman lighting a candle to find the piece of silver she had lost, is signified inquisition in herself from affection.

Soft raiment,' as in Matthew 11:9, represents the internal sense of the Word.

Aaron was the brother of Moses. He symbolizes two things, one during the first part of the exodus, when he was Moses' spokesperson, and another...

'A son,' as in Genesis 5:28, signifies the rise of a new church. 'Son,' as in Genesis 24:3, signifies the Lord’s rationality regarding good. 'A...

Priests' represent the Lord regarding His divine good. When they do not acknowledge the Lord, they lose their signification of the Lord.

'Sanctuary' signifies the truth of heaven and the church. 'Sanctuary,' as in Ezekiel 24:21, signifies the Word.

'Israel,' in Jeremiah 23:8, signifies the spiritual natural church. The children of Israel dispersed all the literal sense of the Word by falsities. 'The children...

In Exodus 31:13, 'verily my Sabbaths ye shall keep,' signifies continuous holy thought about the union of the Lord’s divine with His human.

'A token,' as in Genesis 9:12, 13, 17, signifies causing it to be.

'Sanctuary' signifies the truth of heaven and the church. 'Sanctuary,' as in Ezekiel 24:21, signifies the Word.

Dead (Gen. 23:8) signifies night, in respect to the goodnesses and truths of faith.

'Works,' as in Genesis 46:33, denote goods, because they are from the will, and anything from the will is either good or evil, but anything...

The nature of the soul is a deep and complicated topic, but it can be summarized as "spiritual life," who we are in terms of...

Like most numbers in the Bible, "six" can have various meanings depending on context, but has a couple that are primary. When used in relation...

The expression 'even to this day' or 'today' sometimes appears in the Word, as in Genesis 19:37-38, 22:14, 26:33, 32:32, 35:20, and 47:26. In a...

The Bible describes many things as being holy, or sacred. The Ark of the Covenant is one very holy object. The inmost chamber of the...

A child is a young boy or girl in the care of parents, older than a suckling or an infant, but not yet an adolescent....

'Perpetual' in the literal sense, means to the end of one’s life, after death, and eternity.

Himmel sind himmlische und spirituelle Dinge. Folglich sind sie das Innerste, beides des Reiches des Herrn im Himmel und auf der Erde. Dies bezieht sich...

"Erde" kann in der Bibel eine Person oder eine Gruppe von Gleichgesinnten wie in einer Kirche bedeuten. Aber sie bezieht sich speziell auf das Äußere...

'Hills' signify the good of charity.

'Mount Sinai,' as in Exodus 19:1, signifies, in the highest sense, divine truth from divine good. 'Mount' means divine good, and 'Sinai,' divine truth, and...

'Tables,' as in Exodus 32:16, signify the external of the Word, because they are distinct from the writing, which is its internal. The external of...

In John 8:2-11, the Lord wrote twice on the ground, when the woman taken in adultery was brought to him, which signifies the condemnation of...

The ten fingers signify all things terminated in ultimates.

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